Day 146

This photo accurately describes how Miss Kensington feels about naps these last few days. 

Team no sleep

It also describes how I feel. 

Normally Kens goes straight down for a nap. Today just as she’d start to fall asleep she’d start crying hysterically first. πŸ™„ 

She fell asleep while I was holding her at the gym and I was able to set her down in her swing and start working out. 1 minute into the WOD I am out running and hear her screaming bloody murder. That was the end of my workout for the day. 

I pick her up – goes to sleep. Try to set her down – screams. 

Great while it lasted.

Contrary to the first photo, K was actually a great, happy baby today. It was just the naps that she wasn’t a fan of. 

This is me napping.

So months back when Kensie used to sleep in her vibrating chair at night I talked about a vibrating crib. Y’all. IT EXISTS!

I got this at Babies R Us today and put it under her mattress. It took a little longer to get her to fall asleep because she could turn side to side more than she can in her boppy, but it was a complete success!

She looked so big laying in there by herself! I really need time to slow down because I am not ready for this baby to turn into a little girl! 

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