Day 460-465: Sick Day

I earned another notch on my Mom belt today…Kensie had her first “sick” day. ๐Ÿ˜”

woke up at 3am crying, puke in her hair and all. KB was NOT a fan of the bath I had to give her. I laid her in bed with us and then I quickly became the one with vomit in my hair and taking a bath. Rookie mistake.

I wizened up and brought a bowl over to the night stand. She hated it and kept shoving it away when I put it under her mouth, but my catching skills were on point.

The worst part was that feeling you get right before you're going to be sick – she'd be laying there so sleepy looking and I'd hear her tummy grumble. She would do this little cry when the feeling came, reach out and want me to hold her. Then she'd puke.

sie is feeling MUCH better tonight as I write this. Her last "episode" was around 9am. It was followed by 2 long naps, lots of smiles and dancing and a completely normal appetite. K lived off Saltines, oatmeal and applesauce today. She never had a fever or anything, so I'm hoping it was just something she ate yesterday that didn't agree with her tummy and by morning it's all a thing of the past! (And by morning I mean please sleep well past 3am.)

While I hated that she didn't feel well, it was such a good reminder after the week I've had to take a step back and slow down. To be blatantly honest, this week has been downright shitty and I truly can't remember the last time my stress and anxiety were this high.

After K's nap today, all she wanted to do was lie in my bed and watch Baby Einsteinโ€™s…and she wanted me to lie next to her. Not go back to cleaning out her closet or washing dishes or answering emails. Just lie down with her. I may or may not have cried.

I swear these little beings teach us so much more than we ever teach them. โค๏ธ PS. These are all random photos from my lack of posting this week.

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