Day 253

Today, Kensie confirmed 2 things:1. The necklace is working

2. No afternoon coffee was also working 

I got brave yesterday and figured it would be fine to have a coffee while I coached the 4pm class. How wrong I was!!! This nugget woke up FIVE freaking times last night. 

Who, me?

It also kept me up until 1:30am. I had a ton of things to get done before this weekend so that was sort of a good thing – but now I’m running on fumes. 

KB was down at 7:30. Up at 10:30, 12:30, 2, 3, 5 something, and ready to start her day just before 7am. No. Just noooo. Lesson learned!!!

As for the necklace? I had to coach this morning so it threw off our normal routine and I forgot to put her Teething necklace on. I didn’t notice until we got to the gym. 

Kensie started the day out great and playing in her baby jail longer than she ever has all alone and with no fussing! 

Supervising while I clean the floors.

She’s getting so good at actually drinking the water from her sippy cups!

While I was coaching she was ready for her nap so I picked her up and had a sweet (heavy) cuddle bug. 

We had some errands to run before going home and that’s where the happy streak ended. As I was finishing up, K was tired and starting to get hungry and she lost it. Real tears and all. Kens always relaxes on a car ride but the whole way home she was screaming (same as Sunday). Better believe I put that sucker back on the second we got in the door! 

Kensie got in a long afternoon nap and all was right with the world again. 

And this afternoon Kensie poured that water bottle all over herself. πŸ™„

Tonight I let her (sort of) cry it out for the first time. πŸ˜” She’s definitely at an age where I can tell she’s crying for attention and she knows I will come get her. While I don’t mind that she just wants mama, it makes it a lot harder for Chris to get her down when I’m not home and she’s starting to do it more and more and it just enables her to keep fighting sleep (as she rubs her eyes). 

Luckily, it didn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would! She did her “give me attention” fussing for a while then it turned to real tears. At first I picked her up and laid with her. She kept going back and forth from being ALMOST asleep to wide awake playing. After 15 minutes of that I put her back in her crib and decided she needed to put herself to sleep. She played for a bit then the fussing started again, followed by crying. 

We held strong and waited it out a little bit. I gave myself tasks to do and decided I wouldn’t go in until I was done, if she was still crying. I mainly needed the tasks for distraction or I would have just given up and walked in. About 30 minutes later, I realized it was quiet. I went in to check and sure enough she gave it up and went to sleep. I feel slightly guilty about it and do love snuggling with her…but it’s nice to know she’ll give it up before too long! I was pretty certain that she would stay up all night and scream so I fully intended on giving up before she did. Haha!

Here’s to what’s hopefully a better (and much longer) night of sleep for us both!!

Day 252

Holy chow cow! Other than eat, Kensie didn’t do much today. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Kensie rarely “cluster fed” even as an infant; so, she made up for lost time today. She usually goes 3-4 hours between eating. Today? Maybe 2. (Excuse her blue bib and lack of bow. She told me to stop filming without it but I was too busy feeding the bottomless pit to dress her appropriately for photos.)

Kensington kicked the morning off with a blowout. Maybe that’s why she was hungry. She emptied the tank! (TMI?)


Other than about 6 gallons of breast milk, Kensie had a pretty fun lunch! I made her the corner of a peanut butter sandwich because I really just wanted to see what she’d do. 

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So there’s that. Good news? She’s not allergic? Great news? Definitely my child. 

She sucked the peanut butter off and possibly swallowed parts of the bread. The rest was just a soggy mess. She also had her favorite zuchinni (we added yellow squash today) and some puffs. Well balanced, eh?

This afternoon Kensie Brooke coached the 4pm class. 

“Good job guys! You’re doing great!” #KensieClap

She also got to see Miss Amanda for the first time in a few weeks! K must have missed her because she rarely gives hugs to anyone but momma and Amanda got quite a few long ones!!

The sweetest snuggles for the sweetest friend!

Kensie didn’t take her eyes off her while she worked out. The photo doesn’t show it all, but she was staring at her and then started sticking her tongue through the gate. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

K plans to eat her way out of baby jail.

And to thank you all for reading down this far – this video is for your entertainment. 

