Day 344

I probably shouldn’t say this outloud because it may jinx it, but something magical happened today so I just have to share it. Kensie not only slept for 13 hours last night (I woke her once for a dream feed around 10 and then for a morning feed just before 6) but she also went back to her amazing 90 minute naps today!!! It’s. A. Miracle!

Even if it was only for a day – I’m thrilled. I was starting to think I’d never see an hour long nap from her again. 

In between sleeping, KB was one happy little babe today! 

It’s certain Kensie knows what a camera is and she (obviously) flaunts it. 

She had friends hang out in baby jail with her at the gym and while we ran errands today, she waved at everyone in Orlando; including the nutcrackers in the store. Not joking. 

While the highlight of my day was her sleeping, the highlight of Kensie’s was definitely finger painting with her food. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Normally I can give her a pouch and she barely needs a bib. Today? Not the case. 

Breakfast resembled a murder scene

Yep. That’s your food KB.

This girl keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure! 

Day 343

Kensie got a mug shot today!! Or a passport photo. They’re all too similar. πŸ˜‚

K took “look at the camera” very literally

Today was a great day in the life of KB. Also, this girl has officially figured out how to WORK IT. When I tell Kensie no and take her away from something, like the speaker and wires at the gym, she immediately gives me a kiss and tries to get back down. πŸ˜‚ She started doing it a few days ago here and there and I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or not. Today confirmed, she definitely does it when she wants something. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kensie, that’s not a phone. πŸ˜‚

Kensie was a sleeping beauty today! Of course, the day I have to coach early and we have an appointment to be at she decides to sleep in and take a super long nap. 

Nap 1
Nap 2

Ah. Sleeping baby. Such a beautiful sight. Having to wake your child is the absolute worst. I just sit there and cringe over the extra moments of peace and quiet I’m ripping out from under myself . 

K had to have breakfast on the go this morning (since she slept in) and we had 2 pouches that she needed to finish so she got to double fist. 

Speaking of food – my friend told me about these frozen pouches a while ago and I had forgotten about them!! I found them at target today and got them along with a few meals for her to try!

While I’d love to make all of her food all of the time, we are on the go so much that it isn’t always realistic for us. The frozen pouches have ZERO preservatives! It’s the same as if I made them at home. Boom!

The left 3 “HappyBaby” brand are not frozen and you can get them in the baby section. Kensie loves those as well (some flavors) but they do have a small amount of preservatives in them. They save us when we are running late to the gym though! (Basically always.) The “yummy spoonfuls” brand is pure fruit/veggies blended together and frozen! 

Erin got these super cute photos of Kens when we got to the gym this morning. We didn’t put a bow on because she couldn’t wear it in her passport photo and I didn’t want a line in her hair. Priorities. 

Too loud in here KB?!
Those thighs though…


This afternoon K had a blast at the gym. One of the girls played ball with her (K thought the rolling back and forth was hilarious) and Brenna came in for a visit from NYC!!!

Loves Brenn Brenn already!!!

This evening Kens and Chris were solo so I could go to my hair appointment. They both seemed pretty content when I left. 

K likes to multitask

Hoping this booger has the same desire for sleep tomorrow since we don’t have anywhere to be in the morning! Though, with my luck this week it’ll probably be a 6am wake up. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Day 342

Kensie had a rough start to her morning and she got “in trouble” for the first time today. Kens likes to smack things – smack toys together, if she’s holding keys she likes to slam them on a table, etc. Well, today she took a toy to my head. 3 times. Then she bit my wrist. How do you put an 11 month old in time out?! Lol 

I held her arm down so she couldn’t hit and told her no with a very stern tone. She cried, but not sure if it was because I made her hold her hand down or if she could tell I was mad. And then she bit my wrist. 😳 So it begins…

As you can see above, KB was a crank butt this morning. Not being at home has thrown Kensie off her sleeping and she had way too many wake ups last night. This morning she was only up for about 90 minutes before I put her back down for a nap.  

Once the AC repair guy finally left (notice I didn’t say “repair” today – he actually fixed it this time!!) I took Kens over to Aunt Casey’s so I could get some errands done! Of course she was a little angel baby for her and luckily no hitting or biting was involved. 

Using Riley’s pants to stand up…
She has Aunt Casey trained, too.
Working on her sharing…or stealing.
Typical Kens. Under anything she can fit under.
Besties since the womb!
I was told that right after this photo she pushed the chair back and used it to climb onto the couch.

When I picked K up she got a huge smile and I even got a kiss, but she wasn’t interested in leaving. Pretty sure Aunt Casey’s is her all time favorite place! 

When I got her home I fed her and she rolled off my lap, put in her pacifier and tried to take a nap. That’s what I call a successful play date! 

