Day 145

Anyone who reads K’s blog regularly could probably guess how she started her morning off. 

Yep. Another onsie for the Sink of Stink.

I got smart today and didn’t put her actual outfit for the day on because she hadn’t gone yet and I knew it was coming!

Kens was an angel baby at the gym! She hung out like a baby kangaroo while I coached and when I set her down to workout the went to sleep. Phew!!! She tried to fuss her way into someone’s arms for a few minutes but it was short lived and she took a nap instead. 

Ultimate clinger starter package

Kensie got to stay up late and party with the girls for the Bachelor Finale! 

She had a blast, as you can tell by Sam’s shirt. 

Power nap

Because 11p is party time!

Sam wanna hold her? YES!! *Kensie spits up immediately in mid air as I pass her* 😂

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