Day 458-459

I usually try to avoid these kinds of topics because the reality is our outlook is only our opinion. There are facts within the situations, but we all form different thoughts based on how the information is relayed to us, the circumstances and our personal experiences.

I remember being so scared to have kids a few years ago when I started hearing all the cases of babies and toddlers getting abused, physically and sexually, at daycares. All the bullying and fights at the elementary/middle school level. The increased amount of shootings at the high school level. Not just in the education system – but shootings all over the place. Churches. Concerts. Clubs. Movie theaters. Places we should feel safe.

How could I have a kid? What kind of world would I be bringing them in to? I’d be terrified to let them go anywhere. How could I live with that stress? What if something happened to them? How could I live with myself?

Don’t worry K, you’re worth the stress  😉

This morning the Today show covered a story of a girl killed in the most recent HS shooting in Kentucky, and then reported this is the 11th school shooting in the US in 2018. HOLD UP. Is that a typo? 2018? It’s January 24th!!!

It’s a scary world out there and all we can do is our best. Learn from what’s going on around us. Bullies are always going to be around because the sad reality is there are too many absent parents out there. There are too many people raising kids that honestly don’t deserve to be. They beat them. They ignore them. They never give them a chance to succeed or be a positive contribution to society because they raise them in a broken home full of drugs and sex and abuse and lack of stability.

But, those of us that aren’t in those situations, that have the capability to do better, can teach our kids to be kind and that bullying is unacceptable. We can also teach them that it’s good and right to stick up for others. I think THAT’S the part the world lacks. The kid that’s bullied is many times the one that shows up with the gun. What if just one person had stepped in and stuck up for them? It could save so many lives, including the life of that kid.

Okay, I’ll shut up now or this will go on for much longer than anyone wants to read. I’ll switch to some videos of KB because I have plenty of those today.

We had yet another awesome gym session and KB played by herself while I worked out yet again. I’m so proud! She even got a workout in herself. Kens got these out of the bucket all on her own and started carrying them around. 👏🏼

Tim got these awesome photos of her while I coached yesterday. They’re the perfect depiction of what Kensie does while I’m at the gym. Wander, squat, and carry things around. This time it happened to be her dirty diaper. 🤦🏼‍♀️

That form! 💯

Today, my best friend Casey was the amazing savior she always is and watched KB for me while I went to a dentist appointment. Kensie didn’t care that I left and still didn’t care when I came back. 😂 I tried to pick her up to leave and she shoved my hands away. 🙄

She was obsessed with Harper’s purse and keys



And here’s a super sweet video from lunch that we all need to see for a quick smile today:

(They’re moving…she isn’t the box lady. 😂)

I’ve also figured out the secret to Kensie being a great eater! Just let anyone but me give her food. I left a lunch box with a bar, 2 pouches, sandwich and turkey. I told Casey she probably wouldn’t eat that much of it and she may keep asking for different things. False. Of course she was a champion eater for Aunt Casey and made me look like a liar.

She had a whole bar (let me tell you she asks for these bars every damn day. I give them to her and she takes one bite and throws them on the ground), all of her turkey, a whole pouch, and stole some of Riley’s gold fish and animal crackers. Safe to say I’ll be dropping her off at Casey’s for lunch from now on. 😉

While she may not being an eating champion for me, I have mastered getting her to lie still while I change her diaper; and that, folks, is a true mom victory.

Distraction is key: I only give her this toy on the changing table.😂

Day 456-457

Today was a day worthy of a blog post because this news needs to be recorded. KB sat in her baby jail, the whole time I worked out, without a single fuss, tear or pterodactyl scream. I didn’t dare risk ruining the moment by trying to sneak a photo.

There was a brief second I turned around and had a “where is my kid” moment. My heart sunk a little because she’s normally running around and I thought I lost sight of her. I quickly remembered I put her in the play area. I looked over and homegirl was sitting. All alone. Playing with a toy and looking through a book. I’d like to say I was proud but I was in too much shock to feel anything else. 😂

KB must have known I needed her to be on her best behavior because Daddy was out of town for work so he couldn’t watch her while I worked out.

Sweet note from Daddy! 

