Day 215

Kensie practiced her modeling today. I set her down to take her bow photo and she went straight HAM. 

Good angle of my bow? On it. 

Oh don’t forget the side view, momma. 

Such a character. 

Kens also gave us some not-so-model material by rubbing her eye as her hand was covered in her lunch. 

K, you missed a spot. 

We had our typical afternoon at the gym and the bow had to come off because even with the little clothing Kensie had on, her head was sweating bullets. 

After I coached Em asked if she could stay and hang with Kens and offered to watch her while I worked out. Our workout started with a 1.5 mile run so it was nice to get through it without having to worry. It’s also just nice to have amazing friends that love K so much and always help us out!! (And K loves her too. She tells us by constantly eating Em’s face. πŸ˜‚) So thankful for this lady!

Aunt Emmy is the BEST! She also attempted to get K to nap once she got fussy but the FOMO won today. 

She eventually took a nap and then helped daddy coach 7pm! (I was trying to be sneaky with my photo skills. Fail.)

Tonight was GIRLS NIGHT since Bachelorette is back on! I got Kens fed and bathed and laid her in my bed while I showered quick. I knew if I put her in her crib it would have been waterworks. I didn’t expect her to fall asleep in my bed, but I thought she’d at least play instead of cry. 

Wrong. Homegirl was o-u-t by the time I was done! Thank you sweet baby Jesus. 

Disclaimer: I promise she could breath. There’s a lot more room between her and the pillow than this angle makes it seem! 

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