Day 260-268: Leighton made the Today Show…again!!!

I was actually waiting until Tuesday to post because nothing remarkable had happened…UNTIL TODAY!

Literally. The Today Show. 🤩

I don’t even know where to start this post because my brain is still on cloud 9 and trying to process it all. If you know me, you know my strange obsession with the Today Show. If you come to my house M-F 7a-11a I can guarantee it’s on my TV…and every time Chris and I go to NYC we commit to that 4a wake up to go to the Plaza!

Kensie wouldn’t look at a TV to save her life for the longest time; however, Leighton is a different story. It’s like she knew from the womb these are her people. 😂 She plays on the floor and watches – full on looks, talks, claps and watches them every day.

Biggest *little* fan

One of my best friends, Emily, has a friend that works for NBC. He reached out Wednesday and asked if she wanted to go to the Today show because they were coming to Orlando to do a LIVE show for the first time!! She shares the same obsession so OF COURSE it was an immediate yes…she just loved us enough to let us come along for the ride!

Thanks for the best morning ever, Aunt Emmy!!!

Our morning started with a 3a wake up call and a 5a check in!

She wasn’t too sure why she needed to be fully clothed at 4a but L’s always down for an adventure!

The anchors were going back and forth all morning before the Live show to do their voice overs. Hoda walked out, saw Elle, and the magic began! Her face was priceless and it was a moment I will NEVER forget 🥰!!! She walked up to say hi and we showed her the sign and full tears ensued. It was SO sweet.

Don’t judge my art skills…or lack thereof. 😆
Hoda Kotb is human GOALS. THE SWEETEST, most genuine, kind, caring person and you can just feel the love she pours out to everyone around her.

While Leighton’s full TV debut was a solid mean mug session, she made quite the impression on set all morning. The Plaza Producer, Kevin, was the first person we met in NYC and he was how we got to record our gender reveal in 2018!

November 2018 after our Gender reveal!
If you have no clue what I’m talking about…
And it’s where today’s outfit came from!! (I will save this onsie FOREVER.)

He was so happy to meet Leighton and kept carrying her around the set while he worked. 😂

She was quite literally the crowd fave.
And of course we had to update our photo with the star herself. 👶🏻

As the show started, all Kevin told me was “don’t leave!” and “keep that baby happy!” …little does he know Elle doesn’t know how to be anything but happy.
We got a 5 minute warning before they were coming to talk to Leighton and kid you not, 1 minute after he said that she straight PASSED OUT. 4.5 hours of party was apparently her limit.

I tried to move her, stand her up, tickle her…she wouldn’t open her eyes. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I figured she’d sleep through the whole thing at that point – she was such a tired babe (and side note: I secretly LOVED it because this wiggle machine is always non-stop and NEVER falls asleep on me 😭).

Her fascination and hamming it up for the cameras all morning long held true…as soon as the cameras came and cheering started she woke up and well, you can see the rest!

Not going to lie. When they showed the replay of our announcement I teared up – then tried to quickly get it together before they put the camera on us!!!🙈

It was SO special, fun, insanely spontaneous and CRAZY how the stars aligned for BOTH of these things to happen. I don’t think we could have ever planned it if we tried!! Leighton is destined to be a Today Show Anchor in 2030. 😜

Chris was the true MVP for passing on joining us so he could stay home with K and get her to daycare. Then, at daycare and they watched the whole thing on TV and then K FaceTimed me!! Luckily, she’s not old enough to be too jealous yet. 😂 She just wanted to know where I actually was, how I got inside the TV and if I was going to pick her up and take her “to workin’ out” (the gym…). 🤷🏼‍♀️

Also, I got so many messages from this photo saying Savannah and I look so much alike. Haha!! I’ll GLADLY sign up for her being my doppelgänger. 🤩 (Savannah, just let me know next time you need a stand in 😉).


Feeling so thankful that we got to have this experience and make what is sure to be a top 5 lifetime memory!

Now I just need to make sure there’s a way to keep this video forever with the daily evolving technology…oh how I wish I could just record it to a VHS 😂

Day 254-259: Elle’s first word!!

