Day 162

Kensie went with us to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight so she got to stay out late and party. I just laid her in her crib (where she’s currently scooting around talking to herself) and thought about her vibrating mattress wedge and how all of my pregnant friends (seriously so many of them right now. Yay for babies!!!) ask what they actually need/don’t need. I remember feeling the same exact way so I figured I’ll make a list!

Here are 12 things that have saved us these last 23 weeks: 

Boppy. We’ve used it since day one and its been used for many different things every day since! 3000% necessary investment. 

A vacuum. Most of you know it used to be the only way to calm my child down. But in all seriousness, a white noise app will save your life (and sanity) at some point, I promise. 

Ergo baby. Or some sort of carrier you can wear. Hands-free life for mom and comfort for the baby all in one. My only regret is not thinking of using it more often when she was smaller! 

Mattress wedge that vibrates. I didn’t know this existed until Kensie was about 3.5-4 months, but I think it would have been amazing from day 1. She’s always slept better propped up and she used to only sleep in her vibrating chair. Best of both worlds. 

Binxy baby. This might be the best baby invention, ever. No more trying to push a stroller and drag a cart around like a crazy person. It holds her up so I still have room in the cart. The hammock holds her car seat  if I want and I can transition her directly into it! 

Disclaimer: this isn’t Kensie. It’s from their ad for demo purposes, lol

Introducing a bottle early. Even if you want to exclusively breastfeed. We gave her one by week 3 and never had any issues, even when we switched brands. Many of my friends that waited longer had a lot of trouble getting their babies to take them at all. 

Chiropractor. And not just any. If you’re in Orlando, Dr Christina at Revival Chiropractic is the best! I know this is controversial for many people. We had very mixed feelings and I was hesitant to bring her at first, but it’s something I’ll start with our second baby immediately! We saw drastic improvements with her gas issues, sleeping and crying when she started going. We’ve also noticed she seemed to dodge the cold that Chris and I kept passing back and forth!

Baby bath. Our sink is too small so it only worked for about a week for sponge baths. I loved the hammock part when she was smaller and now there’s a lump that blocks sliding down but allows her to be IN the water!

Baby Einstein. Because she loves it and it’s how I’m able to make my breakfast and coffee in the mornings! 

Oxi clean. Because shit happens. Literally. And it’s saved all of her outfits!

A car seat. Mainly because you can’t leave the hospital without one. And it might be illegal not to. 

Really, and I mean REALLY good friends. Especially if you don’t have family down the street. You’ll need the support in every single way. Having people around that are understanding and love your baby too, is a life saver! It truly takes a village so I suggest having the best possible one. There’s not a day I go to bed without thanking God for the amazing people in Kensie’s life! 

There’s others not pictured, but you get the jist. We are pretty dang lucky to have this crew in our corner!

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