We’re still here! Sorta 🤪

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated our blog…but we’re still here!

Life has been full of lots of fun with family and friends, a huge project at work for Chris and some new adventures for me…but we’ll get to that later. 😉

We had 3 trips within 6 weeks and took one family photo….we’ll work on that. Haha!

The longer I go between these posts, the more overwhelming they are to finish – but I so want these babes to have these memories to look back on so here’s to me attempting to recap 2+ months of chaos! 😜

Elle turned 14 months old last week 😢 and KB is quickly creeping up on her 4th birthday!

Watching these two love each other is my absolute favorite part of life. When I pick them up from daycare, Elle is awake and K is napping. As soon as she comes out, Elle leans over and gives her the sweetest hug. Every. Single. Day. 😭🥰

Leighton is still OBSESSED with baby shark. She loveesss to sing and dance. Elle babe is super smart, copies everything – the best is her fake sneeze – and finds creative ways to tell us exactly what she wants (and has a very stern scream, body throw and tantrum if she doesn’t get it 😳).

If only you could hear the whine that accompanied this face 🤪

She says “bravooo!” when she claps, “thank you” when you hand her things (and instructs you to tell her thank you when she gives you things as well 😂), hi, bye, Kensie, mama, dada, baby, cheeeseee, shakes her head and pointer finger for “no”, has a dramatic “yes” nod, and rarely holds still.

My favorite development has been her hugs, kisses and snuggles (finally)!! She’s got those open mouth kisses on lock and blows kisses when she says bye bye! She loves to “use” remotes and gets so proud when the tv stops working as a result. 🤪

Elle recently started her swim lessons and she’s picking it all up so quickly! She LOVES the water and tries to dive her face into the pool every time we’re in it so i’m excited for her to actually get to swim soon!

Never seen a more appropriate bathing suit in my life. 😂 🦈

She’s SUPER close to walking…

…and unless you piss her off, she’s still the happiest babe in town. 😂

And then there’s Kens. K is my sweet snuggly soul.

Of course she can turn on that sass with friends but she’s the best, kindest big sister and loves hugs, kisses and snuggling.

KB is a swim CHAMP and constantly impresses us with her skills. Her quarantine pool days did her good and she can dive all the way down and get toys off the bottom, tread water and loves being thrown.

Kens now has “favorite songs” and we play them on repeat every time we’re in the car. “Hard to forget” by Sam Hunt and “Lady” by Brett Young are her JAMS. She knows (almost) all of the words and it’s adorable to watch her sing along!

We finally got her to stop sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night but it was short lived. She also has this extra pathetically sweet line when we tuck her in…“But I want a real person to snuggle with me. Mommy PLEASSSEEE” …in response to me telling her she can snuggle her stuffed animals. 😆

I go back and forth between “get up and get your knee out of my back” and “one day I’ll miss this”. The struggle is so real. 😬 If I get up to pee, or because she’s actually kneeing me in my back 🙄, she crawls over to Chris and lays on him. Girl has to be touching one of us. No wonder she stayed in my womb so long. 😂

Last month we got to visit family up in Wisconsin and had the best time! I think photos sum it up the best…so here’s the virtual flip book. 😝

After too many tears were shed, I got KB to wear something other than a dress to the airport…but the shoes remained. 🤷🏼‍♀️
No clue why we bought a stroller with 2 seats. This one works just fine. 😆
We had boat days…
“Beach”…aka lake days 😆
This was the COOLEST aqua park. They had a zip line and a HUGE slide down the side of a hill into the lake!
Pool days with super cool drone footage…
And KB convinced just about everyone to drive her around for hours on this thing. 👸🏼
And Elle charmed everyone with photo shoots, dance moves and her sweet snuggles.

We got to spend so much time with my parents, aunts, uncles, grandpa & cousins and made the best memories!

I think that’s a solid synopsis and doubt many are still reading anyway…😆 I need to figure out a better timeline for posts moving forward but let’s be honest – that probably won’t happen. 🤷🏼‍♀️