Day 219

Kensie Brooke had a great Friyay!!! AND SHE CLAPPED!!!! At the gym this morning Ashley said she did it but I missed it. Then when we got home I said “yay Kensie!” and clapped while she was playing – and she copied me!!! Such a smart little nugget!!!

We kicked off the long weekend with an awesome Hero WOD at CFEO this morning. 

That looks so fun, mama!

We went to the morning class because we had to head to Daytona after lunch! Kensie got a tease. She thought she was coming on vacation then we pulled a fast one on her. 

“I don’t know where I am but Uncle Will is here so I think I like it!”

Little miss is trying to pull herself up on EVERYTHING

We went out for a quick dinner before the concert and to blow a little time until Gramma got here to get K! 

Kensie sat in a high chair at the table for the first time!! She kept herself entertained with the menus and then we got her some avocado to eat. 

My mom met us and took Kensie back home to watch her while we enjoy some awesome music at the Country 500 this weekend!

Baby-free party!!!

I think Kensie was okay with it. She got some extra playtime in and put herself to bed for Gramma!

This is what being spoiled looks like…toys at bedtime!

Sleep. Our favorite.

Thanks for watching KB this weekend, mom!!! You the real MVP!

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