Day 212

Kensie and I had a Friday full of errands! Starting with new diapers. Kensie still has to wear sensitive diapers or she gets rashes (which is just lovely since I have about 200 swaddlers that she can’t wear). We used Seventh Generation when she was smaller and they were fine. This morning? Not so much. When she woke up, her PJs were WET from her diaper leaking. How disgusting. 

I still think Honest have been the best for us. I bought their bedtime diapers to see how that goes, though I have a sneaking suspicion they’re the same as their everyday diaper. 

We also used her Binxy baby as a hammock! I’ve always set her car seat in it but never took her out. She thought it was oh so fun! 

Except….I think I missed the window for her being small enough. She kept wiggling out and her head fell off the side. I suppose I should have just sat her in the front of the cart. πŸ™ˆ 

Oh well. It was fun for the 20 minutes it lasted. At the next store, we stuck with the stroller and K baby was just as happy. 

Kensie is still working on figuring out her crawling/scooting/getting where she wants to go skills. If she’s on her stomach, she just slides backwards. 

Wrong direction there, girlfriend. 

No matter the direction, though, she knows how to move! Kensie was about to fall asleep on her elephant. 

I went pee (TMI?) and came back in…and here she was. 

I think I’ll spend this weekend enjoying the last few weeks I have before she starts full on crawling!

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