Day 155

Yes, Kensington. You ARE the Boss Lady. When you decided sleep wasn’t happening last night, you were most definitely the boss. 

I just wanna party!

We are pretty sure someone is about to cut their first tooth! KB woke up AGAIN last night when I got home from the movie and then again at 2:20a. And that time she wouldn’t go back to sleep. So, for the first time in the 155 days of her life, we stayed up and partied until 6:30am. Woof. 

But how can you be mad at that face?!

Starbucks saved this momma’s life today! 

K has the full teething package going on: drool, chomping, tugging on her ear, and now the super runny nose and no sleep. Luckily she was happy as could be. She just preferred talking and playing with her feet over going to bed. 

Looks like she’s having a rough time huh?

Sam came over to hang with Kens so I could pack for our trip tomorrow. Must be nice to get some solid naps in since you were up all night, huh? ๐Ÿ™„

She only opened her eyes for this photo…it’s like she knew.

Tomorrow Kensie is going on a plane for the first time!!! I’m not looking forward to the million things we have to tote around, but I think she’ll do great. 

Now I just hope she does great at sleeping tonight because this momma is exhausted!!

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