Day 131

Uh oh…we have a TEETHER!!! Instead of ruining her outfit with poop today, she drooled all over it instead. 

Drool stains are now “in”.

I’m a fan though. At least I can leave her in the outfit and not look like a bad mom. Leaving her in shit stained clothes is frowned upon for some reason. 

I’m half terrified, have relieved. At Kensie’s 4 month appointment I asked about taking her off the Zantac. She told me to drop the dose to once a day for 3-4 days then stop it all together if she seemed fine. 

Kensie has been fussier than usual so I assumed it was the medicine since that’s all that changed. Today, her CHOMPING on my fingers made me realize otherwise.  K’s obsession with putting everything in her mouth has been turned up about 6 more notches. She pulls my arm into her while I change her diaper and tries to devour me. She’s no longer “suckling”. She’s like a mini jaws. Lord help me if she does that once the teeth break through. Can we say “bottle fed”?!

Yeah yeah, you’re cute.

I was really excited Kensie kept her situation in her diaper today because I loved her outfit. Also because everytime I hear that dreaded, bubbling noise, she’s usually on some sort of fabric that I don’t want to have to clean. 

Rufflebutt’s newest model.

Day 129 & 130

Oh my little ham! What a weekend. K was suuuuupper fussy on Saturday since she missed both her naps. ๐Ÿ™„

“But playing is so much more fun momma!”

It was a rough afternoon for mom and dad since our backs were super sore from 17.1 and the only way Kensie was happy was being held while standing…figures. 

Afternoon chats with dad by the pool!

Sunday was MUCH better! Kens slept 14 hours, got to play in her new jumper when she got up and still took her morning nap.

After she got up, we had a little Sunday Funday down at Lake Eola and Kensington was the absolute BEST! 

“You brought a baby? To a bar?!”

Sunday Funday with Uncle Rob and Aunt Char!

At Kensie’s appointment this week her doctor said we could start feeding her rice cereal to get her used to a spoon before she starts solids at 6 months…..hahahah. Kensie HATED it, but it was solid entertainment for us!

Not the boob, huh? #strugglebus

Daddy’s finger is much better.

Day 128

There’s no mistaking it. She’s my child. Kensie kept pulling my coffee to her so I went with it. When she got it to her mouth she went to TOWN! โ€‹

โ€‹โ€‹This morning started off promising as miss thing slept great last night and into the morning. I actually got up first because 17.1 destroyed my back and laying down was not comfortable. 

K’s cocoon

I had a ton of work to get done today. It’s like K knows when I have a lot to do and boycotts her naps accordingly. She was great at playing and keeping herself occupied for the most part but she wore me out today!

Since Kensie’s still not been eating long enough, I pumped her a bottle to make sure she got the “fatty milk” in. She held it all by herself!!!

And yes, I still use her Christmas bottle.

KB made up for her sleepless day by napping the entire time I was coaching. The catch? I was wearing her the whole time. 2.5 hours of an almost 15lb nugget hanging from me…I scheduled a massage for tomorrow on the way home. 

Kens put herself to bed in her crib again tonight and I think all 3 of us are more than ready for the weekend!

Our 2nd home…

Day 127

For my fellow CrossFitters: 17.1 is BRUTAL. Kensie sends her support to you all – she obviously loves the dumbbell unlike her momma! 

Kensington had her first meltdown in a long time tonight. Poor babe. She was SO good for me all day while I was crazy busy. 

Chris doesn’t coach Thursday mornings so she got some morning playtime in with daddy!

Daddy makes her so happy!!
Look at me, mom!

I on the other hand do coach on Thursday morning. I stayed after to clean up and get some work done and Kens was such a trooper for me!! She hung out in her chair, napped and played with her elephant. 

Her smiles when she first wakes up are my favorite!

This evening we had to go back up to the gym for the first CrossFit Open viewing party of 2017! I fed Kens when we got home and she ate maybe 3 minutes and REFUSED to eat any more. I pumped the rest in a bottle and packed it. Sure enough, about 45 minutes later as soon as we go to leave she LOSES IT. She screamed the entire drive back to the gym and had red dots all over face from it. ๐Ÿ˜” We got there and she chugged her bottle like she’d never eaten before. She fought sleep a little after but eventually passed out and slept while I worked out. 

