Day 223

Kensie got to celebrate taco Tuesday with a new friend today! 

First time meeting sweet Levi!
Welcome to the world, little dude!!!
Our friends Gaby and JT welcomed their baby boy, Levi, early Monday morning! We went for a visit this evening with Rob and Char and brought Taco Tuesday to the hospital. Have to start raising these nuggets up right from Day 1! πŸ˜‰ 

K spent the rest of the day recovering from all her partying over the weekend. 

Kens is ready for gymnastics class!


Thereeee we go

She played all morning and took a lonnnngggg afternoon nap that she only woke up from because we had to leave for the gym. Kensie stayed really happy while I coached but that all changed when she kept trying to take my phone and I wouldn’t let her have it. 


Kensie got in a lot of crawling practice and “mama” practice. πŸ˜‰ She says “mama” and “baba” but I think it’s still just noise and she doesn’t know what she’s saying yet. Guess I shouldn’t be too excited yet. She’s going to go from crawling to walking in a blink and from her first word to talking back right after it! 

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