22 Months!

Pretty sure I start every monthly update with this, but this little ham is so. much. FUN!

Though, I feel like she’s grown up all too quickly this last month and these “first day of school” photos are giving me all the feels. Luckily, she’s still a momma’s girl and loves to snuggle, give kisses and hold my hand. ❤️ I am soaking it in while it lasts!!!

KB’s vocabulary expands by the day and it’s entertaining to say the least. Especially when “caca 💩” and “cracker” come out sounding the same. 😂 “alright lets go change your diaper!” *throws fit* “ohhhh my bad, you want to eat.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

Speaking of eating, she’s been doing MUCH better and devours anything and everything at daycare. At home she’s very particular on what she wants and “no” means NO. If she says no and you give it to her – game over. Her favorite food is “chee-cheese” aka Mac n Cheese.

My favorite thing she says is “BOOM”. I never realized how much I say it until she started copying me. When she wants up or down or I put her in her car seat I’ll say “boom!” …and now she says it for me. Lol!!

Her latest obsession the “pool” and asks to play in it every 20 minutes. She’ll also hunt down her swim diapers and bring them to you because she thinks if you don’t take her outside you clearly don’t understand what “pool” means.

KB impresses us every day with how smart she is! She’ll grab the dogs leashes and hop on her bike and say “mama, walk!” when she wants to walk them. She’ll also put her own shoes on, bring me mine and tell me to grab the diaper bag when she wants to leave the house (though I’m never too sure where she is thinking we are going to go…).

Kensie is also at the age where she’s super helpful. She’s happy she can do things and not old enough to be mean about it and tell you no. Haha!!! She throws things away and she’ll bring you things you ask for. It’s like a personal servant…as long as she can reach it. 😂

She knows all of her body parts; belly button is her favorite, she laughs every time. Don’t ask her where your nose is though because she thinks it’s hilarious to shove her finger up it. 🤢

KB sings in the car (some of the words are accurate, occasionally) and she LOVES dancing to country music. She likes to tell Alexa “mext” (aka next”) and shake her booty to every song. She knows the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” choreography and can sing the e,i,e,i,o part of “Old McDonald”.

While she’ll ask for Elmo, Baby Einstein’s is still her favorite of anything. She still won’t watch movies or any show other than that and Elmo’s world on occasion. Her favorite book is Baby Einstein, which she won’t let me help her read, and “boom boom”! (Chicka Chicka Boom


Watching KB at the gym may be the best part about this age. She mimics all the warm up movements, tries to do the workouts, does her own snatches, burpees and walllballs and puts her bar away with the real ones!

My proudest announcement: my child loves to clean! Praying that never fades. LOL! She will wipe things up at the gym, clean things at home and puts things away at daycare. 🙌🏼

KB is still obsessed with balloons (currently pronounced “mamoons”), car seats, strollers, and her bestie, “HenWoah”!

I haven’t started planning her 2nd birthday party yet because I am still in complete denial that it’s coming up so soon; but I think a room full of MAMOONS might suffice! 🎈

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