KB is 16 months old!

Such a big day in KB’s life! She’s 16 months old and it’s her last day staying home full time with mama!!! 😯

She’s definitely more excited than I am!

I’ve honestly gone back and forth between excitement and guilt but I know she’s going to have a BLAST spending part of her days playing with other kiddos instead of just me! I’m also pretty sure I’m going to miss my little sidekick way more than I imagined I would; but, we’re easing into it with part time. I’ll let you guys know if I have the balls to actually drop her off tomorrow or if I end up putting it off again. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Snugg life 😍

And now, on to being a big 16 month old! According to Baby Center – they like to send me emails every week of KB’s life (for some reason I actually read it today), 16 months is the “looking for reaction” and “imitation” stage. I feel like she started those things a while ago…the imitation is REAL strong with this one; see video…

My one year old cleans up better than some of our 30 year old children at the gym. 😂

The email also suggested we are careful with our words and actions because of the imitation. That’s the real reason she’s starting daycare tomorrow. (I’m kidding).

While I’m sharing videos – here’s Day 1 of SWIM LESSONS! This time she’s actually learning to swim, not just survival! 🤗

Deciding if she should start crying yet…
Burrito Life!

Anyway, the life of KB nowadays:

Her favorite song is the Alphabet Song. This girl straight jams to it every time. Body bounce, head bob, the whole nine yards.  She can squeeze the rest of the food out of her pouches on her own (hence imitation…), dance, run and touch her nose on demand (when she feels like listening).

K is still obsessed with baby Einstein. It is all she will watch –  she hates movies and other shows and fusses if I try to change it up.

I was trying to get her to pose but she told me candid is the new “thing”

Her newest LEAST favorite skill is that she now shoves me until I face her and asks for “up”.  Like full body weight, sled push style, walks into me until my legs are forced to move and I look down  🙄😂

My favorite is the running catapult to hug my legs randomly, or if she’s being shy, and the sweet unprompted kisses she’ll give me when I get her out of bed in the morning and let her come lay with me!

She says “dog”, “ack (jack)” and “cap (clap)” and “baby”. Kens is still obsessed with sign language and signs “more” and “all done” about 80 times an hour. If you ignore “more” she smacks her hands together really hard to make it LOUD sign language. 😂 If she’s eating she’ll also say “ah done!” Depending on her mood, she will say “ayter” if you tell her see ya later! K has a little Spanish flair for water and says “agua”. She recently started signing bird and dinosaur….because that’s useful. (Thanks Baby Einstein). Kens is FINALLY saying mama and starting to use it purposefully!

She’s still a tiny little nugget but her smarts and mad color, stacking and problem solving skills remind me that she’s growing way too quickly even if it’s not out of her clothes!

This was the hamming it up I got in response to “say cheese”!

Day 481?

I’m losing count of these days…but the last few have been very fun and a little sad all in one!

I’ll start with the good, since we can all use a little more of that! KB had a sweet daddy daughter date on Friday night and he even bought her a new dress for the occasion. 😭💕

She wanted to run around, not pose for a photo, but I made her. 🤷🏼‍♀️
UCF baseball opener with daddy!

They went to the UCF Baseball game and K lasted until about 8 tryin’ to hang with dad. (Usually she’s in bed asleep by 7).

This afternoon Kensie got to skip her nap to go to the Orlando Chili Cookoff! She didn’t want to partake in the chili, but she partook in the partying!

Watching the Chili eating competition  😳
FINALLY gave in to me begging “say cheese!”
Working on her modeling career 
When she’s overtired, everything is funny!
There it is…the eye rub  

Backing it on up to Thursday…the bittersweet day…we had our last “in town” play date with Riley and Harper. 😭 Their mama, Casey, has been my best friend for years. We used to work together and watching her raise Riley (thank God she went first and could show me the ropes!) and having little girls 2 months apart was such an exciting time. Life took them on a new journey to NC and they left this morning to officially move. We will visit, of course, but it’s hard to not be able to drive around the corner and see them!

Loves her some Riley – her first kiss! 
Group Photo Fail 
The kids obviously cooperated  🤦🏼‍♀️

Our final update from the last few days – KB has started saying “later” and it’s the best.

“See ya later!”

K: “ayter!” 😂

So, we hope you have a great rest of your weekend! “ayter” guys!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last week I made my bravest mom move yet and KB FINGER PAINTED some special Valentines! ❤️

Working on some blends 😆
I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s in her hair  🤷🏼‍♀️

It was actually less of a pain to clean up than I imagined. K was also less into it than I thought she’d be. She loved rubbing her hands back and forth and smacking the hearts but about 5 min in she was over it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

KB was spoiled with lots of love today! She got her first Starbucks card so she can have a steamer (warm milk. Seriously. Thanks Gramma 😂), some adorable Llama Llama books, cards and treats! ❤️

We had some matching sweaters to rock for the occasion, but, we live in Florida; so K went gangster style instead. 😂

She knows to work the angles!

It was a busy day on the go from meetings to appointments to coaching, but Kensie was a champ as usual and spent the day spreading some love!

“Excuse me Henley, please pay attention to me!” 😂
Giving her bestie a Valentine! ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day from DJ KB!

She was working the tunes today. Volume up, volume down, repeat x 8163 

Day 471-476

I guess it is about that time for what has become my weekly KB post! 🙈 Finally – K had a great day, followed by many better days ahead! I hope we are back on the upswing as far as attitude goes. Toddlerhood is no joke.

