Day 162

Kensie went with us to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight so she got to stay out late and party. I just laid her in her crib (where she’s currently scooting around talking to herself) and thought about her vibrating mattress wedge and how all of my pregnant friends (seriously so many of them right now. Yay for babies!!!) ask what they actually need/don’t need. I remember feeling the same exact way so I figured I’ll make a list!

Here are 12 things that have saved us these last 23 weeks: 

Boppy. We’ve used it since day one and its been used for many different things every day since! 3000% necessary investment. 

A vacuum. Most of you know it used to be the only way to calm my child down. But in all seriousness, a white noise app will save your life (and sanity) at some point, I promise. 

Ergo baby. Or some sort of carrier you can wear. Hands-free life for mom and comfort for the baby all in one. My only regret is not thinking of using it more often when she was smaller! 

Mattress wedge that vibrates. I didn’t know this existed until Kensie was about 3.5-4 months, but I think it would have been amazing from day 1. She’s always slept better propped up and she used to only sleep in her vibrating chair. Best of both worlds. 

Binxy baby. This might be the best baby invention, ever. No more trying to push a stroller and drag a cart around like a crazy person. It holds her up so I still have room in the cart. The hammock holds her car seat  if I want and I can transition her directly into it! 

Disclaimer: this isn’t Kensie. It’s from their ad for demo purposes, lol

Introducing a bottle early. Even if you want to exclusively breastfeed. We gave her one by week 3 and never had any issues, even when we switched brands. Many of my friends that waited longer had a lot of trouble getting their babies to take them at all. 

Chiropractor. And not just any. If you’re in Orlando, Dr Christina at Revival Chiropractic is the best! I know this is controversial for many people. We had very mixed feelings and I was hesitant to bring her at first, but it’s something I’ll start with our second baby immediately! We saw drastic improvements with her gas issues, sleeping and crying when she started going. We’ve also noticed she seemed to dodge the cold that Chris and I kept passing back and forth!

Baby bath. Our sink is too small so it only worked for about a week for sponge baths. I loved the hammock part when she was smaller and now there’s a lump that blocks sliding down but allows her to be IN the water!

Baby Einstein. Because she loves it and it’s how I’m able to make my breakfast and coffee in the mornings! 

Oxi clean. Because shit happens. Literally. And it’s saved all of her outfits!

A car seat. Mainly because you can’t leave the hospital without one. And it might be illegal not to. 

Really, and I mean REALLY good friends. Especially if you don’t have family down the street. You’ll need the support in every single way. Having people around that are understanding and love your baby too, is a life saver! It truly takes a village so I suggest having the best possible one. There’s not a day I go to bed without thanking God for the amazing people in Kensie’s life! 

There’s others not pictured, but you get the jist. We are pretty dang lucky to have this crew in our corner!

Day 161: The Food Saga

KENSIE HAD HER FIRST FOOD TODAY! Completely unintentionally…and no, it wasn’t her foot. Also I know she isn’t wearing a bow in this photo but it was too good not to share. 

As I was eating lunch, Kensie kept trying to grab my sandwich from me. Finally I just let her to see what she’d do. She just slobbered on the bread. 

But it gets better. As I was eating my fruit she wanted that too. I figured she’d do the same thing. I let her grab the strawberry and she started sucking on it. K LOVED the juice. 

Then I took it out of her mouth to find she actually took out a whole chunk and swallowed it! 

I let her do it twice so she really got 2 small chunks not a big one. She’s fine I promise…

So, a strawberry is officially her first food. Whoops! 

K’s “I put every single thing” in my mouth phase has gone from a level 6 to a level 10 in the last few days. 

We’ve graduated from fingers to toes.

Kensie rocking her new moccasin sandals!

Just kidding. Kensie EATING her new moccasin sandals.

Rubber ducky, you’re the one!

Books are also for eating.

All of these photos are from today, I promise. And last but not least, I caught this gold on video tonight. It speaks for itself. πŸ˜‚


Day 160

You know how good it feels to get back from a trip and sleep in your own bed? If so, please let me know what it feels like because Kensie wanted to party at 2am again instead of let me find out.
Luckily it only lasted until about 4:30 this time. Homegirl just had so much to talk about that she couldn’t wait until the sun came up. 

Kensie also decided she didn’t want her picture taken today. I sat her up on the bed and she threw herself down and started yelling at me. 

When Kensie doesn’t want to smile…

Fail. So blurry. But she cute.

We were back to normal life today and this girl was good with it and so was momma! 

Morning Naps. Sponsored by Baby Einsteins.

Kens decided to turn her headband into a bow tie…

After K got in a nap and I got some work done, I went to get a much needed pedicure and this chunk was happy as could be the whole time! (thank you Kens!) 

Now it’s this momma’s bedtime – really hoping Kens wants to stay asleep tonight! 

Looks who’s sleeping sitting up again!

In unrelated news: For anyone who’s read this far…do you happen to know where the heck can I get plain pastel colored onesies?? Please and thanks!!

