Day 211

OH what a night. Not sure what K’s deal was last night but she kept dozing off and waking up and fussing. She didn’t go completely to sleep until just after 10p. Then…Lucy decided to wake her up at 3am by barking and howling nonstop at something outside the sliding glass door. Once Kensie started dozing back off, Lucy started howling AGAIN. 

At that point, Kens just wanted to lay in our bed and talk for an hour. When I had to get up to go coach, this nugget was out cold. 

Geeze Kensie, all that midnight chatting wear you out? 🙄 She also took an insanely long nap this afternoon to make up for it. 

After 2 1/2 hours, I had to wake her up so we could go to the gym. Oh, to be 7 months old again. That nap would have done me some good today. 

Kensington had a sweet friend to play with while I coached class this morning! 

K also tried to get in on the workout. When she realized she couldn’t pick the plate up, she resorted to bringing her face down to it and trying to eat it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This child is going to be immune to every germ there is by the time she’s 1. 

While Kensie slept the afternoon away, I put her food into the ice cube trays to freeze it. Another lesson learned…I made way too much food. 

Those are all leftovers. Whoops. I’m going to get a cupcake tray in the morning to make some larger portions and freeze them! If anyone needs some baby food, you know where to find it. Haha! 

Kensie had more friends this afternoon at the gym! Mr. Wake has a baby brother coming in a few months, so he got some practice in today. I think he’s going to be a pro! 

Kensie also got some extra time with daddy today! She sat there and smiled away while daddy worked (or attempted to). 

Notice the outfit change? I’ll give you 2 guesses as to why that happened. First one doesn’t count. 💩

We got home late tonight but Kensie went straight to bed and I’m hoping for a peaceful night with no barking. If there’s not a “dog for sale” post on my Facebook page in the morning – you’ll know it was a much better night than last. 

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