Day 148-151

Kensie survived her first spring break and a whole weekend without me! (Okay let’s be honest – that’s code for I survived.) I somehow made it through with no tears. Kens made it through pretty tearless as well I was told!

Chris and I had a great weekend with friends and while I still had to be slightly responsible (like keep pumping so I can feed Kens…) I will admit it was a great “break” from 24/7 momming.

In my weekend away, I learned that since becoming a mom my ability to multitask/organize/remember things has gone straight to pro status, everything is much easier with 2 hands, I am still really good at sleeping, I am now extremely fast at things like eating and getting ready, I can tell time by the size of my breasts (TMI?) and the most valuable lesson: pumping helps you avoid hangovers. Mommas, you’re all welcome for the tip. 

Great St. Pattys Weekend with the best of friends!

Of course we missed her like crazy; but, Gramma kept us updated with lots of pictures, a few videos, and of course FaceTime. K rocked her outfits, as planned, with no blowouts and took lots of naps! Huge huge HUGE thanks to my momma for taking such great care of our little girl all weekend! She even sent her home with clean laundry, clean bottles and of course new toys (and clothes because we all know this child needs more clothes…)

Happy St. Party’s Day from KB!

Gramma learning to Snapchat…
Playtime with Uncle William!
Morning FaceTime with Mom and Dad
Her favorite: sleeping.
Her foot fascination has returned.

Goodness gracious I missed this sweet face SO much. 

Yay for being home!

Now I’m just patiently waiting for her to wake up to eat so I can have a reason to get her out of her crib and keep her in bed with me tonight. 😉

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