This morning Kens had her 15 month check up. She measured at 29.25 inches which brings her up from the 8th percentile to 11th! We’re getting there, guys. 😂 She weighed in at 19lb 15oz which is the 31%. She is was in the 33rd at her 12 month appointment but the Doctor said it’s normal for how active she is!

Example A: destroying the table to show them they should not make toddlers wait. 
Example B: running back and forth while waiting on the doctor  
Example C: climbing 

I can’t get this kid to sit still unless she’s strapped in. I think she’s hitting a growth spurt, though, because all she wanted to do today was EAT. If you follow our blog regularly, you know getting her to eat is usually a struggle for me. KB walked around signing “more” all day long and ate ALL of her green beans and “spaghetti” for dinner. She usually eats about half.


Yesterday Kens got to see her crush again! Levi came to the gym and & K wouldn’t leave him alone. 😂 She was non-stop hugging and kissing him. When I was holding him, he kept turning his head back and forth to look around. Kensie kept moving to stick her face right in front of his and say “hi”. Her obsession is ridiculous but hilarious.

Kiss #25 of the day 🙈

The rest of our antics so far this week have just been KB being good ole, KB. Carrying bags and balloons, running and screeching!

That bag has a dirty diaper in it and she wouldn’t put it down. 😂
As if Publix wasn’t already her favorite place…now they keep giving her balloons  

..and because her balloon isn’t good enough, she had to show me that she found another one.

Please note the orange balloon hanging out of the window of the white SUV. That’s what she’s pointing at. 

A fun 15 months its been watching this one turn into a little person!

Day 454-455: 15 Months!

Our little KB turned 15 months old this weekend! I think I always say this but it’s such a fun age. My favorite part is her “mocking” people’s actions – laughing, coughing, trying to put on shoes and socks. She also knows she is “Kensie” and pats her belly like “that’s me!” when you say her name.

Goober never sits still. If she’s not sleeping she’s on the move  

My least favorite is she’s in the grabbing/biting stage and this girl has a STRONG grip. When KB gets frustrated she clenches her fists and shakes and then leans over and bites whatever is near her. 😳

Shirt says it all

She’s started nodding yes and shaking her head no. Sometimes she just walks around looking like a bobble head. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We have her official check up on Tuesday but according to our scale she’s finally hit 20lb and she’s in 9 month clothes. She’s got feet the size of a 2 year old, though. 😂

And she stole Levi’s shoes and tried to put them on. 

I guess I should mention she’s also a clepto. She steamed bags, water bottles, keys, shoes (pictured above). You name it. She wants it? She takes it.

K’s newest obsession is balloons. Her favorite toy is still her ball spinner and her kitchen! She love, love, LOVES to fake eat and fake feed people.

Publix was already her favorite. But now she knows they have balloons. 

She’s a giggling FOOL and cracks herself up constantly.

Really though, she will be in her crib, alone, laughing  

Kensie has discovered she can pull her pacifier and other things out of the side of her crib and likes to carry blankets around like Linus. Other than stealing it, she’s been doing great without her binky throughout the day (we are trying to limit it to nap and bed time) and still working on stopping the screeching pterodactyl noise when she’s trying to get someone’s attention. She’s recently started shoving my legs until I look down at her. I’m not sure which I prefer. 🤔

Linus life

K is still the SWEETEST little babe and gives the BEST neck hugs, kisses and snuggles. When she gets in bed with us in the morning to have her bottle she leans over and kisses me 😭. She always has sweet hugs and kisses for her friends, too!

Eyes closed and all. Sorry daddy. 😂
Can’t get enough of Levi!
Her bestie, Henley!

Her skills have progressed so much recently and she can take lids off of water bottles and pouches and put them back on. She repeats the word “baby” and “mama” and some other random ones here and there.

She can also play with stacker toys now and take the rings off and put them back on! She tries to put keys in doors, knows “go” means we are getting in the car, and has started full speed RUNNING.

She breaths funny and makes sounds while she runs, too  

Kensie is OBSESSED with her puppy dogs and loves to pet them, pat them, hug them, laugh at them and tell them to “go, go, go”.