She did it! She spoke!! 😍 The best part…SHE SAID MAMA!!!! 🥳

SERIOUSLY?! I’m biased but her squish
nose smiles KILL ME 😍

If you’ve followed our blog since K, you might remember she said Dada first. Not only first but for MONTHS. KB straight refused to say mama. 😭

Anyway, Elle must have known Kens has gotten her act together recently and wanted to make sure she remained in that #1 spot. 😂

I’m only slightly obsessed with her. 😉
Suit: Janie and Jack

I don’t think it’s Leighton’s first word…but it’s definitely the one I’m most excited about. 😬 I am 90% sure she said “Hi” several times last week. It was accompanied by a wave, too. But I couldn’t get her to do it again and haven’t heard it since so I was hesitant to claim it. Haha!

Last night I forgot to turn her monitor on (insert mom of the year nomination here) and I woke up to her SCREAMING around 3am. But. It was “mama!! Mama! Ma! Ma!” Her sweet little tears broke my heart but hearing that made me sort of happy to run across the house. 😜

That squish nose again…
Trying to soak in all the duo photos before she becomes a toddler and has an attitude about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Minnie Romper: Target

We’ve had a crazy, fun, BUSY week/weekend with some of our best friends!! I didn’t think it was possible to shove so many memories into 5 days but we like to over achieve. 🏆

Complete with matching Valentine’s Day PJs
Onsies and Toddler Sets: Old Navy

The McGee’s came to town and we didn’t waste a second! Their daughter Henley is Kensie’s BFF and watching the 2 of them grow up together has been so much fun.

Elsa nightgowns FTW!
Twinning and hugs happened ALL weekend long.
Romper: RAGS
Shoes: VANS

Thursday the girls went to daycare (go ahead, judge us) for their Valentine’s Day party and then got to swim at Mrs. Heidi’s together and she wore 👏🏼 them 👏🏼 out! 🙌🏼

Cue photo shoot…(I’ll spare you the other 20 😉)
K leggings: Old Navy
K shirt and H dress: Gap Kids
Besties 👯‍♀️
This was jump and swim number 8279 of the day. 😅

Friday we braved Disney with the whole crew! The girls got to see Mickey in the parade which always lights K’s face up, meet princesses, ride their first roller coaster (the big girls only obviously) and made the best memories.

But first, we celebrated Leighton’s first Valentine’s Day!
K LOVED this book, and L loved this chew toy. 😂
This grass area was AMAZING. Picnic lunch, fed the littles and had a view of the show in front of the castle – Minus the crowd. 💥
Hen’s leg pop 😂
Because, cheers. 🍻
First roller coaster!! I honestly thought she wouldn’t like it because she’s my fearful, cautious one…but she LOVED it and asked to go again! 🥳

Leighton and Devyn had no clue what was happening of course 😂 but they were troopers and the music from the parade had Elle pumping those happy legs up and down the whole time!

Elle just wanted to eat it…

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to and the girls were half zombies the whole time. 😂 I have never seen K so quiet and calm. No complaints here. 🤐

She was PUMPED when the fairy showed up to do face paint!
Elle had a great time too. Girl knows how to party. 🤪 (another one for that mom of the year plaque)

Sunday we attempted to chill at the house…but with the guys gone for the day it only took until about 9a before we knew we had to brave it and get out. 4 days with no naps led to a lot of toddler drama to cap off our weekend. 😅

Park, popsicles and Levi helped 😉
And a play date with sweet Addison, because we had to fit in all the friends and love before HenRo left!!
Thankful these 2 can’t fight over toys yet. 😉
Hen LOVES her some babies. 👶🏻

I may have hit a record number of photos for one post at this point, so I’ll spare the other 100 including their daily morning shows in princess dresses, but I’m pretty sure this weekend was top 3 in KB’s book. 🥰👯‍♀️

Til next time… 💕

Day 247-253: Elle started swim lessons!

FIRST OF ALL, I AM SO PISSED AT WORDPRESS. I finished today’s entire post and the app deleted the WHOLE thing. 😩😭

I usually steer clear of discussing touchy subjects or politics or offending people…and I made some pretty strong statements on why parents need to enroll their children in swim lessons on the post that got deleted so maybe it was a sign I shouldn’t post it. 🤪

Leighton started swim lessons last week and she did so great! In typical Elle fashion I think she cried all of 20 seconds over 3 lessons. 


