Day 103

First of all, let me just say K’s bow today is one of my favorites. Mainly because it’s larger than her head. She is finally growing in to more of them so getting dressed each day has become quite the event. Ha!

We talked to Aunt Shell this afternoon which is always a highlight of our day!

Is my bow big enough to see from Afghanistan?

Kens just leans to the phone…

We had a long evening at the gym and Kensie was such a trooper!! She stayed in her swing the whole time I coached 4. She got a little fussy while I was working out so I moved her chair and the change of scenery is all she needed! She likes watching me workout and loves when everyone is dropping their barbells. 

CrossFit nugget in the making!

So Kensie’s new thing is blowing bubbles, sucking on her fingers (not her thumb, just all 4 fingers…), and when she wants to eat, she nuzzles her face into me and shakes her head back and forth like she’s wiping her nose and wiggles down. It’s pretty funny now – but I imagine that won’t be the case when she’s old enough to start grabbing my shirt at the same time! 

Day 101 & 102

It was an eventful weekend for mom and dad and a relaxing one for Kensie Brooke! 

We got some Saturday morning snuggles in and then Gramma came to town to hang with K while we went to the Florida Georgia Line concert! 

Her morning nap is my favorite!
Parents night out

I brought the manual pump with me (that I mentioned in Friday’s post) and went to the bathroom quick before the concert started, used it, and was all set for the evening. Beastfeeding is definitely the hardest part about being gone for several hours at a time…this thing was a game changer for sure!! 

K had a ton of fun playing with her Gramma and Uncle William! They said she was good and happy and only cried with for a little when she had some gas. She was also sneaky after her midnight feeding and got some extra playtime in. 

1am is not playtime…

I was super thankful my little nugget loves sleeping because after her midnight party she slept until 6:30a. She got up, ate, played some…and then I needed a few extra hours (lol) and this cuddle bug napped with me until 1pm!

Thanks for being the best baby ever, Kens!!!

We have been practicing sitting up so I set up her bumbo play chair to see if she’d play in it. K wasn’t too sure what to do but she sure loved looking at it all!

Mom what’s this thing above my head?

Day 100

Well, I have kept a small human alive for 100 days! 

This personality grows by the day.

To celebrate her triple digit birthday, Kensie went to her first official business meeting! Gotta start ’em young. πŸ˜‰

My little entrepreneur in the making!

She has been such a great little lady and so much fun! I ran a lot of errands this afternoon so K’s naps kept getting interrupted. By the time I got to the gym to coach, she pretty much had it and the meltdown came. It didn’t last long and she ate and took a nap…but it was not ideal timing. You win some, you lose some. 

Aside from that, she has been so great. She sat through a business meeting quietly, smiled at people when they said she was cute during our errands and laughed at peak-a-boo today! 

In honor of making it a hundred days exclusively breastfeeding, I bought a new gadget! 

Manual pump FTW!

Okay, actually I just bought it because a friend told me it works really well and I need it for this weekend – but justifying it sounded good. 

The time I have to be at the gym changes from day to day which makes it hard on feeding times/what time Kensie needs a bottle in the afternoon. My plan is to keep this one in the diaper bag so I can quickly pump at the gym if I need to or when we are on the go! I tried it quickly tonight and it worked like a charm. 

Kensie skipped her bath tonight and ate and went straight to sleep when we got home. I didn’t even try out the sleep sack tonight because her chair did the trick immediately. 

KB must have known I needed to catch up on all my shows that just started back up. All I have to say is: Scandal…WOAH. 

Day 99

Kensie has naturally gotten herself in an “eat, play, sleep” routine. It’s great because it’s predictable; however, when it gets thrown off it’s not so pretty. She usually takes a long morning nap but bringing her to the gym with me she didn’t really get one. 

This didn’t last nearly long enough for my little sleepy head.

K is like her momma – she is a gremlin when she loses her sleep. Haha!

When we got back from the gym, B came over for a visit!!

She loved watching Baby Einsteins on her belly!

Happy ladies!

In between playing, K took a short nap and threw a few fits from being tired. Of course the second she relaxes and falls asleep I had about 5 minutes before I had to wake her up and go back to the gym.

Taking K to the gym tired is hard because she just wants to be held at that point. Luckily, since he schedule was all off anyway, I was able to give her a bottle before coaching and she napped through my class!

Look who held their own bottle!

