Day 156: First Plane Ride!

Well, we were definitely not the people with the crying baby on the plane! 

Sweet snuggles for momma!

K was slamming her head into me while we were waiting for them to finish boarding (she was hungry) and started to fuss because it was way past naptime. So, I took a chance and it WORKED! I fed her before we ever took off and she passed out immediately after. Homegirl slept from before takeoff to after we landed! 

I’ll assume she enjoys the noises since she was passed out the whole time. What I do know she loved was all the people watching at the airport. Kensie was such a ham staring and smiling at everyone that called her cute. 

All aboard!

Thanks for carrying everything, K!

All the “stuff” that comes with traveling with a baby turned out not to be too bad. 

We checked our luggage and the car seat base and took her stroller and car seat straight to the gate and gate checked it! I considered checking all of it and wearing her, but my lower back was thankful for the extra time she got to sit in her car seat. 

Security check-in

Also, I saw these little cubes for breastfeeding at the airport and I thought it was pretty awesome! I don’t know if they’re new or I just never noticed them before.

Kensie’s nose is still super runny and making her cough a lot. ๐Ÿ˜ช It seems to be bothering me more than her, though! We’re looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend hanging out with friends! 

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