Day 458-459

I usually try to avoid these kinds of topics because the reality is our outlook is only our opinion. There are facts within the situations, but we all form different thoughts based on how the information is relayed to us, the circumstances and our personal experiences.

I remember being so scared to have kids a few years ago when I started hearing all the cases of babies and toddlers getting abused, physically and sexually, at daycares. All the bullying and fights at the elementary/middle school level. The increased amount of shootings at the high school level. Not just in the education system – but shootings all over the place. Churches. Concerts. Clubs. Movie theaters. Places we should feel safe.

How could I have a kid? What kind of world would I be bringing them in to? I’d be terrified to let them go anywhere. How could I live with that stress? What if something happened to them? How could I live with myself?

Don’t worry K, you’re worth the stress  😉

This morning the Today show covered a story of a girl killed in the most recent HS shooting in Kentucky, and then reported this is the 11th school shooting in the US in 2018. HOLD UP. Is that a typo? 2018? It’s January 24th!!!

It’s a scary world out there and all we can do is our best. Learn from what’s going on around us. Bullies are always going to be around because the sad reality is there are too many absent parents out there. There are too many people raising kids that honestly don’t deserve to be. They beat them. They ignore them. They never give them a chance to succeed or be a positive contribution to society because they raise them in a broken home full of drugs and sex and abuse and lack of stability.

But, those of us that aren’t in those situations, that have the capability to do better, can teach our kids to be kind and that bullying is unacceptable. We can also teach them that it’s good and right to stick up for others. I think THAT’S the part the world lacks. The kid that’s bullied is many times the one that shows up with the gun. What if just one person had stepped in and stuck up for them? It could save so many lives, including the life of that kid.

Okay, I’ll shut up now or this will go on for much longer than anyone wants to read. I’ll switch to some videos of KB because I have plenty of those today.

We had yet another awesome gym session and KB played by herself while I worked out yet again. I’m so proud! She even got a workout in herself. Kens got these out of the bucket all on her own and started carrying them around. 👏🏼

Tim got these awesome photos of her while I coached yesterday. They’re the perfect depiction of what Kensie does while I’m at the gym. Wander, squat, and carry things around. This time it happened to be her dirty diaper. 🤦🏼‍♀️

That form! 💯

Today, my best friend Casey was the amazing savior she always is and watched KB for me while I went to a dentist appointment. Kensie didn’t care that I left and still didn’t care when I came back. 😂 I tried to pick her up to leave and she shoved my hands away. 🙄

She was obsessed with Harper’s purse and keys



And here’s a super sweet video from lunch that we all need to see for a quick smile today:

(They’re moving…she isn’t the box lady. 😂)

I’ve also figured out the secret to Kensie being a great eater! Just let anyone but me give her food. I left a lunch box with a bar, 2 pouches, sandwich and turkey. I told Casey she probably wouldn’t eat that much of it and she may keep asking for different things. False. Of course she was a champion eater for Aunt Casey and made me look like a liar.

She had a whole bar (let me tell you she asks for these bars every damn day. I give them to her and she takes one bite and throws them on the ground), all of her turkey, a whole pouch, and stole some of Riley’s gold fish and animal crackers. Safe to say I’ll be dropping her off at Casey’s for lunch from now on. 😉

While she may not being an eating champion for me, I have mastered getting her to lie still while I change her diaper; and that, folks, is a true mom victory.

Distraction is key: I only give her this toy on the changing table.😂

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