Day 213 & 214

Kensington Brooke turned 7 months this weekend!!!

While I had to get her “smile” photo, I also needed one of Kensie in her natural state at this age so we could remember her for who she really is…

A toe sucker. 😂 Easiest photo I got all day. And here I was a few months ago worried about her thumb. Way to one up me, K. 

Kensie LOVES to sit up on her own and play, scoot everywhere, bath time, putting absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth and sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed. 

She says ba-ba and ga-ga and mamamamammama. Kens likes to grunt at everything and play peek-a-boo. She actually likes to play anything as long as it involves someone paying attention to her. 

K likes to drink out of anything mommy is drinking out of and is starting to figure out how her sippy cup works. She eats puréed foods off a spoon and chunks of avocado with her fingers. 

She has no concept of depth and therefore will divebomb off anything you set her on if she sees something she wants; which is why her chair photo involves toys…I had to put them up there so she’d stop trying to fly off her chair face first to grab them. 

Here’s a behind the scenes photo of having to catch her with one hand while I accidentally snapped a photo with the other. Awesome. 

Kens still has FOMO and an obsession with Baby Einstens. She’s also developed a little attitude and throws her pacifier when she doesn’t want to take a nap or go to bed. She also yells at you if you have something she wants and won’t give it to her. 

She already has a huge heart and is super sweet. She has started reaching for people (my favorite) and loves to give hugs and kisses (with her mouth open) and snuggle!!

I seriously can’t believe how fast this nugget is growing!!! She’s in 6 month clothing but 9 month PJs because she got the long leg gene from mom and dad!

Kensie had a pretty chill weekend with some errands, car shopping and a gender reveal party for a sweet friend of ours! 

We were SUPER excited because…IT’S A GIRL!!! It is also official that there’s something in the water at CFEO. All the ladies are getting pregnant and they’re all having GIRLS! I think we are up to 7 or 8 in the last year alone. 

Kensie was such a great babe while we ran errands and she got lots of play time with daddy this weekend!

We are all ready for the short week and a long weekend ahead!!

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