This evening I got lots of hugs and kisses from K. She must have been making up for her bad attitude this morning. 

Kensie spent LOTS of time standing up today and took a step here and there! She still squats down and crawls when she really wants to get somewhere. K is still a fan of the “work smarter not harder” method and asks me to pick her up and points to what she wants. 

Watching her learn new things and how smart she is makes watching her grow up a little more fun and a little less depressing. πŸ˜‰

Keeping me entertained since 2016

Day 341

Another day of no AC and somehow KB continues to handle it like a champ! I think she’s so used to the gym that she has a high tolerance for heat and when she sweats it doesn’t bother her much. 

Happy as can be πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kensie is more of a champ than I am. The second the “repair” man left we booked it out of the house to blast the AC in the car and run errands in air conditioned stores. I say “repair” because it is still NOT repaired. 😣

Anyways, Kensie was a waving fool today. It used to be hard to get her to wave on cue. Now she just waves at everyone and every…thing. 

Since I’ve been coaching 2 classes in the evenings, K has been eating dinner at the gym. She is a pro at feeding herself and tonight she ate a WHOLE pouch in one sitting. That’s 2 meals! 

Gains πŸ’ͺ🏼

Being all over the place this last week, these pouches have saved my life!! Kens has been downing these and turkey every single day. As soon as our lives go back to normal (hopefully tomorrow) I’m going to go back to cooking and hopefully expanding her food horizons. 

Kensie has been selective with her walking but she’s been standing a LOT. For minutes at a time. Just stands. Claps. Slaps her leg. Points…and continues standing. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Her balance is impressive! She did used to crawl out of her baby gate and now she walks out, holding on with one hand. I’m waiting for her to just take off one of these days! 

The good news of the day: my new (largest memory possible) phone came today!!! Now I can take photos and videos and check my email without getting the the dreaded “storage full” message. Maybe that’s what Kensie’s been waiting for. πŸ˜‰

Ready for my close up!

Day 340

Normally I’m not one of those “Monday’s are the worst” kind of people. I’ve actually always liked them in a way because I like schedule, routines and order. Don’t get me wrong I love weekends as well – I just don’t dread Mondays. That being said – today was the worst kind of Monday. For me, anyway. Kensie was unbelievably happy today so apparently she wasn’t phased. 

Best shopping buddy

Now that we have power back, the AC decided to break. I’ll spare you the details but it’s been out since Thursday and once again, we are thankful for Uncle Rob and Titi Char for taking us all in. (And Carolyn and Em for taking care of Lucy!) 

Kens spent the morning partying in her diaper while the tech was “troubleshooting” the unit. We made many laps around the house, emptied at least 3 cabinets, did a little walking and played in her swing for a solid 30 minutes. You know it’s bad when the outside breeze is cooler than inside the house. 😰😭

Ah, the life. So young to know nothing but happiness! 

We met my friend Becki for lunch and then did a little shopping for some final One Year Photoshoot items. When we scheduled these it felt so far away, now I can’t believe they’re almost here! 

Becki is creating a “one second a day” video where she takes a video for one second each day and then an app puts the year together! How cool?! I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with K’s blog after she turns a year, but if I remember to do it – I think it would be a fun thing to try out for Year 2! 

GIMMIE DAT PHONE!!! And check out the “headband” hair. πŸ˜‚

Annnnddd those are all the photos I have from today. The heat got to my brain. (I didn’t even take the last one. It’s from Becki. I slacked today for sure).

Today, I made our first “we have a little girl, not a baby anymore” purchase. A car seat. A real, big girl, car seat. πŸ˜ͺ K isn’t quite ready for it yet; but, mamas – Babies R Us has 25% off all car seats until 10/1!!! It saved me $92…so go get one if you need it any time soon! (Code SAFETY25 if you order online. They’ll give you a coupon in store!) 

Day 338 & 339

So what’s the “latest and greatest” on baby shoes? Do? Don’t? I was chatting with my mom this weekend and when we were little they recommended not putting shoes on babies. Is that still a thing?

Kensie is taking a few steps here and there but still results to crawling so I don’t need to put any on her yet – but I’m interested to know the “recommendation”. I figured barefoot at home and shoes in public (once she starts wanting to walk around). πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Is that not normal? 

She may not be waking on her feet yet, but Kens is a pro at walking on her hands. 

Sunday Funday?

We took a quick trip up to Jacksonville this weekend to celebrate one of my oldest and best friends engagement! K got to spend some time with Gramma and Grandpa and her Uncles while Chris and I were out. All the playing and excitement (and her doc-a-tot) led to a great nights sleep! 

Congratulations, Aunt Awesome!!!
Partied too hard

Today we all went to breakfast before heading home and Kensie ate so much food that she skipped 2 breast feedings! She devoured most of her pouch, some toast and scrambled eggs. 

