Day 147

I think Kensie knows she’s not going to see her momma this weekend! She was back to fighting her naps this morning unless I held her. 

Playtime was very short lived this morning.

Just. Close. Them! 

I secretly wanted to hold her anyways.

Luckily she finally relaxed and took a long nap for me so I could pack the 5 million things she needs just to stay with Gramma for one weekend. 
Naptime. Momma’s favorite.

I’m pretty sure going out of town without the baby is harder than with the baby. (Okay, maybe just emotionally harder. 😩 For me, not her. And it was tons of midnight pump sessions to stock up a milk stash for this trip!) 

I had a lot to get done to prepare for being gone, so when Kensie woke up she was a baby boss lady and helped me out. By helped I mean kept knocking things out of my hand, trying to grab my coffee cup and smacking the keyboard. 

Entrepreneur in the making!

All the work must have worn her out, because she took another nap for me in the afternoon all on her own!!

If you feel like seeing the same 5 snaps all the time of Kensie laughing, sleeping or pooping all over herself, feel free to add us! Snap: jnhall15

We had a long 5 hour afternoon at the gym and Kens was such a trooper! If I’m not holding her, sometimes she’ll settle for hand holding instead. I had to workout…so we compromised. 

I know she looks sweet and innocent, but she’s got a death grip on my hand.

Happy as can be as long as she’s in the middle of the action. (FYI, she’s on the inside of the rack, no one could drop a bar on her.)

Gramma is on daily photo duty, but the blog won’t be updated until we are back! Wish me luck. I sure am going to miss my little sidekick this weekend. 

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