Day 358: L started Daycare!


No I’m not pregnant.

Elle babe started daycare!! (Cue the mixed emotions)

Elle loved Nana the second we got there!

I wasn’t actually sure when we’d start L at daycare. I knew I didn’t want to before a year mainly because I hate pumping and it was easier just to have her home and nurse her. 🤣 Also, I just have this weird thing about wanting my kids to be home the first year. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Day 1 came just shy of 12 months and was literally planned 12 hours prior! Haha

Maria sent me this photo of her eating rice and I died 😂😂😂

I had a crazy day of appointments and errands and Chris and I figured well, if not now, when? That process did not happen with Kensie…It took me 16 months before I sucked it up and took her to daycare and I cried every day I dropped her off the whole first week. LOL

We are SO thankful for Nana and Mrs. Ria and they were so excited and ready to give Leighton allll the lovin’. I was a little emotional but no tears fell…I think it was only because I was so distracted all day! 😆

Safe to say she LOVES Nana’s cooking because she’s been eating like I starve her. 😂😂

I can’t believe my baby is only a baby for one more week. 😢

In other BIG news…WE FIGURED OUT WHAT A HOPEJACK IS!!! Y’all. Kensie has been saying the word “hopejack” for probably a year now. Chris and I are always like …wth is she talking about. It’s been in several different contexts and we just really had no clue what she was trying to say. PROJECT. HOPEJACK IS A PROJECT. 😂😂😂 I felt like I solved a real world problem with that one. I called Chris and he thought I won the lotto with my level of excitement. Hahahaha

She also says “Jew-wa” for the word drawer. We know what she’s trying to say, it’s just hilarious.

If there was ever a time to feel bad for Chris, it’s now. K is becoming more like her mama every day, but on hyperdrive. 😆 She won’t get in bed until she puts all her heels in a perfect line on her shelves…cleans her vanity. Puts her animals back. She’s so particular and OCD and part of me is entertained by it – the other part of me would like for her to be less dramatic sometimes. Haha!!

Apparently she’s not OCD about those make up lines, though. 💀😂

And last big moment I’ve slacked on posting…(I think)…K’s first haircut!!! She got a fresh trim and her tangled mess is looking so much better. She was SO excited and Ashley was the BEST at making her feel safe!!

I’ll end this way overdue post with a few (Ha!) photos because the overload for L’s one year is about to start…now is the time to unfollow me on social media if you don’t like baby spam. 🤪

The girls are loving being back in the gym!!!
And K loves to ask, “can I hold the baby?” Every single morning. 🥰 …though L tries to escape the whole time.
This child is my sugar obsessed one…K could care less about sweets and this mess would give her anxiety. 😂
She wouldn’t smile…but she wanted to eat breakfast on the barstool and she looked so grown 😰
Neighborhood walks and popsicles are the daily staple!
This chunk is adjusting to “real food” like a champ!
And we squeezed in a beach day before our weekends get back to being booked with craziness. They must get their love of it from their dad because this momma is not a fan of sand and salt… 🙈

Here’s to the last week before we have 2 toddlers…😢❤️

One month to go…

In typical Chris & Jenn fashion, we’ve found a way to make ourselves insanely busy again. 😜

I’ve really enjoyed certain aspects of this quarantine…like the projects that are getting done and the uninterrupted family time that I feel like I can be fully present for because I literally have “nothing better to do”.

Child labor is also a plus.
Work hard, play harder 😆
These 2 are always so excited to see each other and it is the CUTEST ❤️

The real motivation to finally post is that LEIGHTON TURNED 11 MONTHS this week! 😅

L hates baby food and purées. She prefers to put toys, paper and shoes into her 4 tooth mouth. 🤢

She loves teething crackers, avocados and SUGAR. We took her cake smash photos for her first birthday (😭) and homegirl was ALL 👏🏼 IN 👏🏼 on the cake. I’m talking full body commitment. I’m actually shocked she didn’t puke after. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Leighton only crawls on all 4s for a step or 2, then drops to her army crawl position to literally SPRINT across the house. She went from scooting short distancing to standing and becoming our CLIMBER overnight…so we baby proofed the playroom this weekend. 😆
Leighton is a wiggler and a chatter box. She mimics every noise, motion and several words. It’s a little creepy. 😂 She says 5-6 words in context but she repeats things we say and literally sounds like a parrot. It freaks me and Chris out. Hahah
This is the calm version of “party Leighton”. This girl plays HARD, flaps her wings in excitement every 3-5 minutes and throws toys across the room constantly. 😖

And as you can see, her favorite toy is still the door stopper. 🤨 At least she can’t throw this one.

While Chris reorganized the garage, I put together this awesome birthday surprise for L from her Aunt Ashley and Aunt Shell!! Both girls are pretty pumped. 🥳

Ah, and we can’t leave out Princess Kensington…👸🏼

3.5 years of adjustments 💪🏼
We still wear dresses and backpacks/purses every single day. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kens never. stops. talking. Shows anyone and everyone the boo boo on her toe 🙄 and how she spins in her tutus…and she’s officially full on potty trained! 🥳

We started getting her to poop on the potty by rewarding her with something from the “treasure box” (thank God for target dollar spot) and then used that to convince her to go on the big potty instead of her little plastic one. THEN we moved to tickets before treasures because it started becoming excessive…🤪

I was real happy with where we were at and not even going to brave the bedtime training anytime soon; then, a few weeks ago she started begging us to wear panties to bed. So, we let her. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’ve had one accident but I’d say that’s a big old W for this 3.5year old!! 🏆

The last few weekends we’ve also got to spend extra time with Gramma and Grampa! I think the girls needed this time as much as I did. 😆

Zero napping while L is around. She will literally pull your eyelids open. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Sorry Uncle Matthew…

As the “reopening phases” start, we’re looking forward to getting our normal life back, hanging out with all of our friends, opening the gym back up and planning a first birthday party!!! 🤞🏼🥳