All the drama
Selfie skills

Life did throw this poor thing a curve ball and decide it was time to break the rest of ALL 4 MOLARS through at once. Other than trying to chew her own hand, being extra tired and a low grade fever, she’s pushing through alright!

Birthday parties are exhausting…apparently  

Kensie has had quite the eventful week/weekend! We went to a friends 1st birthday, spent some time at the park, visited a DAY CARE 😳, she’s learned to open pens/markers and color, she’s introduced many new “words” (aka sounds) that she babbles nonstop, her hair has grown another inch (yasss!!!) – and I’m basically in 6 short days she’s grown up even more right before my eyes. 😔

Coach KB making WOD edits  😂

To all my friends with babes younger than KB, or hell, older too if the situation fits. We’re tired. There’s days they drive us crazy. (See my last post for reference 😝). Sometimes we cry because it gets so overwhelming. But, cherish those moments your babe wants to be held instead of laid down. Over the last week, consistently, K just reaches straight for her crib when we go in her room for bedtime. She used to let me hold her while we sang a song and said prayers. Now, I have to do it over her crib while she’s lying there. 😭

Look ma! No hands!

OH! And food. All the food. Kens is a BOSS at eating with a fork and has started (finally) eating like a normal person instead of trying to live off milk like a baby cow. She’s even been crushing vegetables and loving them!!! KB eats her green beans before her Mac & Cheese!

Breakfast Thief

While I am so excited that my non-eating child has finally started eating on a regular basis, she goes through the weirdest food phases. For example: I got her these “Mighty Dino crackers” (they’re goldfish…) and she never liked them. I’ve tried giving them to her for 2 weeks now. She puts one in her mouth, takes it out, throws it on the floor and says “all done”. Today it was all she wanted. “more, more, more”, and shoveling them in. Umm, what?! Basically, finding out what she “likes” is a new adventure every day.

So, there’s the KB update in a nutshell! And I will leave you with the best video to date: her cheeks jiggling. 😂

Day 466-470

As moms, there’s days we want to spend every second with our little humans, then there are days we live for nap time. The last few days has been the latter.

Luckily, KB took a solid morning nap and got her attitude in check (for the most part) for the rest of today. Or, maybe I just feel like it was better because I got to go to the gym for 2 hours all alone while Chris stayed home with K and it refreshed me. Ha!

Sunday was the WORST. I have never heard her whine so much. Nothing made this kiddo happy and all day was constant drama. She has been over her “sickness” since Thursday morning, physically anyway, but I think she still wasn’t feeling great. So, crank queen she was.

Of course I love this kid to death, but the whining and shoving my legs to be picked up just for her to ask to go back down, then start crying because I put her down…lawdy! And men wonder why women are crazy. Put that on repeat for hours, toss in some poop changing while she attempts to air hula hoop horizontally, feeding her food she asks for then 5 seconds after I make/open it says she doesn’t want, cleaning up after her, bathing while she tries to climb out of the tub acting like I’m drowning her…this is why moms drink. It’s at least more bearable when she’s happy in between.

It’s safe to say part of the “terrible twos” (or the year leading up to it) has a lot to do with communication. K is constantly trying to tell me things and gets so frustrated when I don’t do what she wants! (Part communication, part control testing, lol). I’m slowly figuring out her “language”. She’s great with pointing and signs but I can only make out a handful of words from her babbling. When I give her her water cup she always makes a sound…I started to realize that sound was a word. “Agua!” Alrighty then…maybe I should learn Spanish. Maybe she’s been speaking full sentences to me for months. 😂

Kensie is at the dangerous height of taking things off table tops so while learning her “language” I’m also learning to put things much farther away from the edge of anything.

The last few days have been an adventure to say the least. But KB is still the sweetest, cutest little babe (in my biased opinion) so it makes this momming thing all worth it.

Day 460-465: Sick Day

I earned another notch on my Mom belt today…Kensie had her first “sick” day. 😔

woke up at 3am crying, puke in her hair and all. KB was NOT a fan of the bath I had to give her. I laid her in bed with us and then I quickly became the one with vomit in my hair and taking a bath. Rookie mistake.

I wizened up and brought a bowl over to the night stand. She hated it and kept shoving it away when I put it under her mouth, but my catching skills were on point.

The worst part was that feeling you get right before you're going to be sick – she'd be laying there so sleepy looking and I'd hear her tummy grumble. She would do this little cry when the feeling came, reach out and want me to hold her. Then she'd puke.

sie is feeling MUCH better tonight as I write this. Her last "episode" was around 9am. It was followed by 2 long naps, lots of smiles and dancing and a completely normal appetite. K lived off Saltines, oatmeal and applesauce today. She never had a fever or anything, so I'm hoping it was just something she ate yesterday that didn't agree with her tummy and by morning it's all a thing of the past! (And by morning I mean please sleep well past 3am.)

While I hated that she didn't feel well, it was such a good reminder after the week I've had to take a step back and slow down. To be blatantly honest, this week has been downright shitty and I truly can't remember the last time my stress and anxiety were this high.

After K's nap today, all she wanted to do was lie in my bed and watch Baby Einstein’s…and she wanted me to lie next to her. Not go back to cleaning out her closet or washing dishes or answering emails. Just lie down with her. I may or may not have cried.

I swear these little beings teach us so much more than we ever teach them. ❤️ PS. These are all random photos from my lack of posting this week.