Day 216

My child thinks she’s grown. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She was so good while I got my nails done today but she was over her stroller by the end of it so I took her out until Aunt Ashley was done!

She was pulling up on everything and trying to stand. Slow down little miss!!

Kensie had a pretty routine day and I didn’t take many photos, so there’s something else to discuss today instead. Who’s heard of a Doc-a-Tot?

Before I had Kensie I had never heard of these. A friend of mine has one and she told me all about it. I think Kensie would LOVE it because she likes sleeping with her boppy around her – and if you look up the “4th Trimester – this thing just makes sense (in my opinion, anyway). Since I looked them up, their ad always pops up on my Facebook feed. Today an interesting comment popped up and so I started reading through the thread. Bad choice. 

Of course the most popular comment: the SIDS debate. “If you cosleep you’re at risk for SIDS…If you don’t you’re at risk for SIDS.”

First of all – SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome. There’s not a “cause” for it, hence the “sudden”. I think the people mentioning SIDS were attempting to discuss suffocation. The company actually responded to the majority of the comments and referred to their safety checks, etc.; however, there will always be people that disagree – I just wish they wouldn’t bash the people who don’t agree with them. 

Let’s go back a few years. Bumpers on cribs. Totally common. Then they said no. Then kids heads and limbs and whatever else were getting stuck in the rails so they said “mesh” bumpers.  They said lay a baby on their belly to sleep. Now they say back. But belly once they can roll over and lift their head is fine. Your baby should be sleeping in a crib. It’s the only “safe” place. Wait – keep your kid in your room for 6 months. No, make it a year. Make sure your baby is warm when they go to sleep. Oh, not too warm. Breastfeed your baby. They’re not sleeping through the night? Give them a bottle of rice cereal instead. 

Let’s be honest – EVERYTHING with babies has turned into a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. 

Social media is such a blessing and curse all wrapped in to one. It can be a great and useful resource and it can also be a pit of assholey humans with judgemental opinions that they should really keep to themselves (and let’s be honest – if they weren’t behind a keyboard they probably would keep it to themselves.)

Don’t agree with it? Then don’t do it. Have a bad experience? Share it, but let others decide what they’ll do knowing that info. 

Unfortunately, no matter WHAT you do,bad things can happen. Accidents happen. Sad things happen. Use common sense. Follow your gut. Do what works for you and your baby and ignore all the noise. We have a hard enough job raising these little humans – let’s not give the Internet the power to make it even worse!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 216

  1. Karen Billy

    Love reading this everyday! A mom knows her child, what works, what doesn’t, when they are hurting, when they are sick. Mom has the gut instinct. Each child is different, even with the same biological parents, they are different. If Rachel had been the first there might not have been a second. The first one was so easy, I was lulled into the sense the next one would be the same. Was I wrong!!!! However, she did turn out to be an awesome child and an amazing adult, so something went right. Just keep doing what you are doing Jenn, you are doing great!


    • jennhall5115

      Haha!!! She is pretty awesome. I did hear the first one totally tricks you into more…at least they’re entertaining!! πŸ˜‰ thank you for the sweet words and for reading our blog!!!


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