She’s looking forward to the next month because her training is almost done and she’s ready to be hired as a full time CrossFit coach. We are pretty excited, too, so she can start affording her rent. 😜

OH, and quick update for those that saw the sleeping post – thanks for all of your feedback!! It seems to have just been teething (knock on wood) and when I gave her Motrin in the middle of the night she slept until 6, and this morning until 6:15! I’ll take that over 4:30 any day. 🙌🏼

Day 453

Mommas! Help me! 😫

KB woke up again this morning at 4:45! No no no no nooooo!! For about 3 months, she’s slept consistently from 7p until around 6:30-7a without waking up at all. My theory is teething. She has a front tooth and FOUR molars coming in and one finally broke through.

I’m slightly jealous of those snuggles Pooh is getting.

But, the back to back days around the same time has me wondering if it’s possibly a sleep regression?

My mom’s theory also seems possible – which is that maybe the Motrin wears off around that time so she’s in pain from her teeth? Y’all. Her gums are SO swollen.

So, I’m pretty sure it’s the teeth, but, there’s no way to really know. So, figured I’d ask because who knows what I’ll learn? 🤷🏼‍♀️😜

Obviously, everyone got their equipment out for her. 

Kensie was beyond entertaining today. She coached the noon Burn class like a BOSS! I missed the best video, she was a little tired by the time I got this one, but this went on all 30 minutes of their workout. 😂

She would get so confused when she came back in and someone ran back out. Hahahaha!!!

When we got home, the job didn’t stop. We’ve got a business woman on our hands, no doubt!!

After I worked out this afternoon, Kens got to spend some time with some of her favorite people including her baby Bestie, Henley! She sure is a lover.

KB was extra tired from her WAY too early wake up, but she was a champ through dinner and had her first experience is crayons! (Eating them and coloring with them…🤦🏼‍♀️).

I also promise she didn’t wear her bib all day…it just happened to be when I got photos of her.

Now someone please tell me the magic trick to getting K to go back to her normal sleep schedule!!

Day 451-452

These last two days have been night and day with this little firecracker!

Yesterday KB was the HAPPIEST little girl. All smiles and giggles and babbling.

Today? She woke up at 4:30am, I’m still not sure why. K was happy until nap time, but when she woke up she was a grouch. It definitely could have been worse, but the constant whining over anything and everything was more than enough for me today.

I know she looks super sweet and innocent here. The reality is the only thing that kept her from grabbing my legs and fussing nonstop was letting her empty the bathroom cabinet while I got ready.

Yesterday we went to the playground after I coached because the weather was too gorgeous to not be outside! She loved the slide, car and sitting on my lap to swing. Apparently that was much more fun than swinging on her own!

There were 2 little boys there that kept following her around wanting to play. She put them in their place and had them “drive” her around. 😂

She just sat there swinging her legs. Kid was killing me.

These next 2 videos are to recap our evening. For your entertainment…

And this, is my sweet little angel baby at her finest. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I took the water cup away from her before it went everywhere, and this is what she did.

Takes baby pterodactyl to a WHOLE new level. Her punishment was chores.

(I am obviously kidding for those that don’t get it. She just likes carrying bags…)

Y’all. Pray for me.

Day 446-450

I got my KB back today!!!

I had a fun weekend in Nashville but I sure did miss this nugget.

Thank God for FaceTime!
That smile ❤️

Friday KB refused to sleep. Maybe she just wanted to soak in every minute with me before I left. 😉

Nap or not, still happy.

Luckily she turned that around over the weekend while Gramma was here!! All the playing wore her right out.

Playground time with Gramma!

Best part of the weekend? SHE HAS BEEN EATING LIKE A CHAMP! K had “real” food for every meal and didn’t turn down anything Gramma offered. She even snuck some green beans into her spaghetti. 😜

Kensie was the happiest little lady today. Lots of giggles, hugs and naps with zero fussing! She probably thought it was the best day ever because she got her very own balloon from Publix!

KB is obsessed with balloons. She spent the morning carrying my birthday balloon around the house…

Along with her giggles, Kensie was a chatter box today!!! She said “mama” a lot this morning AND “baby”! Mama was actually “mamamamaaaaa” and baby was repeated when they said it on TV. Tonight before bed she was waking down the hall to me as I was putting some of her toys away and she said “uh oh”. 😂 I think that’s my favorite.

