Day 165

It was right after I took this photo that Kensie had an explosion and had to change outfits. πŸ™„

Pre-poop face. So innocent.

Kensie had a great Sunday Funday full of family time!! We went to church in the morning and then Gramma, Grandpa her Uncles and Grand Aunt all came to to town for a visit!!

She dozed off for her morning nap in her car seat so I kept her with us instead of taking her to the nursery. Fail. 

About 5 minutes in they played a song and K woke up. She sat quietly thumping her foot for a little while then decided it was time to have a conversation. So, this is how she spent the rest of the service: 

Thanks for the seat, Dad.

Chris & I had a meeting in the afternoon so Kens got to hang at the house with the family while they were in town! 

Kensie’s “Grand” Aunt Beth from Wisconsin!

I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed herself! These sweet giggles are the BEST sound!! (I shouldn’t have turned the video halfway through…whoops.)


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