Welcome to Bows of Kensington…and Leighton!

This idea for this blog came after a gender reveal party we hosted to share with our close friends and family that our first baby would be a little GIRL named  Kensington Brooke!

After the announcement, I was chatting with a few friends and told them how I used to beg my mom for a little sister and how excited I was to buy bows for her! I said I was going to get her a bow for every single day of the year. From there, it grew to us chatting about her 365 bows and how I could take a photo each day and post it online. (We also decided that this idea was Ellen Show material; so Ellen, when you see this, just let me know so we can book our flights.) That evening, I ordered 56 bows off of Amazon (no shame) while my husband watched TV and very generously acted like he didn’t know what I was doing. 😉

Voila, Bows of Kensington was born!

Fast forward 2.5 years and we added another little girl to the crew: Leighton Elizabeth! We were constantly asked if she’d have a blog, too. Since they’re both such a huge part of each other’s daily lives a whole new blog didn’t make much sense – so we’ve just decided to grow Bows of Kensington into Bows of Kensington AND Leighton!