She’s not actually learning to swim at this age, she’s just learning the survival lesson of rolling to her back and breathing if her face touches water. 

I get asked (or told) “isn’t that so hard to watch?!” – usually the question is pure curiosity and not judgement – but regardless, my answer is always the same: I’d imagine seeing the alternative would be MUCH harder. And no, honestly it’s not hard to watch someone who has been doing this for 20 years teach my babies how to survive in water! The whole process actually fascinates me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Working on those float skills!

I won’t rewrite my whole rant but for the love of God, please give your children the tools to survive. I’ve watched Heidi teach babies, toddlers, elementary aged kids even children with physical and mental disabilities. There are way too many stories, many of them LOCAL of kids drowning. It is PREVENTABLE!! And I don’t mean “I’ll watch my kid. They won’t ever have the chance to fall in water” preventable. Yo, I’m sure parents that have lost a child to drowning didn’t start that day off saying “I’m going to put my child near water alone today and see what happens”. 🧐 I’ve seen way too many loving, attentive and amazing parents lose their babies this way and it is always from the most heartbreaking accidents.


Okay. I’ll stop now. But damn. Let me just put this info here for y’all:
(704) 777-7688
(This is not a paid ad, lol! I just love this organization and her instructors…if you’re not in Orlando you can google ISR instructors in your area!) 

The cutest little Swimsprouts!

On to the rest of our week…

K has been crushing potty training…but not so much the whole sleep thing. She’s going to bed just fine now, but she wakes up SCREAMING for me to come in her room. One night I went in, she hugged me, laid down and said “chicken noodle!” I was like “wait, what?” and she said “poopy butt!” and started cracking up. All with her eyes closed…that ham.


I will say her threenager tantrums have calmed a LOT over the last few weeks (knock on wood). She’s still got her emotional/over tired moments but the psycho toddler tantrums have taken at least a temporary back seat. 

Since I am already all over the place with topics on this post…may as well throw in a product review! I was discussing diapers with a friend of mine and mentioned that I am glad Elle isn’t sensitive like K and can wear something other than the Honest brand…BUT I still put her in their overnight ones because Pampers leak and she wakes up with wet PJs. 

She swears by Huggies Overnights the same way I swear by Honest so I gave them a shot. SOLD!! I highly recommend either brand, but the Huggies are .10 cheaper per diaper. WHOOP! 


WELL. I originally had more photos to end this post with but WordPress is telling me my storage is full and they want $200 for me to post more soooo I guess this is our last post! Sorry we didn’t make it to a year for ya, Elle. GoFundMe for blogs? That a thing? LOL

Anyway, I’ll figure that part out (um, hopefully) so I can continuing spamming you all with some K and L goodness!! xo

This is the last one it loaded to the library, so, here you go! LOL





Day 407-409

KB had a great weekend and she’s officially taking it upon herself to wean off of pacifiers! We kicked off the weekend with another man down. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s now lost her elephant, duck, frog, giraffe, monkey and Lord knows what else. She’s gone from 9 or 10 to…2.

I was honestly frustrated at first because I tracked our steps 3 time and couldn’t find where she threw it and was thinking “she only has a few left and I really don’t want to buy another one”. Then, I realized she’s a toddler now. I was trying to figure out when I should wean her and she answered that one for me! Now I don’t have to take them away she just throws them out on her own. 🙄 So once they’re gone, good luck girlfriend. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Other than tossing pacifiers, “entertaining” is probably the best way to describe this chick from our weekend. I found some super cute Christmas decor we needed and I asked Kensie what she thought.

She hugged this Santa gnome the rest of the time we were in the store. Literally. The whole time.

Friday afternoon K helped me coach while Daddy got his workout in. I couldn’t get a video because my phone was playing the music, but Kensie copied me all afternoon Friday. She’d follow me out back when the class was running and tried to follow their path and would look at them and clap and say “go, go!” 😂

As Daddy was trying to recover, she took it upon herself to provide those important post workout carbs.

