Day 440-441

Another great weekend in the books! Kensie got to stay up late partying 2 nights in a row. I am hoping it’s the cause for this weird leg/walk thing she has going on. Saturday we did some auditing then spent the evening with some friends at a bonfire!

KB had a blast running around and playing with the other kiddos. Later in the evening, I noticed K limping a little. Thinking it was her shoes, I took them off. It continued. She then sat down and started crying. It was over an hour past her bedtime so we headed home and went to sleep.

She actually sat there, calmly, for a solid 5 minutes. I need to buy one of these! 😜

When she woke up this morning, it was still happening. She has no bruising or swelling or anything visible. She just walks very awkwardly without putting much weight on her left leg. She takes about 3 steps, fusses and wants up, then she’s fine. It’s almost as if she didn’t want to bend her leg, or pick it up to move it forward. She’d only walk where she could hold the couch and ottoman.

I brought K into her playroom and after a few minutes, she started walking around completely normally again. It was an on/off thing through the afternoon, then before her bath she was literally running, completely fine. My mom told me last weekend she did something similar, then walked fine a few minutes later.

Since both times have been in situations where she’s been very active and over tired, I’m wondering (and hoping) it’s just some muscle fatigue since this child never sits still.

And this is why parents buy those kid leashes.

Sunday we had a great girls day while dad was at the Jags game! We had to rep our Jaguars AND the UCF Knights, so good thing they both have black and gold going on. πŸ˜„

A little leg stretching and potty break before braving the Disney crowd

KB made up for the lack of sleep on Saturday with an almost 3 hour nap on Sunday! 😲 She must have known she needed to rest up for a big afternoon! We did some quick shopping at the outlets (When in Rome…) and then made our way to Disney for the UCF parade! Huge, huge thanks to my sweet friend Daniela for getting us in! πŸ€—

Typical, making friends!
Conveniently had a parade spot in front of the puppet show! K loves puppets Β 
I wonder what the weight limit on this stroller is because I could use a front row seat like that!Β 

After the parade we took K over to Dumbo to see if she liked rides. Verdict? Unimpressed.

β€œare you not entertained?!” πŸ˜‚
Kensie Stone Cold Hall

She had a great time in the “waiting room” playing (they give you a pager so the kids can play instead of stand in line. Brilliant!) and watching the ride, but I don’t think she even noticed we were actually on it. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Girl needs a real rollercoaster if we want a reaction.

Pretty sure this was her favorite part of Disney Β 

Hopefully this little lady is back to walking normally again tomorrow…and also takes another 3 hour nap. 😝

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