Day 41: Poop Monster

Welp, Kensie managed to poop out of the FRONT of her diaper this morning, so that was eventful…

You’re welcome for the visual.

I had my 6 week check up today and was officially cleared to workout. I can’t squat with weight yet and have to take lifting extremely light and slowly build back up. Today I did rowing, burpees and a lifting complex of hang power cleans and shoulder to overhead at 65lb. It felt okay, but I can definitely tell a difference in my core (or lack there of). 

Working out + momming

Kensie was such a good baby today traveling all over with me to my appointment, lunch with daddy, some shopping and the gym. She had a huge fit tonight after her bath, but overall she seemed a lot less gassy today and I got lots of sweet smiles from her. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better! 

Day 40: One month check up!

Kensie had her one month check up today! She’s grown 2 1/2 inches and gained 2lb and 5oz from her birth weight! She measured 22in long and 10lb 5oz. 

She was not a fan of having to get naked and waiting on the doctor. 

My little cry baby

The doctor asked me how she is doing with tummy time and I think maybe she didn’t believe me when I said she can push herself all the way up! She put her on her belly, and sure enough K did it. Doc said she is super strong and that is a 2 month skill! Woohoo!! (Also, uh oh for me…this nugget is going to be running before I know it.)
She got a shot which she was NOT a fan of. She had the saddest little cry but she cheered up pretty quickly once she got her sparkly band-aid and got to put her clothes back on! 

I told the doctor about how bad Kensie cries from having gas bubbles after she eats. I’ve started giving her Little Remedies Gas Drops which helps a bit but I still feel so bad that her tummy hurts so often. I’ve even tried to take out dairy and different foods and nothing seems to help much. 

The doctor explained that her metabolism isn’t developed which is a huge contributing factor to colic in babies under 4 months. She told me to get Gerber Soothe which is a probiotic to help with her getting good bacterias and hopefully relive some of her discomfort. Hopefully it works! 

Day 39: Sleepy Sunday

Kensie caught up on some serious z’s this morning from her busy Thanksgiving weekend! 


Once sleepy girl finally woke up, she got a morning bath and went to church for the first time! 

Then her sleepiness continued after lunch while I got some stuff done around the house. 

Afternoon naps with daddy!

We attempted to get our Christmas tree today but they were all dried out so we decided to wait until they get their new shipment in tomorrow!

She was in and out of her fake naps…

This evening she spent a little more time with her Great Gramps and her Great Aunt and Uncle before they head back to Wisconsin! She gave lots of extra snuggles and smiles today. 

There’s that tongue again…

We sure are going to miss them, but it was such a fun weekend celebrating with everyone! 

Day 38: Night of Lights

I didn’t get around to posting K’s blog last night because we got home really late from Night of Lights and we were all completely exhausted. I even pulled a Mom of the year move and left Kensie in her car seat to sleep for the night until she woke up to eat. 

Car seat next to the bed FTW!

We spent the morning relaxing a bit from the weekend festivities then we went to dinner and Night of Lights in St. Augustine!

Night of Lights tour!

Dad and Gramps brought the Gator game along on the trolly ride.

And Kensie cheered them on, too!

My favorite part…marshmallow roasting!!!

They take their time making them golden brown. I set them on fire!

It was fun, festive day and wore Kensie out – she slept 9 hours only waking up to eat once! Woohoo!!

Day 37: Black Friday 

Well, it’s the first Black Friday in probably 10 years that I haven’t gone shopping. But that’s okay – because we spent it with family instead!

Kensie was super sleepy today from all of the Thanksgiving excitement. 

This afternoon we hungout with family by the pool so they could enjoy the summery Florida weather. Then we headed to Disney Springs for the drone Christmas light show and dinner!

Disney Springs Christmas tree!

I’m sure the next few years Black Friday will involve me buying lots of toys for Kensie – then all too soon she will be old enough to come shopping with me! 

Day 36: Kensie’s First Thanksgiving! 

SO much to be thankful for! My moms family lives in Wisconsin so we are used to having a pretty small Thanksgiving with just our family or neighbors and rarely get to spend the holidays together. This year we got to spend it with my aunt, uncle, Grandpa AND a few friends! It was such a fun day and we loved hosting Kensie’s first Thanksgiving! So thankful for our family, health and friends. We have some truly amazing people in our lives. 

Turkey twice the size of Kensie!

Giggles with Grandma!
And the battle to hold Kensie continued…

Potato mashing got real intense…
Pumped some Turkey milk for Kensie!
Thanksgiving Selfie!
Kensie ate with us, too!

Thankful to be a family of 3!!!

Nighttime snuggles with daddy as we watched the Disney Christmas Concert before bed!

