Day 160

You know how good it feels to get back from a trip and sleep in your own bed? If so, please let me know what it feels like because Kensie wanted to party at 2am again instead of let me find out.
Luckily it only lasted until about 4:30 this time. Homegirl just had so much to talk about that she couldn’t wait until the sun came up. 

Kensie also decided she didn’t want her picture taken today. I sat her up on the bed and she threw herself down and started yelling at me. 

When Kensie doesn’t want to smile…

Fail. So blurry. But she cute.

We were back to normal life today and this girl was good with it and so was momma! 

Morning Naps. Sponsored by Baby Einsteins.

Kens decided to turn her headband into a bow tie…

After K got in a nap and I got some work done, I went to get a much needed pedicure and this chunk was happy as could be the whole time! (thank you Kens!) 

Now it’s this momma’s bedtime – really hoping Kens wants to stay asleep tonight! 

Looks who’s sleeping sitting up again!

In unrelated news: For anyone who’s read this far…do you happen to know where the heck can I get plain pastel colored onesies?? Please and thanks!!

One thought on “Day 160

  1. Karen Billy

    I read through the whole thing, but I am no help on the onesie issue! However, my go to is always the internet! Love watching your sweet girl grow!


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