Day 164

Pretty sure Kensington’s High School superlative is going to be “Life of the Party”.

Appropriate? πŸ™ˆ
10pm just watching basketball and playing with her feet…

I feel a growth spurt coming on! Kensie was cluster feeding like crazy today and nursed herself to sleep for the first time since she was a month or 2 old. I can’t actually remember the last time it happened!

And I couldn’t put her down so momma got a nap, too. WIN!

She slept while I worked out this morning and took 2 naps this afternoon. I tried to sneak in a quick layout session during her first nap but by the time I got out there it only lasted about 20 minutes. 

Napping to the soothing sound of barbells dropping…

We decided to bring K out for a little fun in the…shade. 

Then she pooped up her outfit (for the 2nd time today) so we put on a swimsuit. We missed the window for this one because it was way too small on her, haha! 

Oh heyyyy girl!

We couldn’t put her all the way in because we didn’t have any “swim” diapers, but she loved standing there! (Also because it was freaking cold and I wasn’t about to get in…)

Someone’s ready to dive in. Literally.

When we got back inside Kensie took a TWO AND A HALF HOUR NAP!!! πŸ† Since the suit didn’t fit, I went through her clothes to put away the small ones and get out her larger ones. Nothing slaps you in the face that she’s growing too fast like that will!


Growing like a little weed. πŸ˜ͺ

Since she napped until her bed time, we went out to dinner with some friends to watch the basketball games. Kens had a blast and somehow kept herself up until almost 10:30. 

Thanks for the finger, Carolyn!

The good news is she went straight from her car seat to her crib without blinking. Hopefully she partied hard enough to let me get a long stretch of uninterrupted sleep before chow cow wants to eat again! 

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