I probably found it slightly more entertaining than he did. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Saturday KB came with us to watch her Knights WIN THE AAC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! She had a blast and was so good the entire time! By some miracle she even took her afternoon nap!!!

We were going to go to a Christmas event in our neighborhood Saturday night, but we were all pooped from the game so we stayed home instead. Well, not all of us were pooped. KB had a dance party.

Sunday Kens had to skip out on church because I didn’t want her spreading her stuffy nose germs to all the other kiddos in the nursery. As you can see in the photos/videos, she’s feeling completely fine. Other than an annoying runny nose, which I’m hoping is the worst of it, the cold seems to be on its way out.

KB impressed me once again today while we read her books! I was asking her to show me where different things were and she was able to point out a dog, star and the moon!!! I kept making her do it multiple times because the first few times I thought it had to be a coincidence. And of course every time I tried to get a video she just grabbed my phone away. I eventually got sneaky enough, sort of.

And this video I just think is hilarious. If you watch my Instagram story, you already saw it. She may be speaking in full sentences yet but she surely knows how to communicate what she wants. 😳😂

Day 486 (I googled it)

I did it! I actually dropped KB off at daycare today. WHY was that so much harder than I ever thought it would be??

Last night she loved it and her teacher. She didn’t want me to pick her up to leave. Today at drop off was a different story. I think all the kids being there was a little overwhelming for her; she didn’t want to leave my side.

Luckily, her friend Layla goes there too and kept bringing K toys and even gave her a hug.
I walked into the other room and and when I was out of sight she’d already stopped crying.

I was the opposite. The first step I took outside the tears started flowing. I won’t even sugar coat it. I was a straight mess all 4 hours. I’d like to pretend I was some brave hard ass, but I was actually the girl running errands inside stores still wearing sunglasses so no one could see my eyes. 😂

I’m usually pretty good at leaving K; however, it’s always been with family or close friends. Today was essentially leaving her in a new place with 10 strangers. Holy guilt trip!

Huge thanks to my AMAZING mom tribe that reached out today to check on me & remind me I was normal and that “we’ve all been there”! (…and for knowing me well enough to know I’ll totally pretend to be ok but you know I’m actually not. 😜)

Anyway, we BOTH survived the day and it came with some extra entertainment. Quick back story: she’s going to an at home daycare with a lady a few friends of ours use and they’ve known her forever. I was under strict orders to drop her off in her PJs (and you listen when a Spanish Grandma tells you that!) and when I picked her up, she was in clothes I didn’t pack for her, had never actually seen before, and her hair was redone in a perfect Spanish ponytail. 😂😂😂

Kensie already made new friends, ate a home cooked Spanish lunch and even took a nap!

Y’all, I was finding all the reasons to not take her today, but she didn’t let me. She slept until 7:15 this morning! (An hour later than usual). I’m glad I bit the bullet and got day 1 behind us!

She was the HAPPIEST little bug this afternoon!! We went from daycare to swim (perfect reason to pick her up early ;)) and from swim to the gym.


Watching her swim lessons blows my mind. I know I always say this – but how do these little humans catch on to things so quickly?! 😯

Tomorrow I’m making KB stay home with me 🙈 but I think daycare round 2 will take place on Friday. Hopefully I can keep it together a little better this time. 😆

22 Months!

Pretty sure I start every monthly update with this, but this little ham is so. much. FUN!

Though, I feel like she’s grown up all too quickly this last month and these “first day of school” photos are giving me all the feels. Luckily, she’s still a momma’s girl and loves to snuggle, give kisses and hold my hand. ❤️ I am soaking it in while it lasts!!!

KB’s vocabulary expands by the day and it’s entertaining to say the least. Especially when “caca 💩” and “cracker” come out sounding the same. 😂 “alright lets go change your diaper!” *throws fit* “ohhhh my bad, you want to eat.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

Speaking of eating, she’s been doing MUCH better and devours anything and everything at daycare. At home she’s very particular on what she wants and “no” means NO. If she says no and you give it to her – game over. Her favorite food is “chee-cheese” aka Mac n Cheese.

My favorite thing she says is “BOOM”. I never realized how much I say it until she started copying me. When she wants up or down or I put her in her car seat I’ll say “boom!” …and now she says it for me. Lol!!

