Day 163

Kensie started our morning with quite the bang. I usually love her morning snuggles, but today they didn’t last long…


That’s one way to get me out of bed quickly. 

The rest of the day K was great! I got a little work done in the morning and then we ran some errands. 

The best shopping buddy!

Kensie has been LOVING that she can sit up on her own now. When she’s over her toys and swing and jumper…this is the one thing that makes her oh so happy!

Look ma!! (Plus drooling)

I coached the late class Friday so Chris took Kensie home from the gym and had some daddy daughter time! It was extremely weird coaching without Kens there. I kept turning around and checking for her.

She was good for daddy and then I got home, fed her and she went right to sleep. Thank goodness! It’s been the easiest night putting her to bed in a while. Lately she’s like wrestling a baby alligator waving her arms all over the place. ๐Ÿ™„

Now if she would just sleep through the night…

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