Kensie gave us one extra thing to be thankful for last night…the turkey must have done her in too because she slept from 10:30-4a, ate for 10 minutes and went back to sleep until 7:30! Woohoo!!

Day 35: GREAT day! 

As the title of this blog post states – Kensie had a “great” day…because she got to meet her GREAT FAMILY! 

My Gramps and Aunt and Uncle came in from Wisconsin today to spend Thanksgiving with us and meet Kensington. 

Kensie and her Great Gramps!

Kensie and Aunt Kris

Apparently she’s supposed to be called a “Grand Aunt” but we think that sounds stupid, so we are going with Great Aunt. 😉 

And of course Grandma is here, too!

It was such a great evening getting to spend time with family that we only see once or twice a year. It was also entertaining watching Gramps and Aunt Kris fight over holding Kensie and timing each other on how long they got to hold her before they had to trade off. LOL!

My dad caught the perfect candid shot of what was actually happening all night between these 2.

I hope Gramps doesn’t read these blog posts, because if so he may get mad at me for sharing this; but, I caught him crying as he held Kensie for the first time tonight (his first great grand baby!). It was the sweetest moment. 

So much love!
We’re looking forward to Kensie’s first Thanksgiving and spending the weekend all together! So grateful for such a loving, fun family and that we get to spend some of the Holidays with each other. 

Day 34: Kensie’s Body Guard

Kensie has been going through a “I’m only happy if you hold me” phase the last 2 days. We have family coming into town this week and we are hosting Thanksgiving so I had to finish staining our table and was attempting to clean the house and get errands done.

After making a trip to the mamaroo every 30 seconds for 5 minutes I resorted to trying to put Kensie in the ergobaby and wearing her while I cleaned the house. As I was cleaning, Jack was following me around EVERYWHERE. 

Kensie finally fell asleep, then woke back up and was over being in the carrier. I put her back in her swing, and Jack stopped following me. I realized he was following me because I was carrying K! 

Jack the Protector

This is from another day…Jack always lays by her when she’s in her Mamaroo! Every time she cries, he runs to her. He sure does love his Kensie!

Can’t leave her side.

We had to run a few unexpected errands today and fussy little Kensie ended up wearing a shirt and slippers to the store…momming at its finest right there. 

At least she isn’t crying…

So, remember the other day when I mentioned that grocery shopping with a newborn would be a no go? Well yeah. I decided to test that today. The verdict…

Kensie you’re kinda taking up all the space…

Still a no go.

While today was one of the more challenging days and I was admittedly getting frustrated when she wouldn’t stop fussing while I was trying to get a million things done – it also made me stop and think. She won’t be this little for long and one day (that will come all too soon) she won’t want me to hold her every second, or even at all. I know they say we can learn a lot from kids but I didn’t realize how quickly she’d teach me. She gave me a good lesson in “stopping to smell the roses” today and I’m very thankful for that! 

This was 3 weeks ago! My little love is growing way too quickly!

Day 33: WOD with Mom!

Today was mommy’s first day back at the gym, so Kensie came along of course! She must have remembered the music and sound of barbells from being in my belly because nothing phased her. I brought her swing in case, but she slept in her car seat the while I worked out!

She wore her “Born to WOD” onsie but she wouldn’t let us get it in the photo!
Mom WODs and Kensie naps, win/win!

This afternoon I had to finish staining our farm table to get it ready for Thanksgiving! Kensie was a trooper and relaxed in her chair while I got it done. 

Supervisor Kensington on duty!


And After!

Kensie had another one of her “I’m going to fight any and all sleep” days so she’s currently way overtired – but for now she’s sleeping in daddy’s arms! 

Day 32: One Month Old!

This sweet girl is already a month old!
Kensie loves bath time, snuggles and looking around at EVERYTHING. She likes car rides as long as the car is moving and isn’t phased by her puppy dogs licking her head. 

My sweet snuggle bug.

Kensie can hold her upper body up all on her own and smiles when she gets kisses. She sleeps 4-5 hours at a time and loves to sit in her mamaroo and her boppy!

She’s officially too long for her newborn clothes but still a little small for 3 month clothes. Kensie is growing so quickly and more of her bows are starting to fit her tiny little head! 

She makes the silliest faces and holds completely still and concentrates every time she has to poop. Haha! She sticks her tongue out a lot and loves having her hands by her face. Mommy thinks she’s going to be a lefty because she points and tries to put her pacifier back in her mouth with her left hand. 

This is her “concentration” face.
…and there’s the tongue

Kensie is really good at fighting falling asleep when there’s exciting things going on around her! She’s extremely alert and always wants to watch the action. She’s also the queen of getting her arms out of her swaddle. 

I truly can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by! I am so thankful to have this little girl in my life and I’m loving watching her grow and change every day.