Will only eat unassisted πŸ™„
Brunching like a big girl!

Tonight we went to the food trucks in our neighborhood for dinner and fun fact: K LOVES Mac & Cheese. 

Saved some noodles in her cheek and cheese on her face.

I saw an article this weekend titled “Tonight, I nursed you for the last time” and the title almost made me cry. I haven’t actually read it yet – just saved it – but just seeing it made me realize how quickly this phase has gone by. I posted more detail months ago on how I thought breastfeeding would go and the fact that my original goal of 6 months has so quickly turned into almost a year, it’s just the new “normal” now. In some weird way, something I thought I’d never enjoy I think I’m actually going to really miss! 

Anyways, I’ll save this snappiness for another day…this party animal isn’t done just yet! 

Must climb all the things!

Day 337

Kensington took her first 4 steps today!!! So I take it she’ll be straight running by next weekend. Of course I missed the video ☹️, but I’m sure we will get a good one soon! This is all I’ve got for now….

Robin and Jenna were playing with K while I coached and they got her to walk by reaching for car keys! She was holding one finger, then when they let go she’d take a half a step or so. Eventually, she let her go and Kens waltzed 4 solid, normal steps to grab the keys!!! She didn’t even lose her balance; she just grabbed them and then sat down like it was nothing! 

The rest of K’s day was spent in her diaper since our AC is still not working properly. Luckily, Chris fixed it last night so we didn’t have to sweat in our sleep. This morning it stopped working again so we didn’t take a chance on any extra layers. 

We only got clothed to leave the house.

Kensie roamed the house while I got some laundry and reorganizing done. By roam I mean she harassed the dogs until they got up and played with her. And when they did that, she fussed and wanted to be picked up. Figures. 

Walking is great and all, but the real notable moment of the day was Kensie’s nap.  She got up from her morning nap after her usual 45 minutes. I laid down with her for a second and she was back out for another hour and a half! I was in heaven. Must have been saving up all that energy for walking. πŸ˜‰

And she was so sweet and cuddly when she got up.

Guess I’m going to spend the weekend finding shoes that fit this kiddo, that also  aren’t impossible to put on. (I know she has chubby feet but I swear the people that make baby shoes have never actually tried to put a shoe on a baby. )

Day 336

Of course as soon as I post that Kensie is sleeping (almost) through the night, she has a TERRIBLE night of sleep…which means I also had a terrible night of sleep. 😣 The main difference is that K seems to function better than I do the next day. 

Spent the morning working on her gains.

I also meant to weigh Kensie today but I’ll blame my sleep deprivation for my crappy memory. 

KB was the best little sidekick today as usual and we knocked out tons of errands! One of them was depressing. We went “big girl” car seat shopping. πŸ™ (Mamas – if you need a car seat anytime soon, they’re 25% off at Babies R Us until October 1st!) She’s not big enough for one just yet – but I’m trying to buy it while they have the sale because that means more money for clothes, duh. 😝

Oh and we had to return this because we never used it. So of course she had to climb it.

Kensie was loving being out of her car seat while we shopped. I ran into BJs just to grab a few things and the buckle was broken so I held her instead. (I’m not actually concerned about a broken buckle but if there’s nothing holding her down she tries to stand while I push the cart…) This is how she positions herself if you walk around a store holding her. 

Has to maximize her view.
And she climbs me on the regular. All about the angle.

This afternoon we went back up to the gym and got the sweetest surprise! Aunt Ashley and Baby Henley came and brought Starbucks!! 

Typical K. “GIMMIE DAT BABY!!!”
Getting my Henley snuggles in while I can! #BabyWhisperer

Kensie had a blast since I let her roam free for most of the class. I caught her across the gym playing all by herself (she usually positions herself in the middle of everyone) and it made my heart melt. 

Stop growing up! 😭

I was looking forward to going to sleep early tonight but our AC decided to break. I’m still going to bed early, but now I’m not as hopeful that it’ll be as good of a night as I was imagining. I’m hoping Kensie doesn’t wake up looking like Sweaty Betty. 😰 

Day 3ο»Ώ35: 11 Months Old!

It’s an exciting day over here in the Hall house! It’s Chris’ birthday and Kensie is 11 months old today!! 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We surprised Daddy at the gym this morning with balloons, coffee, and of course a sweet visit from KB in her “Happy Birthday Daddy” onsie. 

She was all about posing for a birthday photo with daddy, but getting her to take her monthly photo was a completely different story. 

So mad daddy kept putting her back on the blanket for me πŸ˜‚

I guess we can kick off her monthly post with the obvious fact: K is a drama queen. In the best way of course. She can turn the tears on and off like a pro. At least at this age, it’s still cute.

Kensie is crawling like crazy, climbing on everything, standing up on her own and walking with assistance! 