That’s about it for the weekend recap. Well that, and GO JAGS!

Day 442-445

It’s been a busy couple of days for KB! Today, we got to meet one of Kensie’s future best friends: Niall Read!

And K had to hug him of course ❤️

She actually let me hold him for an hour without getting jealous! Not sure if she just wasn’t jealous, or if she enjoyed going up and down the stairs too much to care.

K was a great road trip buddy and even though she only napped for about 20 minutes out of the 4 total hours we were in the car, she managed to entertain herself with her puppy and imagination. She would “talk” on and on about something then burst out laughing.

She kept hanging her leg over the side of her seat  

And fun fact for everyone who says you shouldn’t buy babies clothes because they grow out of them in a week: This romper has fit her for the last 8 months now. I was scrolling through photos and have a picture of her in it back in June. 😆

Just waiting on that growth spurt…

We’ve been working a lot on using words instead of dinosaur calls to get attention. If you asked me Monday I would say it’s going to be a complete failure. As of today, it’s actually looking promising. She’s progressed to coming to find me (in the house), patting my leg and pointing for me to follow her. It’s usually to help her pull something out of her crib. 😂 Kens discovered she can grab things through the slats. I’ve been trying to keep her pacifier in there for only nap and bedtime but she’s been “rescuing” it.

Her other favorite thing of the week is to drink water out of my large water cup. She’s also learned how to shake her head “no”. Luckily, she hasn’t started saying it yet.


K has been a happy girl all week and took great naps. She was extra excited to celebrate my birthday. Not because she knew it was, but because she thought someone got her a balloon. 🙄

That’s her “I’m about to put this in my mouth” face

K is ready for her 16th birthday already.

She discovered the horn 😖😂
1 going on 16 

Day 440-441

Another great weekend in the books! Kensie got to stay up late partying 2 nights in a row. I am hoping it’s the cause for this weird leg/walk thing she has going on. Saturday we did some auditing then spent the evening with some friends at a bonfire!

KB had a blast running around and playing with the other kiddos. Later in the evening, I noticed K limping a little. Thinking it was her shoes, I took them off. It continued. She then sat down and started crying. It was over an hour past her bedtime so we headed home and went to sleep.

She actually sat there, calmly, for a solid 5 minutes. I need to buy one of these! 😜

When she woke up this morning, it was still happening. She has no bruising or swelling or anything visible. She just walks very awkwardly without putting much weight on her left leg. She takes about 3 steps, fusses and wants up, then she’s fine. It’s almost as if she didn’t want to bend her leg, or pick it up to move it forward. She’d only walk where she could hold the couch and ottoman.

I brought K into her playroom and after a few minutes, she started walking around completely normally again. It was an on/off thing through the afternoon, then before her bath she was literally running, completely fine. My mom told me last weekend she did something similar, then walked fine a few minutes later.

Since both times have been in situations where she’s been very active and over tired, I’m wondering (and hoping) it’s just some muscle fatigue since this child never sits still.

And this is why parents buy those kid leashes.

Sunday we had a great girls day while dad was at the Jags game! We had to rep our Jaguars AND the UCF Knights, so good thing they both have black and gold going on. 😄

A little leg stretching and potty break before braving the Disney crowd

KB made up for the lack of sleep on Saturday with an almost 3 hour nap on Sunday! 😲 She must have known she needed to rest up for a big afternoon! We did some quick shopping at the outlets (When in Rome…) and then made our way to Disney for the UCF parade! Huge, huge thanks to my sweet friend Daniela for getting us in! 🤗

Typical, making friends!
Conveniently had a parade spot in front of the puppet show! K loves puppets  
I wonder what the weight limit on this stroller is because I could use a front row seat like that! 

After the parade we took K over to Dumbo to see if she liked rides. Verdict? Unimpressed.

“are you not entertained?!” 😂
Kensie Stone Cold Hall

She had a great time in the “waiting room” playing (they give you a pager so the kids can play instead of stand in line. Brilliant!) and watching the ride, but I don’t think she even noticed we were actually on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Girl needs a real rollercoaster if we want a reaction.

