Day 152: 5 months old!

What a day to celebrate! The first day of Spring and Miss Kensington Brooke is 5 months old! AH! K celebrated with all of her favorite things…photo shoots, naps and drooling. 

A friend of ours set up an adorable Easter back drop and invited us over for a photo shoot! Of course we were in. There was even a live bunny! Kensie was so good and let me get lots of precious photos of her today. 

Bunny to the face. I think Kens thought it was Lucy

Easter Bunny Photo bomb.

K brought her own bunny, too!

I think all the photos have her well trained. 😉

I can’t believe how quickly this girl is growing. I was surprised she fit in that crate! She just grew out of her 3 mo clothes and it’s not seeming like she’s going to be in the 6mo ones for long! Especially her sleepers. This girl has legs for days. 

The last month has been a big (and great) one in the learning leaps of KB! She’s put herself on a schedule (for the most part), loves Baby Einstein, naps in her chair, attention of any sort from any one, being held, talking, kicking and eating her toes. 

Favorite pose. Feet up.

Kensie started playing with all of her toys and can almost sit up on her own. She doesn’t mind dirty diapers and she goes to bed in her crib all by herself! 

I can do it all by myself, momma!

Kensie is still going strong and 100% breastfed! We started practicing eating with some rice cereal at night and she still spits it all over herself but she likes the spoon in her mouth. 

K loves snuggles and kisses and laughs at puppies, raspberries, “boo!” and pulling people’s fingers. For now she’s still a momma’s girl…cherishing that everyday while it lasts!

Happy 5 months Kensie Brooke!!!

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