Day 342

Kensie had a rough start to her morning and she got “in trouble” for the first time today. Kens likes to smack things – smack toys together, if she’s holding keys she likes to slam them on a table, etc. Well, today she took a toy to my head. 3 times. Then she bit my wrist. How do you put an 11 month old in time out?! Lol 

I held her arm down so she couldn’t hit and told her no with a very stern tone. She cried, but not sure if it was because I made her hold her hand down or if she could tell I was mad. And then she bit my wrist. 😳 So it begins…

As you can see above, KB was a crank butt this morning. Not being at home has thrown Kensie off her sleeping and she had way too many wake ups last night. This morning she was only up for about 90 minutes before I put her back down for a nap.  

Once the AC repair guy finally left (notice I didn’t say “repair” today – he actually fixed it this time!!) I took Kens over to Aunt Casey’s so I could get some errands done! Of course she was a little angel baby for her and luckily no hitting or biting was involved. 

Using Riley’s pants to stand up…
She has Aunt Casey trained, too.
Working on her sharing…or stealing.
Typical Kens. Under anything she can fit under.
Besties since the womb!
I was told that right after this photo she pushed the chair back and used it to climb onto the couch.

When I picked K up she got a huge smile and I even got a kiss, but she wasn’t interested in leaving. Pretty sure Aunt Casey’s is her all time favorite place! 

When I got her home I fed her and she rolled off my lap, put in her pacifier and tried to take a nap. That’s what I call a successful play date! 

This evening I got lots of hugs and kisses from K. She must have been making up for her bad attitude this morning. 

Kensie spent LOTS of time standing up today and took a step here and there! She still squats down and crawls when she really wants to get somewhere. K is still a fan of the “work smarter not harder” method and asks me to pick her up and points to what she wants. 

Watching her learn new things and how smart she is makes watching her grow up a little more fun and a little less depressing. πŸ˜‰

Keeping me entertained since 2016

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