Pretty sure this was her favorite part of Disney  

Hopefully this little lady is back to walking normally again tomorrow…and also takes another 3 hour nap. 😝

Day 438-439

We had our first blood shed today…don’t call DCF. It was just her toe. 😝

Her little Hobbit feet 😂…sorry about your luck, Kens.

K thought it was a good idea to pull my laptop off of the couch and it fell on her poor little chunk foot.

After a few tears, she was over it and on to pushing her stroller around the house. Her stroller quickly turned into her high chair. 😂

I promise she wasn’t starved. She’d already had a bottle and when I offered breakfast and tried to put her in it about 10 minutes before this video, she told me no.

K proceeded to devour my egg casserole. Yesterday at lunch, she shoved a whole mushroom and piece of chicken into her mouth.

Always fake eating  

For the grand finale…SHE. ATE. DINNER!!!

Guys. Like real food. Ground turkey. Avocado. Dried raspberries. I’d say I figured out her secret but I need to make sure it works again before I get too confident. Give this girl a “real” plate, fork and spoon, and boom! I know I sound ridiculous but I was so happy I could have cried. I thought this girl may never eat anything other than goldfish and yogurt.

K put the food in her mouth with her fingers, then fake ate with her fork. Whatever works, girl. You do you.

Last headline of the day: Kensie is going to college! Well. Maybe. 😉 We felt like very responsible parents today as we set up K’s Florida Prepaid account! I did a ton of research on all of the “what ifs” on our road trip to Atlanta over the New Year and we knew we needed to get our butts in gear on something because the time is already passing way too quickly!

Kens – as you read this blog years from now, YOU’RE WELCOME. (You should probably make us breakfast in bed and be extra sweet to me and dad today. 😜)

The rest of the day involved 2 solid naps and a pooped out KB. She also bit everything she could physically get her mouth on. Including the side of the bathtub. I can see the white where her molars are coming in…poor babe. It’s taking it out of her!

Such a rough life. 
Slouching on back. She gets the drama from her daddy  😜

After her (real) dinner, she capped off the night with some daddy snuggles and a bedtime story.

The sweetest view 😍

Day 433-437

Happy New Year!!! Full transparency: I started thinking we were at a good stopping point for the blog. Then I started seeing all of my old posts on the “On This Day” feature on on Facebook and it’s awesome to be able to look back like that! So, here we are. It may just be for me, but the life of KB through a blog shall continue.

KB had quite the weekend celebrating her friend Addison’s first birthday, Christmas with her Great Grandma and slumber partying at Gramma’s House for a few nights! (Photo overload, coming right up.)

Lady A’s first birthday! Their first “fight” 😂
Bag lady back in action. She brought Addison her gifts.
Love these sweet girls! Of course K had to give a hug. Such a lover!
Long day of parties meant snuggles with dad.
K and her Great Grandma Carol!
She gave K a musical teddy bear from when she was a baby! 😭
NYE Party ready at Gramma’s!

Kens has been a pro at going up stairs for a while; this weekend she mastered going down them, too. To clarify, I’m not being sarcastic and she didn’t bust her face open. She actually learned to “sit and scooch” her way down. 😂

Today K got to hang with her friend James at the Orlando Science Center! She was way calmer than I imagined she’d be. I think she was taking it all in! She LOVED that there were balls everywhere and she made sure to throw all of them.

She loved the textures on the wall! 

Hey there, KB! 
Ball party! 
Balls are to be thrown. Always. All of them. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Alysia got her to put them where they actually go a few times. 
…more balls 

She loved the water table! But she was too short to reach any of it so my back did not love it. Lol
Queen (K)B loved being pulled up and riding the chair down as she enjoyed her snack. 

Well, due to my lack of posts lately, this one is basically a picture book. 😝 There’s the jist of what KB has been up to lately. The rest of her non-pictured activities have involved standing in her potty, stringing her toys across the house, screeching like a pterodactyl, napping like a boss and chugging milk like she’s starved!

Here’s to another great year of watching KB grow!