Day 223

Kensie got to celebrate taco Tuesday with a new friend today! 

First time meeting sweet Levi!
Welcome to the world, little dude!!!
Our friends Gaby and JT welcomed their baby boy, Levi, early Monday morning! We went for a visit this evening with Rob and Char and brought Taco Tuesday to the hospital. Have to start raising these nuggets up right from Day 1! πŸ˜‰ 

K spent the rest of the day recovering from all her partying over the weekend. 

Kens is ready for gymnastics class!


Thereeee we go

She played all morning and took a lonnnngggg afternoon nap that she only woke up from because we had to leave for the gym. Kensie stayed really happy while I coached but that all changed when she kept trying to take my phone and I wouldn’t let her have it. 


Kensie got in a lot of crawling practice and “mama” practice. πŸ˜‰ She says “mama” and “baba” but I think it’s still just noise and she doesn’t know what she’s saying yet. Guess I shouldn’t be too excited yet. She’s going to go from crawling to walking in a blink and from her first word to talking back right after it! 

Day 222: Memorial Day!

We had a fun filled Memorial Day and this girl is beat!! Or maybe I’m beat. She may have won this round. 

My Patriotic Party Girl!

We got an early start so we could get up to the gym for the Hero WOD, Murph! Kensie was SO good while mom and dad worked out! Other than a quick break to move her from her car seat to her blanket to play, she kept herself entertained the whole time. 

“Mommy, what’s wrong with daddy?” πŸ˜‚ Post WOD recovery…
A few from the early bird Murph crew!

After an awesome morning workout, we spent the day just as it should be spent – enjoying our friends and our freedom by hanging in the pool and grilling out! 

KB LOVES the water but doesn’t love her float for too long. She likes to be held or sit on her own and SPLASH. 

K got her first wrinkle foot!

While it did last too long, the party animal did eventually take a nap. 

Thanks for the 20 minute break, KB!
I tried to give her watermelon to chew on through a mesh teether and even put some directly in her mouth but she wasn’t even close to interested. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

K also got LOTS of playing in between her pool sessions. She had a grunting match with Emily and Sam Sam tried her best to teach Kens how to crawl. K is SO close – but lucky for me I have a few days left before the complete chaos ensues. She already wiggles to be set down when she wants to play and she isn’t even “mobile” yet.  πŸ™„

Because grunting is so much…fun?


We had a great long weekend full of fun memories! 

Thank you to the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice and the families that have suffered loss because of it. I know today is about our fallen – but thankful each and every day for those that have and continue to serve!! 

We love you, Aunt Shell!

Day 220-221

Okay so I’m all for “normalizing breastfeeding” but for those of you that feed in public – how the heck do you get your kid to do that?! πŸ˜‚ 

Not only will Kensie not eat under a cover, she also won’t eat if she hears ANYTHING. I had to go into the bathroom to feed her at brunch just to attempt to get her to eat and not look around. She eats for 3 seconds, hears a drip of water, sits up and looks around…Eats again. Sits up and claps for herself… πŸ™„ 

I’m thoroughly impressed now when I see women feed in public because the only time Kens is that committed to eating is the middle of the night. Haha! 

Kensington has been in full on party mode for Memorial Day weekend; watching TV upside down, holding her bottle with her feet and trying to brunch. 

Whatever works, K.
Had to show off for Gramma
Her new favorite: drinking out of my water cup.

Kens had such a fun Saturday with Gramma and Uncle William. She played and chatted and even rocked back and forth on her hands and knees for the first time! 

This kiddo is in full on wiggle worm mode. She’s constantly trying to get down (no clue where she thinks she’s going to go) and she’s pulling up on everything trying to stand!

Chris and I had a great time at the Country 500 this weekend even though Kens had to sit it out this year (She was in my belly there last year.) …and we officially feel old. We kept looking at all of the “kids” (high school/early college age) and commenting on how they are babies and there’s no way they were drinking legally. 

Pretty sure every younger female we saw we thought “Kensie better not…” haha!! Chris got very concerned about her dating and even though I told him that’s YEAAARS away he brought up a good point that time has already flown so fast that it really isn’t that far off! 

We’re all looking forward to one more day of relaxing, pooling and grilling! Hope everyone is having a great and safe Memorial Day weekend so far! 