Such a little handful!

When we got back home she ate for about 10 straight minutes!!! PR!!!!!!!! She had a few “longer” stretches of eating today than she has lately. I have to make sure I don’t do anything to distract her while she’s eating. If I scroll on my phone and a video plays and makes noise, game over. K wants to look around and roll over and see what she’s missing. She’s really taking her FOMO to a new level with this!!! 

I hope she starts eating normally again soon because even though the doctor said it’s fine, it’s stressing this momma out! 

Day 126

This is Kensie taking a selfie. It’s also her trying to eat my phone. 

We had quite the long day and this little girl was such a trooper!! We drove to Jax to visit a friend for a little and we made a quick pit stop to surprise grandma at work. 

Gramma was THRILLED incase that grin doesn’t give it away. What this photo doesn’t show was that Kensie ruined this outfit and had to be changed. ๐Ÿ™„ She actually wore a total of 4 outfits today. Maybe that’s part of the reason I am exhausted!

Then we got to spend some time with Aunt Keelin and Bogey! Kensie lovesss puppy dogs so that was the highlight of her visit. That and pooping on her other shirt…

We made it back to the gym this afternoon and KB was giggly and talkative and happy as can be! 

This is her “talking” face. She takes her screaming very seriously.
And this is her “I crack myself up” face.

And somehow, even though she slept in the car the entire way there and back and took a nap at Caitlin’s…she dozed off again at the gym. This child most definitely has my sleeping habits. 

We need our beauty rest!

Day 125

Phew! We made it. Kensington’s 4 month check up went great. Maybe I’m alone on this, but as a mom I always feel like her checkups are an evaluation of how I’m doing. Today, I passed the exam! Haha 

I was worried the doctor may suggest to stop breastfeeding or introduce solids sooner than I wanted to when I told her about K’s short feedings and green poop from not getting enough hindmilk. Since her weight, hydration and temperament were all great, the doctor wasn’t concerned at all. She said keep at it and we can introduce a little rice cereal at night just to get her used to spoon feeding!

Anyways, not only have I kept her alive but she’s super healthy, in the 54th percentile for height and weight, and all of her motor skills are excelling! Homegirl is STRONG. The Pregnant CrossFit must have gotten to her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After her appointment Kensie was super happy all day. She was even laughing in her sleep while I was at the store…I caught the tail end of it!! 

And this is now how Kens watches TV…

Work that core, little lady!
Tonight I fed K in our bed before I put her in her crib. I just washed our sheets so the comforter was bunched up and I laid her on it for a second so I could get up and put her to bed and she passed out! It was too sweet. I didn’t want to move her! 

I guess I’m not too bad at this whole mom thing. Bring on baby 2! 

HAHAHHA just kidding, Chris. Kinda. 

Day 124:K is 4 months old!

All the feels…my baby girl is 4 months old today! She’s so much fun right now – I wish I could freeze time.  

Work that camera, K baby!
I’m excited for her check up tomorrow to find out her length and weight! She just moved into her 3-6mo clothes and is growing like a weed! 

Kensie LOVES to be told she’s cute and gives the biggest smiles when people say “hi” to her! She also wants to eat everythinggggg. I can no longer hold her when I eat because she either tries to grab my food or dive in and eat it herself! 

Kens. Stop eating that.
Who, me?
Okay I’ll eat this one instead.
Kensie loves kisses and attention and has started playing with toys. She reaches for things and grabs them. Her coordination is getting better and if she tries long enough she can get her pacifier in her mouth all by herself! 

She loves sleeping and naps (thank ya Jesus!) and puts herself to bed when I put her in a swaddle! She also loves when momma rocks her to sleep if she’s cranky from being overtired. K is the best shopping buddy and sidekick. I’m so thankful I get to spend each day with my little mini me and watch her grow! 

Morning coaching for mommy means PJs for Kens!

All my mommy friends out there with newborns: it gets easier and better and more fun every, single, day! 

Happy 4 months KB!!! I love you so very much!