Day 38: Night of Lights

I didn’t get around to posting K’s blog last night because we got home really late from Night of Lights and we were all completely exhausted. I even pulled a Mom of the year move and left Kensie in her car seat to sleep for the night until she woke up to eat. 

Car seat next to the bed FTW!

We spent the morning relaxing a bit from the weekend festivities then we went to dinner and Night of Lights in St. Augustine!

Night of Lights tour!

Dad and Gramps brought the Gator game along on the trolly ride.

And Kensie cheered them on, too!

My favorite part…marshmallow roasting!!!

They take their time making them golden brown. I set them on fire!

It was fun, festive day and wore Kensie out – she slept 9 hours only waking up to eat once! Woohoo!!

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