Her latest obsession the “pool” and asks to play in it every 20 minutes. She’ll also hunt down her swim diapers and bring them to you because she thinks if you don’t take her outside you clearly don’t understand what “pool” means.

KB impresses us every day with how smart she is! She’ll grab the dogs leashes and hop on her bike and say “mama, walk!” when she wants to walk them. She’ll also put her own shoes on, bring me mine and tell me to grab the diaper bag when she wants to leave the house (though I’m never too sure where she is thinking we are going to go…).

Kensie is also at the age where she’s super helpful. She’s happy she can do things and not old enough to be mean about it and tell you no. Haha!!! She throws things away and she’ll bring you things you ask for. It’s like a personal servant…as long as she can reach it. 😂

She knows all of her body parts; belly button is her favorite, she laughs every time. Don’t ask her where your nose is though because she thinks it’s hilarious to shove her finger up it. 🤢

KB sings in the car (some of the words are accurate, occasionally) and she LOVES dancing to country music. She likes to tell Alexa “mext” (aka next”) and shake her booty to every song. She knows the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” choreography and can sing the e,i,e,i,o part of “Old McDonald”.

While she’ll ask for Elmo, Baby Einstein’s is still her favorite of anything. She still won’t watch movies or any show other than that and Elmo’s world on occasion. Her favorite book is Baby Einstein, which she won’t let me help her read, and “boom boom”! (Chicka Chicka Boom


Watching KB at the gym may be the best part about this age. She mimics all the warm up movements, tries to do the workouts, does her own snatches, burpees and walllballs and puts her bar away with the real ones!

My proudest announcement: my child loves to clean! Praying that never fades. LOL! She will wipe things up at the gym, clean things at home and puts things away at daycare. 🙌🏼

KB is still obsessed with balloons (currently pronounced “mamoons”), car seats, strollers, and her bestie, “HenWoah”!

I haven’t started planning her 2nd birthday party yet because I am still in complete denial that it’s coming up so soon; but I think a room full of MAMOONS might suffice! 🎈

Day 238-246: Elle is 8 months!

The sweetest chunker is 8 months old! …though she’s starting to lose her chunk 😰

I’m having serious mixed feelings as she keeps inching toward the 1 year mark. I LOVE seeing her personality come out and watching her grow but where did my tiny little baby go?!


Leighton loves to clap, wave at everyone, smile and TALK. She’s found her voice and she’s definitely going to give K a run for her money.

She’s adding a knee bend to her army crawl but still hasn’t quite put the pieces together – and I’m in NO rush for her to figure it out!

She’s enjoying trying new foods though she’s perfected her stank face when I give her peas. 😂 I can’t blame her. 🤢 Her favorite activities include kicking her legs, grunting, staring at herself, and taking the nursing cover off when I feed her in public. 🤦🏼‍♀️

And of course we can’t leave out big sis.

Kensie is…Kensie. 😂 Our ever so dramatic, hilarious source of constant entertainment.

Just getting ready for daycare…🤷🏼‍♀️

Her “photo face” 🙄

Kensie has had a fun week with friends, her B, being her usual diva self, and occasionally humoring me with a smile.

Her new favorite tutu. At least this week.

I’d like to take this time to give a huge shout out to my man, Santa Claus and whoever recently taught K about the tooth fairy.

K asks for every toy she sees and I keep telling her no and her newest response is “okay, then can I ask Santa?” I say “of course” and she goes “THANK YOU MOMMY!”, usually accompanied with a hug – Discussion over.

The only way this will backfire is if she remembers all 365 days of her requests in December. 😂

(Side note: she’s gonna rock a runway one of these days…😳😂)

Kens has also been telling everyone her teeth are growing and about to fall out. 🤔

She has 2 friends at daycare that lost teeth so it’s her new fascination. She told me and Chris she’s going to put her tooth under her pillow (as she yanks on her front 2 teeth 🤦🏼‍♀️) and the tooth fairy is going to come bring her a coin. A COIN?! YASSS. Seriously. Whoever told her that. I appreciate you. Quarters for daysssss. 👏🏼🙌🏼

These girls sure keep us on our toes but they also keep my heart so full. 🥰