Day 159

The little goober had her second plane ride today! It wasn’t quite as flawless as the first, but great nonetheless. 

Plane ride: Round 2

Kensie started fussing because she did NOT want to sit still or play with any of her toys while we taxied on the runway. I fed her and she finished while we were still waiting. As soon as we took off, she got quiet and looked out the window and dozed off. I guess the altitude doesn’t bother her ears one bit! 

Kens was quite the happy camper when she woke up. She chatted the whole way through the airport and ate her toes while we waited on our luggage. 

This is her conversation face.
I get it K, momma was hungry too!

When we got home, we went to get Jack and then ran to the grocery store. Kensie was super tired and dozed off right before we got there. I got a new breastfeeding cover (it is the BEST) that doubles as a car seat cover so I tried to use it thinking she’d sleep in the store. Nope. 

Oh hey there, party animal. #FOMO

It lasted for all of 20 seconds. 

The cover is from Milkmaid Goods and I’m obsessed! A friend of mine had one and fed her baby while we were at lunch and I was amazed at how well it covered. I hadn’t  fed Kensie in public (until this trip on the plane) because the scarf cover I had NEVER stayed on or covered anything and while breastfeeding is normal, I still prefer the privacy. This cover is a game changer!! I highly recommend for all momma’s and momma-to-bes! 

Happy to be home!

Day 157 & 158

How does this baby girl keep growing up overnight?! Kensington had a great weekend in North Carolina and has a new favorite hobby: sitting up on her own!

Also, Kensie fell asleep on me upright for the first time since she was maybe a week old. Anytime I hold her like this she keeps her head up to look around and only goes to sleep if I lie her down in my arms. 

It was killing my lower back and arms but I couldn’t put her down because it was the sweetest thing ever. 

Kensie was so happy all weekend and only cried a little when she got tired and her FOMO kicked in. 

We missed daddy while he was at his cert during the day, but we enjoyed hanging out in the gorgeous weather and K took her first walk in her stroller (without being in her carset)! 

Morning selfies on the patio

She’s still practicing.

Big girl in her stroller for the first time!

Should’ve brought my shades…

Oh, oh, oh!!! I’ve also found a solution for K’s blowouts! I tried the Seventh Generation diapers out and they are PERFECT. If any other momma’s have this issue – try them out! As you guys have seen, when Kens is sitting down and poops it always goes up her back. These are a lot taller so the business stays in the diaper. They’re also all natural so she doesn’t get rashes. Win, win! 

Outfit Savers

Annnddddd…I thought this was really funny. K has decided that sleeping on her side is the best – like momma, like daughter! 

Day 156: First Plane Ride!

Well, we were definitely not the people with the crying baby on the plane! 

Sweet snuggles for momma!

K was slamming her head into me while we were waiting for them to finish boarding (she was hungry) and started to fuss because it was way past naptime. So, I took a chance and it WORKED! I fed her before we ever took off and she passed out immediately after. Homegirl slept from before takeoff to after we landed! 

I’ll assume she enjoys the noises since she was passed out the whole time. What I do know she loved was all the people watching at the airport. Kensie was such a ham staring and smiling at everyone that called her cute. 

All aboard!

Thanks for carrying everything, K!

All the “stuff” that comes with traveling with a baby turned out not to be too bad. 

We checked our luggage and the car seat base and took her stroller and car seat straight to the gate and gate checked it! I considered checking all of it and wearing her, but my lower back was thankful for the extra time she got to sit in her car seat. 

Security check-in

Also, I saw these little cubes for breastfeeding at the airport and I thought it was pretty awesome! I don’t know if they’re new or I just never noticed them before.

Kensie’s nose is still super runny and making her cough a lot. πŸ˜ͺ It seems to be bothering me more than her, though! We’re looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend hanging out with friends! 

Day 155

Yes, Kensington. You ARE the Boss Lady. When you decided sleep wasn’t happening last night, you were most definitely the boss. 

I just wanna party!

We are pretty sure someone is about to cut their first tooth! KB woke up AGAIN last night when I got home from the movie and then again at 2:20a. And that time she wouldn’t go back to sleep. So, for the first time in the 155 days of her life, we stayed up and partied until 6:30am. Woof. 

But how can you be mad at that face?!

Starbucks saved this momma’s life today! 

K has the full teething package going on: drool, chomping, tugging on her ear, and now the super runny nose and no sleep. Luckily she was happy as could be. She just preferred talking and playing with her feet over going to bed. 

Looks like she’s having a rough time huh?

Sam came over to hang with Kens so I could pack for our trip tomorrow. Must be nice to get some solid naps in since you were up all night, huh? πŸ™„

She only opened her eyes for this photo…it’s like she knew.

Tomorrow Kensie is going on a plane for the first time!!! I’m not looking forward to the million things we have to tote around, but I think she’ll do great. 

Now I just hope she does great at sleeping tonight because this momma is exhausted!!