Day 220-221

Okay so I’m all for “normalizing breastfeeding” but for those of you that feed in public – how the heck do you get your kid to do that?! πŸ˜‚ 

Not only will Kensie not eat under a cover, she also won’t eat if she hears ANYTHING. I had to go into the bathroom to feed her at brunch just to attempt to get her to eat and not look around. She eats for 3 seconds, hears a drip of water, sits up and looks around…Eats again. Sits up and claps for herself… πŸ™„ 

I’m thoroughly impressed now when I see women feed in public because the only time Kens is that committed to eating is the middle of the night. Haha! 

Kensington has been in full on party mode for Memorial Day weekend; watching TV upside down, holding her bottle with her feet and trying to brunch. 

Whatever works, K.
Had to show off for Gramma
Her new favorite: drinking out of my water cup.

Kens had such a fun Saturday with Gramma and Uncle William. She played and chatted and even rocked back and forth on her hands and knees for the first time! 

This kiddo is in full on wiggle worm mode. She’s constantly trying to get down (no clue where she thinks she’s going to go) and she’s pulling up on everything trying to stand!

Chris and I had a great time at the Country 500 this weekend even though Kens had to sit it out this year (She was in my belly there last year.) …and we officially feel old. We kept looking at all of the “kids” (high school/early college age) and commenting on how they are babies and there’s no way they were drinking legally. 

Pretty sure every younger female we saw we thought “Kensie better not…” haha!! Chris got very concerned about her dating and even though I told him that’s YEAAARS away he brought up a good point that time has already flown so fast that it really isn’t that far off! 

We’re all looking forward to one more day of relaxing, pooling and grilling! Hope everyone is having a great and safe Memorial Day weekend so far! 

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