23 months!

I’m a few days late on this one since KB’s 23mo fell on Chris’ birthday. I almost skipped it and waited to post until next month but there was something monumental that happened so I feel the need to document for her future years. Kensie said her first cuss word. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I should’ve known it was coming since she’s in the “repeat everything” phase, but she’s only been repeating words we are TRYING to get her to say. Until now.


I was opening her “HUGO!!” aka juice pouch and the straw went in and popped right out of the back. Me, sorta to myself. Still looking at the pouch: “Oh, shit.”

Kensie, without missing a beat. Clear as day: “oh shit!” 😳😂😂😂 oh LAWDY!!!

(Take your judging elsewhere.)

I wasn’t quite sure how to react so I acted like I didn’t hear her, gave her the juice, laughed really hard, and called Chris to tell him about her eloquent vocabulary.

I promise it’s not gangster rap.

A few days later, she woke up and was calling for me so she could get out of bed. I walked in and 6-7 times in a row, she kept repeating “oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!” MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY, KB. Oh shit!! Stop it!!!!

It took a lot to hold back the laughter. I ignored it the first few times then told her to stop and that she doesn’t say that. Not sure if she understood but I haven’t heard it since. Safe to say parenting just got a lot more fun. Haha!!!!

While we’re on the topic of vocabulary, this has also been a very proud month for me as a mom. Kensie says “Cock-eee” (coffee) when she points at our coffee maker and…wait for it…WHEN I GO TO STARBUCKS!!! Atta girl, KB. There was one morning she was actually pointing and demanding “cockee” at home and Chris and I were both slightly confused. We’ve never made her one before, but she randomly threw a tantrum over one that day. 😂 Don’t worry, we didn’t give her one. But she’s totally mine. 💁🏼‍♀️

I started her coffee obsession in the womb. She’s destined for greatness. 😂

Last month was Henley’s birthday, who happens to be Kensie’s bestie! We practiced for her party to learn how to say “Happy birthday, HenRo!” We got a solid “happy. day. HenRo!!!!” …and not just for the party. For every time we saw HenRo for a few weeks. And now, whenever it’s ANYONES birthday, it’s happy day HenRo!!!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sweet Besties ❤️

Kensie LOVES to help which is really convenient when you need something thrown away. Her favorite chore is feeding the dogs and she will even remind us if we’re slow to get to it. “Momma! Lucy! Jack! Feed? Feed. Yes.” Whole one side conversation she’s got going on with it. She also makes she we “alk” (walk) every day…and you don’t get a choice on that one because she goes and grabs their leashes and gets them all excited so you can’t say no. 🤦🏼‍♀️

You can blame her father for the one shoe…🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie was sick a few weeks ago and I laid with her on the floor and slept for a little while because it was the only way she’d lay down. We put our heads on her hoppy and covered up with a blanket. Then she had 2 weird nights of sleep where she woke up at 2a really upset and just wanted me to hold her. If I pick her up she lays on me and won’t fall asleep for a while…but I’m tired and can’t stand there for 30+ minutes. If I put her in our bed she either starts talking, playing or kicks me in the face while I’m asleep. So, option D: get in the crib with her. She snuggles up and goes right back to sleep. Now, every night I tuck her in and she points at her pillow and says “momma, lay!” 😭 ohhh my heart!!! She also says “amen” when we finish our prayers. ❤️ K gives the best hugs and kisses and tells everyone “hi” and “bye” and “thank you!” She’s even impressively good at sharing with other kids when we’re in public (as long as she’s not tired, then all bets are off) so I’m hoping that doesn’t change TOO much with age!

Just to clarify, she’s not always a super sweet little angel. Her newest party skill involves shoving her mouth with too much food. Chewing it up. Then spitting it back out and handing it to me. Sounds gross, right? It is. But I prefer it over option 2: her machine gun method where she just spews it out. Everywhere. She’s now added “sheereal” aka cereal to her list of favorite foods next to plain slices of bread and Mac n Cheese. 😂 #carblife

K’s also in a stage of tantrums, telling us “no” when we won’t let her do something and smacking when she’s mad. Ohhh BOY. Pray for me.

The cuteness saves her…

Our wonderful friends have taught her how to “cheers” and she took it to a whole other level! This past weekend she wanted Kensie and mama and dada to all eat “shereal” for breakfast. So, we did. Then she had us “cheers” our bowls. 😂😂😂

K is extremely smart and her Spanish is coming along just as well as her English!!! She’s starting to relate the languages to her atmosphere. IF she knows the word in both languages, she says it in English with us, and in Spanish at daycare! When I pick her up if she’s asking Nana for something, she will say “Hugo?” to nana and “juice” to me. It blows my mind!!

Chalk, bubbles & balloons are her fave!!

She surprises me every day with the things and words she knows! She can count to 10 in Spanish, sorta. After “sies” the numbers aren’t always in order; but, she’s got “uno, dos, tres” down solid. K can tell you colors in both languages and sing “old McDonald” – well, the E, I, E, I, O part..and she calls the song “cow!” because apparently that’s the only one she likes to acknowledge on the farm. She’s also got the beginning of the ABCs down!

Such a scholar 😆

To no one’s surprise, she’s still a gym rat and her workouts get more impressive by the day! She likes to hang from the rings and swing, do burpees and snatches and warm up and run with ALL the classes.

Next time I post an update…this little babe will be TWO!!! Ahhhh!!! 😭 We are loving every second of watching her grow in her personality, independence and creativity. Still winging this whole parent thing, but I’d say she’s turning out alright so far! 😉