20 Months!!

20 whole months! Does this mean it’s her first “Golden birthday”? 20 months on the 20th? 😜 Kensie Brooke is so much FUN right now! At least in between her sassing. 

The angelic innocence is so deceiving…

The last month Kens has been at daycare 4-5 days a week because I’ve been crazy busy with the gym. 😔 I miss hanging out with this kiddo all day but I LOVE how much she’s learning and playing and how much they love her!!! 

Her daycare BFF, Jaylee! 👯‍♀️❤️

Kensie has been going potty ON THE POTTY and tells me when she goes in her diaper. I take zero credit for any of it. Her nanny is AMAZING. 

I’ve started to notice KB is picking up on EVERYTHING I say and do. I tell her things or try to teach her names of things or colors and I’m 90% sure she’s ignoring me. Next thing I know, a week later, she acts like she’s known it forever. 

and she’s still a pro at cheesing for photos 💁🏼‍♀️

She’s quite the chatterbox and most times you can actually tell what she’s saying through her context clues and gestures. She speaks half English, half Spanish, and signs!  😲

She calls swings “weee” and walks backwards around the house saying “beep beep beep” like a truck backing up. 🤣

K also walks around signing and saying bear…well more like “beah” 🐻

Every time Baby Einstein’s talks about a teddy bear she has to go get Pooh out of her crib  

K is great at reprimanding the dogs 🤦🏼‍♀️ she tells them “no!” and “stop!” with a finger point and the whole shebang when they try to take her food (at least until she’s done with it and then just straight up hands it to them…) and says “shhhhh!” when they bark.

She’s obsessed with Lucy (yes, there’s a dog under there 🤣)

Just last week she pointed at my shirt and told me “orange, yellow and azul” and pointed at each color accordingly!!!! 😲 How she knows some in English and some in Spanish is beyond me but it’s amazing and hilarious all in one. She refuses to say water, it’s ALWAYS “Agua”. She loves to call out to mama, dada, oocy (Lucy, our dog), bah bah and Titi (uncle Rob and Aunt Char). 

She will repeat almost anything if she’s in a repeating mood and she constantly cracks herself up. She likes to tell you where your nose is and then stick her finger up it. 🙄 K thinks it’s hilarious…every single time. 

And a lot of her words she says and signs at the same time. How do I keep this up?! How amazing would it be for her to know Spanish, English and sign language her whole life?? 🙌🏼

Kensie has been crushing it at the gym. She lifts her barbell, dumbbells, has mastered her throwing skills and is quite the runner. Her cheeks jiggle with every step. 😜


Breaking news: she’s been chugging her Pediasures and she’s finally grown!! Her torso has gotten longer and her 6-12mo onsies and rompers are finally filled out. Her huge feet have also grown so luckily I’ve been buying shoes a size up for a solid 6 months already. 


While she has definitely developed opinions and a little attitude, Kensie is still the absolute SWEETEST. She still loves babies and gives them hugs and kisses and is extra gentle with them. Her stroller and car seat obsession still remains as well.

She LOVES her some HenRo!!!
Baby besties! K is so sweet to her! ❤️

Though I’ve been severely slacking on her posts and photo updates, have no fear. Kensie has not been slacking on her bows and fashion.  She regularly insists on rocking her rain boots. Thank goodness for the daily afternoon showers in Florida that make them somewhat appropriate. 🤷🏼‍♀️

And, as you can tell from the photos, we haven’t given up the binky yet. She started teething when I was going to cut the tips and for my sanity alone, I said HARD PASS on the binky eviction. We’ll get there. Eventually. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

“Bye-bye!” …which is also Kensie’s go to move when she’s ready for me to leave the gym. She comes and grabs my hand then walks out back toward the car and just starts telling everyone “bye” 😂👋🏼