If you’re STILL reading, I’d also like to share my mom struggle of the day: My current phone doesn’t understand the need to take way too many photos of Kensie each day and keeps making me miss all the good ones with the stupid “cannot take photo – you dont have storage” notification. (Sidenote: I load everything to Dropbox and only have a few apps I actually use on my phone. I delete photo texts daily too and my phone still says that 😩) So, Apple, if you’d like to sponsor Bows of Kensington, we will take a rose gold 7+. Thanks! 

Day 251

I’m officially crediting the Amber necklace for the smiley girl I had today! 

Kensie was happy as could be and chatted allll day long.  She also learned how to pull herself up all the way to standing. 😳

Um, excuse me. Too soon for that missy.

K was getting into EVERYTHING today. Luckily her good mood kept her from pitching a fit when I kept telling her no and relocating her but why is it that she wants to be in literally the ONE spot in the room she shouldn’t be and out of the 72883 toys she only wants what isn’t hers? And thank goodness I just covered the outlets because she wanted to play in those today as well. I always thought that was a stupid thing. Like “cover the outlets so babies don’t stick their fingers in there!” …umm what? Why would they do that? No clue but apparently they do. Or at least mine does…πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

But that face…😍

Kensie also has an obsession with shoes. Not a good one. One where she likes to put anyone and everyone’s shoes in her mouth. 

It’s official the only food K really likes in her mouth is zuchinni. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ She tolerates the other things I feed her but zuchinni is the only food she will finish and want more of! 

Kens was a great nap taker today and while she fought bedtime for a bit tonight, I’d say ultimately I won. She finished eating and literally ROLLED off of me and went to sleep like this. πŸ˜‚

Day 250

Either the necklace is working or I got lucky today! Kensie was back to being a happy girl and she even has a (sort of) new trick. 

If we’re Snapchat friends I’ve already spammed you with one too many videos of this so here’s another for good measure.  πŸ˜‰ (Sidenote – my newest obsession is Instagram story; so basically, RIP Snapchat.)

​K now knows that “yay” goes with clapping!! She even says it sometimes! (Well it sounds like that anyway.) 

She had a great morning playing, going for a walk and she took both of her naps without a fuss!

Kens loves walking the pups!

I’m dunzo mommy.

Since Kens was in a good mood I wanted to see if she’d eat lunch on her own. I gave her puffs so she could feed herself and I was so excited that she ate them all!

All the puffs

Figuring out she can eat the puffs on her own.

And TA-DA!!! All gone!!

Haaaa got me good. She didn’t eat them all. I was so impressed until I discovered the truth. Lol!

Oh. They’re just in your lap. Cool.

This afternoon Rob brought popsicles to the gym!! 

Thanks for the teether, Uncle Rob!

Kensie was still a happy babe this afternoon as long as I didn’t put her in baby jail and ignore her. I needed to set her down, so I put her in her car seat and she went straight to sleep! 

For now, I’m a believer in this necklace! We shall see how tomorrow goes…

Day 249

Holy cry baby Day!! We purchased an Amber Teething Necklace and I am really hoping it works for this poor babe because today was ROUGH (for the both of us). 

Pretty much sums it up

Kensie didn’t want to eat before church so I ended up having to leave in the middle to feed her. When I brought her back to the nursery I got her distracted enough with toys to sneak out but by the time I got back K was losing it. 

They have a whole private nursing room at our church with a speaker so you can still hear everything!
 Kens continued to cry when I put her in the car seat and the ENTIRE drive to brunch. It was a super sad cry and she kept pulling on her gums and the side of her mouth. πŸ˜”

I finally got her to settle down and she passed out right before our food came. She took a solid nap; slept through brunch and the entire ride home. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for the 90 minutes of peace today. 

I totally get the “it hurts me more than it hurts you” phrase now. Her teething drama gave me a killer headache and wore me the heck out! 

In her few minutes of happiness today, of course she crawled under something.
Such a momma’s girl. She kept crawling to my feet and asking to be held. 😭

We got her the necklace but she only had it on for about 2 hours before she went to bed tonight so I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow. I know a few people that have tried them and they swear by them! 

Not the most attractive thing but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Oh – and we’re holding off on that whole “sleep training” so she’ll sleep through the night attempt. I figure she’s going through enough right now and I don’t think any of us can handle another dramatic life event. πŸ™„ 

If you don’t hear from me tomorrow it’s safe to assume the necklace didn’t help and Kensie’s crankiness officially did me in. 😝

Day 248

What. A. Day! Kensie had a lot going on today and my favorite part is that she kicked it off by sleeping in!!

