Day 154

The vacuum is BACK! Oh what a night. Also, Kens would like for you all to see her feet. 

Pure talent.

I cleaned the floors at the gym this morning and I wore Kensie. Naturally, the noise put her right to sleep. 


K had a fun day hanging with B (grandma) and then we ran some errands! I struck gold at our favorite: TARGET! 

All the BOWS!

Next mission: count update on K’s bows. She has to be pushing close to that 300 by now! I also got iron-on vinyls for my new Cricut so I can start working on Kensie’s Easter onsie! Woohoo!!!

Oh oh oh! Side note for all my girl momma friends (or anyone that buys clothes for little girls), Bailey’s Blossoms is doing a $50 giveaway on their Facebook page! Just like and comment on their post and they’re picking winners this weekend. Their stuff is adorable and K wears their rompers and bows all of the time! 

Back when she was a wee little nugget.

In the meantime, you can use code KENSINGTON10 for 10% off until March 31!

After her day of playing, I put her to bed early so I could go see Beauty and the Beast with the girls! (It was AMAZING). Unfortunately, she woke up and gave daddy quite the show. πŸ™„ I came home to this (photo below) and couldn’t stop laughing. 

They were both alive and the baby was asleep, so it’s a win in my book! 

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