Kensie has gotten picky about how she goes to sleep now. She used to love her boppy in her crib but this last week she just flails and wiggles herself awake in there and will not stay asleep when I put her down. She only falls asleep when I’m holding her or in her vibrating chair from her pack n play….sooo I put her chair in her crib and she slept 5 1/2 hours there! 

I think I’m going to try her swaddle sack tomorrow night and see how that goes. We’ll keep you posted! 

Day 98

Kensie is hitting a growth spurt hard because she has been loving her naps! No complaints here…

Oh hey, momma!

She woke up pretty happy but starting yesterday evening K was getting pretty fussy over her gas. It woke her up last night and when I changed her diaper this morning she was screaming pretty bad from it. I think I might have eaten something that didn’t agree with either of our tummies.

Kensie went to the chiro this morning and all afternoon she’s been tootin without tears. Win! 

Kensie loves her back massages!

I had some errands to run after her appointment and K napped the day away. She was great at the gym as well…there was a lot of lifting so the barbells constantly dropping made her happy once again! During the 5p, she was really tired but fought it so she got fussy. Uncle Rob held her like she was in a chair and she watched everyone and was happy as could be! The second we got in the car she passed out…now I’m just hoping she feels like sleeping a solid 6 hours because I am one tired momma tonight! 

Day 97

KB had another great day. I’m officially going with this being the new norm – and I am a fan!

Also, Kensie always knows when I take my phone out now and stares at it which makes it extremely hard to take photos or videos. She will chat up a storm, laugh, smile…I put up my phone and she stops and stares at it. πŸ™„ Such a ham. 

We went to visit Annie and baby Addison today! It was the first time Kensie didn’t seem “small” to me anymore. I’m obviously aware that Kensie has grown, but this is the first friend of mine that had a baby after me so Kens is officially “older” than someone. Holding this little 6lb sweetheart made Kensie seems huge and heavy at her whopping 13 pounds! 

Kensie and Addison – Baby friends are the sweetest!

It was so crazy to watch Annie with Addison (she’s 3 weeks old) because it wasn’t that long ago that it was me with Kens – yet it feels like forever ago and I barely remember those days! 

This afternoon Kensie was great at the gym again. She LOVES when people drop barbells and loves the music on. Rob was working out in front of her and she would stare at him every time he picked it up and was “talking” to him the entire workout. Haha!! (I had to take a short video because it stopped the music they were working out to…whoops). 

She sat in her chair for the most part and around 5 she started to cry because it was time to eat. My friend Amanda was so sweet and stayed after class to feed her so I could workout!

Kens isn’t too sure about this photo op!

I am beyond thankful for the absolutely amazing friends we have in our lives. There is always someone willing to help out no matter what we need and I feel more blessed every single day. We are so lucky to have so much help and Kensington is so lucky to grow up around so many people that love and care about her!

Day 96: The Scoot

Someone stole my baby…

And replaced her with an angel. 

KB was wonderful today, once again! Lots of naps, no meltdowns and tons of smiles. 

How could you not love waking up to this face!
Chris is out of town so I was worried about getting a workout in today. I coach 4p and usually workout at 5p. While I workout, Chris usually gives her her bottle or at least keeps her happy so I can workout without worrying about her. 

By some act of God, she sat there the whole hour, happily, just watching everyone! It was a lot of lifting so I think she just liked the sound of barbells constantly dropping (I’ve corrupted her) but either way, I’ll take it. 

Front row seat.

I’ve also discovered that she loves the pineapple hairdo. (Photo below). At the gym last week, K was staring at Emily and Sam’s hair when they talked to her. Tonight as I was getting her ready for her bath, she was staring up at my hair and smiling really big. Apparently it’s entertaining…

Easily entertained. (Thankfully)
Exhibit A. The pineapple.
Kensie has also mastered the scoot today. Earlier today she was in the middle of her play mat.  I made lunch quick and went back over to her and only her legs were on it. Then, tonight when I put her in her boppy in her crib (she likes to sleep propped up), I went and let the dogs out, came back and heard her chatting and she was on the complete other side of her crib – a foot away from her boppy. Haha!!! She’s got the reverse army crawl down. I am in so. much. trouble. 

I took it out of her crib seeing if she’d just put herself to sleep laying flat and as I type this she’s in there laughing and talking to herself with her legs up in the air. So, yeah. Looking promising. 

