Day 218

Kensie was a “big girl” today! So bitter sweet. It’s so fun to watch her learn and grow but it’s happening so fast and I keep wondering where my little baby went. 

Since she about fell out of the cart hammock last time, today I put her in the front of the cart for the first time. She LOVED it. 

Whoa. Whole new world up here!

She kept playing with the little tags on the front you hang toys from (she’s obsessed with tags). When we walked by the toys, they had a blanket with tags all over it – of course Kensie needed it. 

Kensie’s heaven.

Once we left target we had to put the cart up but still had a few errands to run, so K rode in the “big kid” part of her stroller instead of her car seat!

She likes to slap the tray and try to lean over and eat it. 

When we got home, chunk ate SO MUCH FOOD. K usually eats about 1oz of puréed foods. Today I gave her all fruit for the first time (strawberry banana) but she wasn’t making the best faces at it. I got out a jar of pears I bought and she ate all 2.5oz! Then she finished off her strawberry/banana mix. Wowza. 

So, after posting about her 2 wake ups a night to eat last night – she had a terrible night of sleep. K woke up every 1.5-2 hours. 😰 (Not to eat…Just need to be repositioned and she’d go back to sleep.) I guess she really wanted to test me on not having an afternoon coffee. I almost caved today and it’s only day 2. 😂

Emily came to the gym this afternoon to pick up Lucy for the weekend (our dog) and because she’s the best, she hung with Kens while I worked out. She even completed the ultimate challenge: putting Kensie FOMO Hall to sleep. 

K loves Aunt Emmy!

Speaking of sleep – it’s night 3 of homegirl putting herself to sleep in her crib! So proud!! I’ll be even prouder if she STAYS asleep tonight…

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