Day 219

Kensie Brooke had a great Friyay!!! AND SHE CLAPPED!!!! At the gym this morning Ashley said she did it but I missed it. Then when we got home I said “yay Kensie!” and clapped while she was playing – and she copied me!!! Such a smart little nugget!!!

We kicked off the long weekend with an awesome Hero WOD at CFEO this morning. 

That looks so fun, mama!

We went to the morning class because we had to head to Daytona after lunch! Kensie got a tease. She thought she was coming on vacation then we pulled a fast one on her. 

“I don’t know where I am but Uncle Will is here so I think I like it!”

Little miss is trying to pull herself up on EVERYTHING

We went out for a quick dinner before the concert and to blow a little time until Gramma got here to get K! 

Kensie sat in a high chair at the table for the first time!! She kept herself entertained with the menus and then we got her some avocado to eat. 

My mom met us and took Kensie back home to watch her while we enjoy some awesome music at the Country 500 this weekend!

Baby-free party!!!

I think Kensie was okay with it. She got some extra playtime in and put herself to bed for Gramma!

This is what being spoiled looks like…toys at bedtime!

Sleep. Our favorite.

Thanks for watching KB this weekend, mom!!! You the real MVP!

Day 218

Kensie was a “big girl” today! So bitter sweet. It’s so fun to watch her learn and grow but it’s happening so fast and I keep wondering where my little baby went. 

Since she about fell out of the cart hammock last time, today I put her in the front of the cart for the first time. She LOVED it. 

Whoa. Whole new world up here!

She kept playing with the little tags on the front you hang toys from (she’s obsessed with tags). When we walked by the toys, they had a blanket with tags all over it – of course Kensie needed it. 

Kensie’s heaven.

Once we left target we had to put the cart up but still had a few errands to run, so K rode in the “big kid” part of her stroller instead of her car seat!

She likes to slap the tray and try to lean over and eat it. 

When we got home, chunk ate SO MUCH FOOD. K usually eats about 1oz of purΓ©ed foods. Today I gave her all fruit for the first time (strawberry banana) but she wasn’t making the best faces at it. I got out a jar of pears I bought and she ate all 2.5oz! Then she finished off her strawberry/banana mix. Wowza. 

So, after posting about her 2 wake ups a night to eat last night – she had a terrible night of sleep. K woke up every 1.5-2 hours. 😰 (Not to eat…Just need to be repositioned and she’d go back to sleep.) I guess she really wanted to test me on not having an afternoon coffee. I almost caved today and it’s only day 2. πŸ˜‚

Emily came to the gym this afternoon to pick up Lucy for the weekend (our dog) and because she’s the best, she hung with Kens while I worked out. She even completed the ultimate challenge: putting Kensie FOMO Hall to sleep. 

K loves Aunt Emmy!

Speaking of sleep – it’s night 3 of homegirl putting herself to sleep in her crib! So proud!! I’ll be even prouder if she STAYS asleep tonight…

Day 217

Kensie officially has a new skill! She can go from her belly to sitting up all on her own. Unfortunately she can also sit up in her swing soooo that’s the last time she’ll be in there. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Oh look! I can reach these now.

Annnnddd my child tried to dive bomb off her rocker.

Oye. This girl makes sure to keep me on my toes and each day reconfirms that I’ll have my hands full for at least the next 18 years. 

Good thing she’s so freaking cute.

Kensie had a chiro appointment this morning and she was so happy to see Dr. Christina! 

Where she at, momma? My back is ready. πŸ˜‚

Then K had a special visitor at the gym tonight! Sarah got a new sweet puppy! Kensie LOVES puppies. But apparently not as much as she loves water bottles. πŸ™„

The pup is all about that diaper smell.

So, while I don’t mind it, Kensington still wakes up twice a night to be fed. Since her sleeping schedule has gotten messed up, it’s gotten earlier as well. She used to go down between 7-7:30 and wake up around 1-1:30 to eat. Lately she’s been going to bed between 8:30-9 and waking up by midnight to eat. Woof. 

It’s definitely a comfort thing (those thighs prove it’s not a lack of calories πŸ˜‚). I read up on it a little and got some tips on how to wean her off of the habit of eating and sleep through the night. 