Which is why her monthly photo was near impossible.
She gets very creative with what she can turn into a walker!

Kensie loves eating at restaurants. By eating I mean eating anything you’ll give her for the first 20 minutes, then reaching for anything she can grab and throwing it on the floor while attempting to climb on to the table. It’s a real adventure…

Her good looks get her out of a lot of trouble already.

Speaking of getting out of trouble, K knows EXACTLY what the word “no” means and she likes to test that boundary every chance she gets. 

As you’ve seen in recent posts, she’s mastered cheek storage. Turkey is her favorite food to store in her cheeks and she’s a pro at hiding it. If you do anything short of scoop her cheek out with your finger before letting her get out of her chair, you’ll catch her finishing it off about 30 minutes later. Her favorite food is still zuchinni and turkey is a close second. 

Kensie is still going strong with breastfeeding and is finally sleeping through the night. Sort of. She still wakes up once, but she puts herself back to sleep. So, I’ll claim it. 

This month KB learned how to drink from a straw and momma learned she has that ability the hard way. She can also feed herself and once she realized that, she stopped letting anyone else feed her. She doesn’t want you to put food in her mouth, you have to hand it to her first. πŸ™„

Kensington is unbelievably smart and impresses us with the new things she figures out every single day. She can tap her nightlight on from watching me do it, holds phones up to her ear, uses her finger to “scroll” when she’s holding my phone, points at anything she wants or to tell you where she wants to go, reaches for the door handle to open doors, uses her sign language in new contexts and copies everything she sees us do! 

K is officially in the “open and empty all of the cabinets” phase and it would keep her entertained all day if we let her. She loves to crawl around the house and explore. She’ll only go so far before she turns around to see if we are watching. Once we make eye contact, she tells us “bye” and continues on her way. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kensie has an obsession with remotes, babies and dogs. She gets unbelievably excited when she sees any of them. We are still working on being…um, gentle. 

Kensie still loves car rides a and has started “singing” in the car. I guess it’s more like humming, but I know what she’s going for. 

This little lady is extremely strong, happy, loving, independent and fills our lives with so much joy!! 

Alas, next month is the big O-N-E! I’ll just be over here sobbing about how quickly this year has flown by. No matter how much you cherish the moments, one thing is for sure, the time will pass anyway! 

And this is the best it got today.
Notice my hand. Trying to prevent the turnaround-and-grab for the 11th attempt at a photo.
…this is how the rest of them all look.

Day 334

Kensie Cranky-Pants Hall wore this momma OUT today. She was her happy self…as long as she was being held by me. Actually that’s not even completely true. Holding her even involved slight fussing if I didn’t walk where she was pointing and let her grab things she isn’t allowed to grab. Both of her naps came early because K just wasn’t having it today. 

Kensie was still in full on hambone mode, bad mood and all. She sure knows how to play it for the camera! Every time she sees herself she stops in her tracks. πŸ˜‚

The first hour of our morning was business as usual and KB wasn’t a crank butt yet. 

I make coffee. Kensie makes messes.

And always shares with Jack.

(For those thinking it: yes, I was watching her during every second of this party she was having. She wasn’t going to suffocate with a bag.) 

She wouldn’t let me read the book to her but she kept turning the pages. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ You do you, girlfriend.
As I started to answer some emails, I looked over to this. πŸ˜‚

Every single day this little lady does something like that to remind me that she’s not a “baby” anymore. But, on paper she is for one more month. So I’m holding on to that! 

That reminds me. Daycares will let her start going part time in 2 months. No worries – I still haven’t made a single effort to actually look into one. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ™ˆ Though, with all the drama she provided today the thought did briefly cross my mind. πŸ˜‰

K was better than I expected while I coached today. I pictured my afternoon involving coaching 2 classes while holding her the entire time. Some teething crackers saved me at 4 and Emily playing with her saved me at 5! 

I got up to the gym early to try to workout. Luckily Megan helped keep her distracted while I finished my workout. Kensie was enjoying the jumper (or twirler since that’s what K does with it – see video below), but only if I stood right next to her and watched her in it. 

All I can think of when I look at this photo is “I’ll find you!!!” – Wedding Crashers

Again, only happy because I’m sitting right. next. to. her. (and please ignore her black legs from crawling all over the gym prior to my attempt at confinement)

Since she had super early naps, Kens was exhausted after the gym and didn’t even want her bath. She got one anyways, because you all just saw her dirty knees and feet, but she reached right for her bed when we went into her room. 

OH, and since this is called BOWS of Kensington, I can’t leave this part out. I thought I’d try to put a bow in K’s hair without a headband and see if it would stay. It actually did, it just looked ridiculous. πŸ˜‚ Come on Kens…I just need a little more!!!