Day 94&95

This weekend went by way too quickly! I’m praying Kensie has grown out of her screaming phase because she has been so good the last few days! 

Saturday morning I went to workout and she slept in her swing. When she fell asleep, her pacifier was in her mouth and the blanket was only covering her legs. I finished the workout and walked over to find this…

Ummm Kens, there’s a giraffe on your head.

When we got home, she played for a little bit then started to fuss, so I put her in her favorite chair of the week and fell asleep while I took a shower. It’s my new magic trick.
I shower. She sleeps. Win win.
We had a pretty relaxing weekend and Kensie was all smiles, talks and giggles. She played and she napped and it made my life a whole lot easier!

Sunday morning we went to the grocery store to grab a few things before church and I got to share the discovery of the Binxy Baby with another mom who was amazed by it. I’m starting a movement. All moms need to own one of these things. I wish I invented it. (Also, Binxy Baby, if you’re reading this you’re welcome. I take cash, checks, PayPal or Venmo.)

This is her “I’m looking at everything” face.

We went to church after and K loved the music. She stayed wide awake for it and then dosed off while a few babies were baptized and during the sermon. My arm was sore and sweaty but it was worth it for a quiet, cuddly baby! 

Annnnd we’re out!

When we got home, Kensie took a 3 HOUR NAP!!!!!! I don’t know how that happened but I was so grateful! I got a ton of work done. When she woke up, it was time for Packers game and we had to deck her out in her game day gear from Aunt Kris! 

Those are GB converse in case you’re wondering.
Better luck next time, Pack!
My mom is from Wisconsin and her whole family still lives there so they’ve officially recruited Kensie as a fan. 

Also, I spoke too soon in her 3 month post. I went to put some PJs on her Friday night and they were too small. I washed the next size up and officially packed the small ones and put them away. This little sprout is growing way too quickly!!!

Day 93: 3 months old!

Somewhere along the line I messed up the day count. Any how – Where does the time go!? My Kensie Brooke is 3 months old today!!! 

According to my scale and she’s 13lb 2oz! She’s still in her 3 month clothing but I’m not thinking for much longer. K loves her milk. 

I think her social smile is my absolute favorite! She’s just started to giggle here and there which is fun as well! K talks more and more every day. I think we are going to have a serious chatter box on our hands!

She loves laying on her play mat, kicking her feet around, grabbing things, and she love, love, LOVES kisses. It’s the secret to making her laugh or putting her to sleep. 

The vacuum noise is played at least once a day to keep her from fussing in the car or to help he doze off when she’s sleepy and fights her naps. 

Kensie likes her vibrating chair from her pack and play best right now and she’ll sit in it with her pacifier in the bathroom while I shower or get ready and it always puts her to sleep! We put her in Harper’s jumper real quick today just to see what she’d do. Her feet didn’t touch but she LOVED it! Looks like we will be getting ours out of the box soon. 

Just hanging out!


Aside from toys, she likes to watch Baby Einstein in 15-20 minute increments unless she’s in your lap…then she will sit there forever! 

KB knows who mom and dad are and loves to sit it my lap or have daddy carry her like she’s sitting in a chair. 

She’s changed so much in these 3 short months and I’ve learned a lot, too! I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this mom thing and I’m getting much better at “going with the flow.” I like to plan things out and complete things on a schedule and that has been a tough adjustment for me. What works one day may not work the next day; so getting used to just figuring it out day-by-day and planning errands around feedings and her attitude was a huge learning curve. It’s finally starting to feel more effortless and it’s our new “normal”. 

I can’t remember life before her and can’t imagine life without her! Happy quarter of a year Kensington! It’s so much fun watching you grow!

Day 77: 2 in a row!

2 days in a row with no screaming. Is this real life?!?

While she was a happy baby today again, she would. not. sleep! She kept dozing off then would fight off her nap and never slept for more than 10 minutes at a time. 

I’d rather that then the screaming – but this nugget wouldn’t let me set her down! 

See below…


I finally got our Christmas decorations put away and finished my coffee by 7pm – but that was only because Michelle got back in town and held Kens for a little while I did it. 

Kensie had a sweet visitor today, too! She had so much fun watching baby James wiggle around. K showed him “Ellie” and they posed for a photo op. 

Now that K is starting to see things and want to play more, she loves her activity mat!

My arm may be stupid sore from holding this chunk all day, but no blowouts and no screaming? I’ll take it!