One of them said try to feed her for less time. So, I tried that last night. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I wish I could video this child when she wakes up wanting to eat. Kensie uses all 17lb of her little body to force her way down to that milk and GOES TO TOWN. For real. Chugging and gulping. If I even try to burp her before she’s done, she dives back down. If I try not to let her eat she shoves and fusses and then starts crying. You’d actually think she’s starved. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

So – listen to her cry or let her eat for 5 minutes and put herself back to sleep? Guess I’ll keep letting her eat for now. Lol 

It sounds ridiculous but I’m slightly torn on wanting her to sleep through the night.  While getting 4+ hours of uninterrupted sleep sounds amazing, I am also thankful for the little time I get to spend with her when she does wake to eat. Luckily it’s quick and she goes right back to sleep – and she gives the SWEETEST snuggles that melt my heart. When she stops, I’ll definitely miss that. 

I also read a comment a mom posted about stopping caffeine after 3pm and that it really seemed to help her baby sleep longer at night. I’m a HUGE fan of an afternoon coffee. I usually drink one while I coach at 4 and it’s my “pick me up” to workout at 5 and get through the rest of the evening. 

Today I had my coffee in the morning and didn’t even finish it. I’m going to attempt to cut that out for afternoons and see if it helps. Pray for me, y’all. πŸ˜‚

I mentioned last week that K was going though a clingy phase and would only fall asleep right next to me. Well – we are on night 2 in a row of me setting her in her crib and walking away. She fusses for a minute, plays, then puts herself to sleep. Win! Hopefully she’ll get back on her old schedule and then we can focus on cutting out the night feedings. If anyone has tips – send them my way!!

“mmmmm gimme all da milks!!!”

Such a poser. She doesn’t actually drink out of it. πŸ˜‚

Day 216

My child thinks she’s grown. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She was so good while I got my nails done today but she was over her stroller by the end of it so I took her out until Aunt Ashley was done!

She was pulling up on everything and trying to stand. Slow down little miss!!

Kensie had a pretty routine day and I didn’t take many photos, so there’s something else to discuss today instead. Who’s heard of a Doc-a-Tot?

Before I had Kensie I had never heard of these. A friend of mine has one and she told me all about it. I think Kensie would LOVE it because she likes sleeping with her boppy around her – and if you look up the “4th Trimester – this thing just makes sense (in my opinion, anyway). Since I looked them up, their ad always pops up on my Facebook feed. Today an interesting comment popped up and so I started reading through the thread. Bad choice. 

Of course the most popular comment: the SIDS debate. “If you cosleep you’re at risk for SIDS…If you don’t you’re at risk for SIDS.”

First of all – SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome. There’s not a “cause” for it, hence the “sudden”. I think the people mentioning SIDS were attempting to discuss suffocation. The company actually responded to the majority of the comments and referred to their safety checks, etc.; however, there will always be people that disagree – I just wish they wouldn’t bash the people who don’t agree with them. 

Let’s go back a few years. Bumpers on cribs. Totally common. Then they said no. Then kids heads and limbs and whatever else were getting stuck in the rails so they said “mesh” bumpers.  They said lay a baby on their belly to sleep. Now they say back. But belly once they can roll over and lift their head is fine. Your baby should be sleeping in a crib. It’s the only “safe” place. Wait – keep your kid in your room for 6 months. No, make it a year. Make sure your baby is warm when they go to sleep. Oh, not too warm. Breastfeed your baby. They’re not sleeping through the night? Give them a bottle of rice cereal instead. 

Let’s be honest – EVERYTHING with babies has turned into a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. 

Social media is such a blessing and curse all wrapped in to one. It can be a great and useful resource and it can also be a pit of assholey humans with judgemental opinions that they should really keep to themselves (and let’s be honest – if they weren’t behind a keyboard they probably would keep it to themselves.)

Don’t agree with it? Then don’t do it. Have a bad experience? Share it, but let others decide what they’ll do knowing that info. 

Unfortunately, no matter WHAT you do,bad things can happen. Accidents happen. Sad things happen. Use common sense. Follow your gut. Do what works for you and your baby and ignore all the noise. We have a hard enough job raising these little humans – let’s not give the Internet the power to make it even worse!!!

Day 215

Kensie practiced her modeling today. I set her down to take her bow photo and she went straight HAM. 

Good angle of my bow? On it. 

Oh don’t forget the side view, momma. 

Such a character. 

Kens also gave us some not-so-model material by rubbing her eye as her hand was covered in her lunch. 

K, you missed a spot. 

We had our typical afternoon at the gym and the bow had to come off because even with the little clothing Kensie had on, her head was sweating bullets. 

