Day 159

The little goober had her second plane ride today! It wasn’t quite as flawless as the first, but great nonetheless. 

Plane ride: Round 2

Kensie started fussing because she did NOT want to sit still or play with any of her toys while we taxied on the runway. I fed her and she finished while we were still waiting. As soon as we took off, she got quiet and looked out the window and dozed off. I guess the altitude doesn’t bother her ears one bit! 

Kens was quite the happy camper when she woke up. She chatted the whole way through the airport and ate her toes while we waited on our luggage. 

This is her conversation face.
I get it K, momma was hungry too!

When we got home, we went to get Jack and then ran to the grocery store. Kensie was super tired and dozed off right before we got there. I got a new breastfeeding cover (it is the BEST) that doubles as a car seat cover so I tried to use it thinking she’d sleep in the store. Nope. 

Oh hey there, party animal. #FOMO

It lasted for all of 20 seconds. 

The cover is from Milkmaid Goods and I’m obsessed! A friend of mine had one and fed her baby while we were at lunch and I was amazed at how well it covered. I hadn’t  fed Kensie in public (until this trip on the plane) because the scarf cover I had NEVER stayed on or covered anything and while breastfeeding is normal, I still prefer the privacy. This cover is a game changer!! I highly recommend for all momma’s and momma-to-bes! 

Happy to be home!

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