Day 144

I took a big step in momming today…I left my little Kensington with a stranger. 😳 

First time in Summit Nursery!

Okay, I actually made that sound way worse than it was. I put her in the daycare room while we went to church, LOL. 

Me at check-in: Hi! I need to register her, this will be her first time in the nursery!

Lady at check-in: Aww! Wonderful! Is she finally 3 months? 

Me: Umm, She’s almost 5 months. I just wasn’t ready. πŸ˜‚

In my defense church is usually during her nap time so she sleeps. With the time change, it was now playtime instead. On the way I told Chris “I think she’ll be okay because she just ate and she usually plays for about an hour before her nap.” Chris goes “She’ll be fine. Will you?” πŸ™„

For the record, I was. They said she was great until the very end. They gave another baby his bottle and Kensie was not happy that it wasn’t hers. LOL. Chunk. 

Party animal

The rest of the afternoon K hung with Daddy while Char and I worked on some goodies!

The start of things to come…

We finished out the weekend with steak dinner at the McGees! I think it’s safe to say Kens had a great time. 


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