After I coached Em asked if she could stay and hang with Kens and offered to watch her while I worked out. Our workout started with a 1.5 mile run so it was nice to get through it without having to worry. It’s also just nice to have amazing friends that love K so much and always help us out!! (And K loves her too. She tells us by constantly eating Em’s face. πŸ˜‚) So thankful for this lady!

Aunt Emmy is the BEST! She also attempted to get K to nap once she got fussy but the FOMO won today. 

She eventually took a nap and then helped daddy coach 7pm! (I was trying to be sneaky with my photo skills. Fail.)

Tonight was GIRLS NIGHT since Bachelorette is back on! I got Kens fed and bathed and laid her in my bed while I showered quick. I knew if I put her in her crib it would have been waterworks. I didn’t expect her to fall asleep in my bed, but I thought she’d at least play instead of cry. 

Wrong. Homegirl was o-u-t by the time I was done! Thank you sweet baby Jesus. 

Disclaimer: I promise she could breath. There’s a lot more room between her and the pillow than this angle makes it seem! 

Day 213 & 214

Kensington Brooke turned 7 months this weekend!!!

While I had to get her “smile” photo, I also needed one of Kensie in her natural state at this age so we could remember her for who she really is…

A toe sucker. πŸ˜‚ Easiest photo I got all day. And here I was a few months ago worried about her thumb. Way to one up me, K. 

Kensie LOVES to sit up on her own and play, scoot everywhere, bath time, putting absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth and sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed. 

She says ba-ba and ga-ga and mamamamammama. Kens likes to grunt at everything and play peek-a-boo. She actually likes to play anything as long as it involves someone paying attention to her. 

K likes to drink out of anything mommy is drinking out of and is starting to figure out how her sippy cup works. She eats purΓ©ed foods off a spoon and chunks of avocado with her fingers. 

She has no concept of depth and therefore will divebomb off anything you set her on if she sees something she wants; which is why her chair photo involves toys…I had to put them up there so she’d stop trying to fly off her chair face first to grab them. 

Here’s a behind the scenes photo of having to catch her with one hand while I accidentally snapped a photo with the other. Awesome. 

Kens still has FOMO and an obsession with Baby Einstens. She’s also developed a little attitude and throws her pacifier when she doesn’t want to take a nap or go to bed. She also yells at you if you have something she wants and won’t give it to her. 

She already has a huge heart and is super sweet. She has started reaching for people (my favorite) and loves to give hugs and kisses (with her mouth open) and snuggle!!

I seriously can’t believe how fast this nugget is growing!!! She’s in 6 month clothing but 9 month PJs because she got the long leg gene from mom and dad!

Kensie had a pretty chill weekend with some errands, car shopping and a gender reveal party for a sweet friend of ours! 

We were SUPER excited because…IT’S A GIRL!!! It is also official that there’s something in the water at CFEO. All the ladies are getting pregnant and they’re all having GIRLS! I think we are up to 7 or 8 in the last year alone. 

Kensie was such a great babe while we ran errands and she got lots of play time with daddy this weekend!

We are all ready for the short week and a long weekend ahead!!

Day 212

Kensie and I had a Friday full of errands! Starting with new diapers. Kensie still has to wear sensitive diapers or she gets rashes (which is just lovely since I have about 200 swaddlers that she can’t wear). We used Seventh Generation when she was smaller and they were fine. This morning? Not so much. When she woke up, her PJs were WET from her diaper leaking. How disgusting. 

I still think Honest have been the best for us. I bought their bedtime diapers to see how that goes, though I have a sneaking suspicion they’re the same as their everyday diaper. 

We also used her Binxy baby as a hammock! I’ve always set her car seat in it but never took her out. She thought it was oh so fun! 

Except….I think I missed the window for her being small enough. She kept wiggling out and her head fell off the side. I suppose I should have just sat her in the front of the cart. πŸ™ˆ 

Oh well. It was fun for the 20 minutes it lasted. At the next store, we stuck with the stroller and K baby was just as happy. 

Kensie is still working on figuring out her crawling/scooting/getting where she wants to go skills. If she’s on her stomach, she just slides backwards. 

Wrong direction there, girlfriend. 

No matter the direction, though, she knows how to move! Kensie was about to fall asleep on her elephant. 

I went pee (TMI?) and came back in…and here she was. 

I think I’ll spend this weekend enjoying the last few weeks I have before she starts full on crawling!