21 months!!!

KB is 21 months! Which means in 3 short months…we’ll have a 2 year old! 😭 This little nugget brings so much fun and joy into our lives and impresses us every single day with the new things she does and says.


Kensie is quite the chatter box even though a lot of it is in Spanish. 😂 I frequently have to ask her “Nana” (what she calls her daycare teacher) why she keeps saying certain things. For example, she was pointing at the fridge saying “ooogo” (jugo) and I would give her yogurt since that’s what she usually gets from the fridge and she’d get so mad at yell “no”!!! I figured she was just being a toddler. It was actually because she was asking me for juice. Oops.

She loves going to daycare and all the other kids greet her at the door! 

K has been calling people by their names and when she finds pictures in the house she points everyone out!

We’ve come leaps and bounds in the eating/growing realm 🤣 even though that means Mac & Cheese for breakfast sometimes. 🤷🏼‍♀️

And standing at the table….but hey. She ate!

She’s great at saying “Thank you” to everyone, including servers. Every time they come to the table she says thank you. 🤦🏼‍♀️ At least she’s polite?

We haven’t fully committed to potty training but they’ve gotten her started at daycare! She tells me when she’s already peed, or tells me “pee pee” and once you take off her diaper she sits down then stands up and makes a run for it. Ha! She also likes to fake potty then “clean” it up.

KB has a special talent of carrying as many things at once as she possibly can. She’s going to crush the one trip grocery game when she gets older.

And she’s so proud of herself 😂

Her obsession with dogs, babies and strollers hasn’t gone anywhere either. She has a special love for Baby Henley and gets SO excited every time she sees her. K stops mid playing just to go give her hugs. ❤️

Puppies are ALL called “Lucy!!!”
Daily baby walk. She’s upgraded to twins.
I’m waiting until she’s 12 to have another baby so she can babysit  😆

Kensie LOVES to swim, dance and ride her bike around the neighborhood. She points at Alexa all the time and asks for music so she can “bailar” (dance). She’s still obsessed with balloons and gets really excited when we drive by car dealerships because she can see them out of the window.

K is a little boss baby at daycare. She tells everyone “vamos” & is always cleaning up (that’s my girl!!).

Kensie knows her colors in Spanish and English and counts “uno” and “dos” with her fingers! She can make short sentences and is very particular about what she wants.

She’s constantly picking up on everything people do at the gym and she’s always ready to jump in for a weigh in or a workout!

Solid 23lb of muscle 💪🏼
Cleans up better than the adults 😂

She’s also in the “MINE” phase. Everything is “mine” if she wants it. 🙄 We’re working through it, lol! While she wants to be little Miss Independent, Kensie’s still the sweetest snuggler for mama and won’t go to bed until daddy goes in for a hug and kiss. 😭

She thinks she’s grown  
This babe ❤️