Day 250

Either the necklace is working or I got lucky today! Kensie was back to being a happy girl and she even has a (sort of) new trick. 

If we’re Snapchat friends I’ve already spammed you with one too many videos of this so here’s another for good measure.  πŸ˜‰ (Sidenote – my newest obsession is Instagram story; so basically, RIP Snapchat.)

​K now knows that “yay” goes with clapping!! She even says it sometimes! (Well it sounds like that anyway.) 

She had a great morning playing, going for a walk and she took both of her naps without a fuss!

Kens loves walking the pups!

I’m dunzo mommy.

Since Kens was in a good mood I wanted to see if she’d eat lunch on her own. I gave her puffs so she could feed herself and I was so excited that she ate them all!

All the puffs

Figuring out she can eat the puffs on her own.

And TA-DA!!! All gone!!

Haaaa got me good. She didn’t eat them all. I was so impressed until I discovered the truth. Lol!

Oh. They’re just in your lap. Cool.

This afternoon Rob brought popsicles to the gym!! 

Thanks for the teether, Uncle Rob!

Kensie was still a happy babe this afternoon as long as I didn’t put her in baby jail and ignore her. I needed to set her down, so I put her in her car seat and she went straight to sleep! 

For now, I’m a believer in this necklace! We shall see how tomorrow goes…

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