Day 224

Welp, looking back on the photos I took of Kensie Brooke today I’m not actually sure how she is so happy in all of them because this child was SO CRANKY today. 

​Such a boog. In between her crankiness, she got closer and closer to crawling!! She finally took ONE crawl “step”? (Is it called that?) Anyways, after that she crawled backward across the room. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Rut roh!!!

She’s also pulling herself up on EVERYTHING (including in the bath, so that’s fun). 

​K did have some sweet moments this morning. Actually, I think this started because she was fussing and wanted attention and it was before she completely wore me out. 

Her giggles make everything better! She also fussed at me because she didn’t want to finish her lunch…then when I took out the camera she hammed it up. 


Kens woke up with a stuffy nose so we made a quick trip to see Dr. Christina (chiro)! Last time K started to get sick and we went, she kicked it in the next 2 days. The time we didn’t go, it was over a week and I had daily headaches from all the snot sucking I had to do. 

Her face. 😂😂 This sinus drainage is MAGIC.

I spent way too long putting these super cute moccasins on K before we left…

And we didn’t even make it out of the house before she took them off her feet. 🙄

Again – these photos are seriously misleading. Kens spent most of the day fussing and fighting naps. Luckily she repaid me by going straight to bed after her bath. Phew! I’ll take it!!

OH – and I’m giving this “no afternoon coffee” thing until Sunday and if Kens isn’t sleeping any better they’re coming back because this mama was EXHASUTED today. 

As if I didn’t put enough videos in today’s post – I’ll leave you with this super cute one of Em and Kens “ballroom dancing”. 


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