Day 157 & 158

How does this baby girl keep growing up overnight?! Kensington had a great weekend in North Carolina and has a new favorite hobby: sitting up on her own!

Also, Kensie fell asleep on me upright for the first time since she was maybe a week old. Anytime I hold her like this she keeps her head up to look around and only goes to sleep if I lie her down in my arms. 

It was killing my lower back and arms but I couldn’t put her down because it was the sweetest thing ever. 

Kensie was so happy all weekend and only cried a little when she got tired and her FOMO kicked in. 

We missed daddy while he was at his cert during the day, but we enjoyed hanging out in the gorgeous weather and K took her first walk in her stroller (without being in her carset)! 

Morning selfies on the patio

She’s still practicing.

Big girl in her stroller for the first time!

Should’ve brought my shades…

Oh, oh, oh!!! I’ve also found a solution for K’s blowouts! I tried the Seventh Generation diapers out and they are PERFECT. If any other momma’s have this issue – try them out! As you guys have seen, when Kens is sitting down and poops it always goes up her back. These are a lot taller so the business stays in the diaper. They’re also all natural so she doesn’t get rashes. Win, win! 

Outfit Savers

Annnddddd…I thought this was really funny. K has decided that sleeping on her side is the best – like momma, like daughter! 

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