Where my zodiac people at?

I mentioned in our post a few weeks ago that a friend told me if Mav was born by February 18th, all 3 of our kids would be “air signs” – a Libra, a Gemini and an Aquarius!

Morning snuggs

I don’t know much about it (I had to google what the air signs were to even type them above 😂) but apparently “Air energy is all about the mind. Intellectual, curious, and deeply social, the air signs are passionate about interpersonal dynamics.”

While they’ll always have that in common, I’ll tell you where they already differ: Mav man has gained almost 1lb/wk since birth 😂😂😂 Kensie never broke the 20th percentile and had to drink pediasure until she was 2. Leighton was a little higher on the charts than K, but always a decent amount below average.

But thankfully, he still fits right here for our lap naps.

We just started napping and sleeping Maverick in his crib a few days ago and it’s been a GAME changer. Homeboy loves him a quiet, dark room all snuggled up. He puts himself right to sleep and doesn’t move for HOURS. 👏🏼 At least coming from the parent who’s home with him in the middle of the day, it’s life changing. 😬

And his little smiles when he wakes up MELT me 😩🥰

We’re 7 weeks in now and it’s safe to say we’re adjusting pretty well to life as a family of 5! I think Chris and I would both agree that 1 on 3 can get a little chaotic, but we’re navigating the 2 on 3 decently…for now. 😆

The girls can drive me batshit with their nonstop bickering & 12 outfit changes in an hour…but they really are the BEST big sisters and have adjusted so well to having a new baby around taking up lots of mom’s attention!

Kensie May be adjusting a little TOO well. She asked me this morning if we could have “two more. A brother and a sister at the same time”!!! ☠️ When I took a video to send to Chris she decided we needed an even 6 instead. HAAAA!!

(FYI y’all, it’s a hard, hard, HARD hell to the no).

Chris and I actually wanted the last pregnancy to be twins…and now I know the good Lord knew what he was doing when he blessed us with one. 😂

Elle is still obsessed and over the top about her baby brudder. If he’s crying she SPRINTS across the house to bring him a “chupa” (pacifier) or console him. She also intrudes anytime I’m in his room to feed him (in hopes of a few minutes of silence 🙃) and requests daily photos with him.

Clearly, my house is the place to be if you want some peace and quiet…HAAAA.

I started working out again last week and aside from being insanely sore, I am feeling physically and mentally great! I sure did miss sweat dripping and heavy lifting with my friends. 😅 I’d say Mav is adjusting well, too!

On Wednesdays we wear ORANGE
It’s the headband for me 😂

In addition to watching nightly princess performances and cleaning up diaper blowouts – the next several weeks will be filled with house projects, party planning and keeping these 3 nuggets fed and thriving…send prayers. And cookies.

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