Morning routine involves playing with Lucy

Thankfully, I had a much happier baby today! After the first 45 minutes at the gym she was over playing by herself. I still had an entire workout to get done, so I got creative!  

When you have to mom and workout.

Afterward we had to hang at the gym a little longer than usual for a Nutrtion Seminar. Kensie didn’t seem to mind…

A friend snapped this photo and I think it’s one of my favorites!!

Oh look. A bucket of “toys” πŸ™„

This afternoon we had a pool party/baby shower to attend. Kens had a BLAST. I don’t have many photos – but this girl loved hanging in the water. She doesn’t love her float because she feels restricted. K is all about sitting on the stairs or just being held in the water so she can splash. Her swim lessons finally start in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see how she does! (More survival than swim, but you get my point). 

Pretty sure baby swimsuit cover ups are about the cutest thing in the world.

Daddy’s hats are her favorite. Usually to eat.

Kensie was extra sweet and snugly tonight so I decided we are having a slumber party. Maybe this will be the magic trick to her not waking up in the middle of the night. πŸ˜‰ This is sleep training, right? 😝

The best snuggle bug

Day 247

To-Do list for the weekend:

– Lower Kensie’s Crib because she’s figured out how to pull herself up 

– Buy an Amber Teething Necklace if Kensie is cranky again tomorrow

Everyday sure is an adventure with this little one!

K baby was a crankasourous today. Not sure if this clinginess is another phase or (finally) teething, but home girl wouldn’t chill out this morning. She was back and forth between fussing and crying for about 4 hours until she finally took a nap. 


And I wasn’t allowed to leave!

When she got up she was in a decent mood so we practiced eating! She had just under an ounce of her purΓ©ed food and started spitting it out. I gave her some teething crackers and she played with them but hasn’t quite grasped the concept of swallowing “chunks” yet. 

I let crank butt loose in the living room for a minute to clean off her high chair and before I could blink this nugget was in the kitchen in the dog bowl. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

But that face…
I felt like K could use a little outing (okay maybe I needed one so I didn’t have to hear this child fuss all afternoon) so we went to the store before I had to coach. 

She had her foot chilling off the side the entire time. πŸ˜‚
The gym went very similar to yesterday where Kensie death gripped me if anyone wanted to hold her and I had to coach with her in my arms. She fell asleep toward the end so at least she got another nap in today!  

This evening I chatted with a friend of mine who is an Occupational Therapist and she told me when babies learn a new skill a lot of times it’s accompanied by them waking more at night for a little while. We also discussed sleep training and how it worked for her little girl so Chris and I are looking more into it and I think we are going to give it a go! I’m certain we can all agree Kensie doesn’t need milk in the middle of the night now πŸ˜‚ and after 8 months, I would love to sleep for more than 3 hour increments. 

I’ll keep you guys posted…send prayers. Lol 

Day 246

Pregnancy brain wasn’t a thing for me; however, mom brain is. It’s a real, REAL thing and I have a severe case of it. Pretty sure there are days I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached. I used to be one of those super organized people that never forgot anything and really had my shit together. Kensie, I hope the brain cells I seem to have lost at least found their way to you. 

K has woken up at 6am the last 2 days (yeah, NOT a fan) and this morning I had to coach. Kensie was exhausted so she turned into a stage 5 clinger. This was the way I coached both my morning and afternoon classes since those were the ONLY times K baby napped today. 

This is starting to become quite the workout.

In between classes Kens got to play some while I worked and then we ran a few errands. She had some eye rubs but was happy as could be and had no interest in sleep. 

Every time I walk in on her she is under something.

Loves riding in her “big girl” seat!

When we got back to the gym, Kens went from a stage 5 clinger to stage 25. 

“Mom why are you so far away!?”

Comin in hot!

Oh thank goodness. I found you.

Safe to say I got absolutely zero work done. 

Someone came up to talk to me and when they looked at Kensie and said hi, she broke down. She got the big bottom lip and everything. πŸ˜‚ I guess she wasn’t a fan. 

Real tears.

Kensie in all her overtiredness (I know that isn’t a word. Just go with it) wanted to be held again while I coached this afternoon. My back was over it so luckily daddy came to the rescue!

She’s got a real rough life

I just realized on days she doesn’t really sleep I have photos of the few times she does and vice versa. I guess I just get really excited for those “rare” moments and I probably need the photos to prove to my mom-brain that that is indeed what happened…

Day 245

Today is more of a 2 day recap since yesterday was all about K being 8 months old! 

We got to visit a special little dude on Tuesday and Kensie wanted to grab him so badly. She hasn’t quite learned what “gentle” means yet. 

Hanging out with little Levi!

Today, this child somehow stayed up until 7pm on nothing other than a 20 minute power nap just before lunch. 
Let me out mom. I’m trying to party!

We had lunch with daddy and I learned my lesson about putting Kensie’s water cup with her in her car seat. Big fat nope. She drinks it and spits it all over the place. Kensie, her onsie, her bow and carseat were all soaked. K didn’t seem too bothered by it…

This is so fun, mama. Best car seat toy ever!

We made a quick outfit change to dry off and of course we had to make sure Kensie had her orange on at CFEO! 

K was clapping for orange Wednesdays!

Of all the places in the gym, the only place she didn’t want to be was in baby jail with all her toys. Kens loves to just be put down and explore. 

Is it possible to run while crawling? Because that’s what she does.

Kensie was OUT the second I put her in the car seat to head home and had no interest in waking back up. She’s was a sweaty butt so she took her bath half awake and went right to sleep once she ate before we even made it to the crib. 

I know most people think staying up all day would cause her to sleep through the night.  Nope. Sleep or no sleep, my little chunk will most DEFINITELY wake up to chug some milk at least twice tonight. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Those thighs don’t make themselves!

Day 244: K is 8 months old!Β 

I cannot believe my little Kensie Brooke is 8 months old today! This past month there have been so many changes and she’s been so much fun!!

Her bow and monogrammed romper are both from her Etsy Shop! πŸ’πŸΌ

As you all already know, she spent the beginning of the month crawling backwards and she just started crawling forward last week! Since then, Baby K is on the go. She likes to get into anything that isn’t hers. 

What our photo shoot really looked like.

Her favorite thing to do is clap. She sort of waves (it’s a very forceful arm slam, haha!), and loves to get in grunting wars. 

Kensie has gotten better at eating purΓ©ed foods but isn’t too interested in them. She only REALLY likes zuchinni. The rest she could care less about and after about 1oz of food she’s over it. She loves anything mommy has and sucking on bread or apple slices. K loves watching me sign “eat” and “more” but hasn’t copied me yet! 

Anything that isn’t food automatically goes in her mouth, though.

K finally got the hang of her sippy cup and picks it up and drinks her water all on her own! 

Kensie’s said things that sound like “Hey” and “mamamamma” but I don’t think they’re intentional yet. She loves to say “Ba ba” and “Oooooooooh!” When she wakes up in the mornings she’s a nonstop chatter box. No matter what she’s saying or doing, she keeps us laughing!

FYI I did take the bag away from her. 

One of her favorite things is paper (to tear it and eat…) and the other is water. She loves to splash and bath time is her favorite part of the day! 

Kens loves to throw things, especially her pacifier when she’s mad. She also likes the gym and all the attention she gets as long as you don’t leave her alone in baby jail too long. 

Kensie hates when you try to hold her still to do pointless things like idk, change her diaper, hold her laying down rock-a-baby style, or take away whatever she used her energy to crawl for- like a dog bone, tv remote or cellphone. 

She can spot her momma in a crowd and reaches for me anytime we make eye contact. 

Kensie has turned into a belly sleeper and finally likes to be held upright. She’s caught on to her bedtime routine and gives me the sweetest kisses; she’s even learned to close her mouth to an extent. Once she’s had her bath and eaten dinner, K lays her head on my shoulder and puts her pacifier in. We say our prayers, sing our bedtime song (God, Your Mama and Me by Florida Georgia Line; she prefers that over nursery rhymes) and then she puts herself to sleep in her crib! 

Our long legged girl is still in 6 month clothes but 9 month PJs and has no teeth, which I’m a fan of considering we’re still breastfeeding. 

She’s growing SO quickly and we couldn’t love this little girl anymore!!! Happy 8 months KB. 

She posed herself for this

And now…time to plan her 1 year party!!! Chris thinks I’m crazy, but judging by how quickly time has already gone by, it’s basically going to be here tomorrow.